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'For natural, bioidentical hormones, Pete Hueseman and Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions

Why put your body through the rigors of adjusting to the "one-size-fits-all" HRT when naturally compounded, bioidentical hormones can be tailor-made to your body's needs?

Read Pete Hueseman's, most recent transcript about natural, bioidentical hormones.

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Natural, Bioidentical Hormones

Read More About Your Hormones

Hormones that get their start in a plant are rich in molecules that can easily be converted into hormones. Natural hormone therapy, bioidentical hormones -- functions exactly like those the body produces. The chemical structure matches that of the hormone it is intended to replace. The molecular structure of these hormones is indistinguishable from that of natural hormones produced in the body. In its 16th year as an award-winning menopause community, Power Surge has *never* endorsed "synthetic" hormones, but only "natural, bioidentical" hormones. What with the current controversy surrounding conventional, synthetic hormones, Power Surge believes more than ever that women understand natural bio-identical hormones and continue to recommend its pharmaceutical consultant of 13 years, Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D. and staff of Bellevue Pharmacy for women who want to switch over to natural from synthetics, or those who wish to try bioidenticals for the first time. Pete is co-owner of Bellevue Pharmacy and has focused on naturally compounded, plant-derived, bioidentical hormones for many years.

You can Ask The Pharmacist anything you wish, or telephone him directly at the pharmacy's toll-free number, 1.800.728.0288, with additional information on the Resources page. We recommend asking your question via Ask The Pharmacist first to provide some background information. Allow 2-3 days for a response.

Important: Our number one concern is to help you get started on the road to *feeling better* with bioidentical hormones. Through knowledge, support and education about bio-identicals, you will be empowered to approach your physician or health care practitioner (or we can refer you to a physician) to get the natural treatment you are looking for to eliminate the difficult symptoms of peri and postmenopause.

You can also contact Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions at: 1.800.728.0288.

Saliva Hormone Testing



Marks the end of menstrual bleeding in women.
Ovaries stop producing estrogen, progesterone and androgens.
Can occur from result of ovaries or other reproductive organs removed through surgery.
Common symptoms are; hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.


Endometrial tissue which lines the uterus migrates outside uterus and implant themselves onto other organs.
Most common sites for these cells to implant themselves are the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, vagina, abdominal cavity and the colon.
Common symptoms are; pain before or during menstruation, infertility.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Can sometimes be the imbalance of the body's natural ratio of estrogen to progesterone during the premenstrual phase, poor diet and thyroid disease.
Common symptoms are; mood swings, food cravings, headaches, exhaustion, breast ternderness and water retention.

Postpartum Depression

Depression that can be brought on by the changing hormones after childbirth.
Symptoms can include; anxiety, irritability, insomnia, weepiness, sadness or fear and can occur anytime within the first year following childbirth.


The diminished ability or inability to produce offspring. This can be caused by inadequate production during the luteal phase of the cycle. There is indication by research that natural progesterone can raise the progesterone levels in women to help them conceive and carry pregnancy to full term.

Polycystic Ovaries

An accumulation of many incompletely developed follicles in the ovaries. This condition is characterized by abnormal, irregular, or scanty menstrual periods, infertility, obesity, decreased breast size, aggravation of acne.

Premature Ovarian Failure

Ovarian hypofunction may be caused by genetic factors such as chromosome abnormalities, or may occur in the presence of autoimmune disorders in which antibodies disrupt normal ovarian function. Symptoms may include; menopause, such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. They also may have difficulty becoming pregnant.


A deficiency in the production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland, resulting in a slow metabolic rate.
Symptoms may include: fatigue, weakness, depression, hair loss, memory loss, weight gain.


A deficiency in the production of hormones by the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands primarily produce the hormones, cortisol and DHEA. Some cause may be an insufficient amount of stimulation by the pituitary hormones.
Symptoms may include; fatigue, irritability, depression, allergies, inability to concentrate, weakness.


Also known as male menopause
Caused by decline in hormones, primarily testosterone, growth hormone and DHEA
Common symptoms include; decreased libido, lack of energy, muscle weakness


In osteoporosis, the inside of the bones become porous and thin. Over time, this weakens the bones and may make them more likely to break. Common signs can be; broken wrist or hip, low back pain, hunched back, may get shorter over time.

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Often referred to as the "parent hormone" pregnenolone is synthesized from cholesterol. It is a super-hormone that is the key to keeping the brain functioning at peak capacity. Believed to be the most potent memory enhancer, it has also been shown to be beneficial in improving concentration, fighting mental fatigue and relieving severe joint pain and fatigue in arthritis.



Produced by the ovaries and is the principal estrogen found in a women's body.
Relieves menopausal symptoms
Protects against osteoporosis, heart disease and Alzheimer's
Enhances mental acuity and memory
Increases serotonin and endorphin levels


Weakest of the three estrogens
Readily converts to estradiol
Levels increase following menopause giving the body some estrogen benefits


Essential for a successful pregnancy
Useful in promoting urogenital health
Reported to oppose and modulate the more potent estrogen, estradiol


Decreases risk of endometrial cancer
Enhances mood and has a calming effect
Involved in the reduction of PMS and menopausal hot flashes
Regulates fluid balance
Helps thyroid hormone action
Normalizes blood sugar levels
Restores libido
Helps to build bone


Builds muscle and promotes muscle tone
Increases libido
Helps strengthen bone


Helps protect against heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
Can increase and enhance energy levels, libido, memory and immunity
Protects against the effects of stress
Aids weight loss
Helps to prevent wrinkles and dry eyes


Helps in responding and coping with stress, trauma, infection and environmental extremes
Increases energy and metabolism
Helps regulate blood pressure
Enhances the integrity of blood vessels
Reduces allergic and inflammatory response


Regulates sleep/wake cycle
Reported to have powerful antioxidant properties

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Saliva Hormone Testing

Saliva hormone testing enables you to measure your levels of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone. Comparing your female hormone levels to the normal range for your age will help you and your healthcare provider in evaluating how hormone replacement therapy will or has influenced your hormone levels.

Aeron Biotechnology Inc., in San Leandro, California is a specialty laboratory that provides non-acute care consumer testing services through non-invasive home collection of biological fluids such as saliva and urine. Non-invasive specimen collection in the home provides consumer direct access to an array of laboratory services that aid in general health maintenance. Currently, testing saliva for hormone levels such as estradiol, estriol, estrone, progesterone, testosterone, DHT, DHEA, melatonin and cortisol is being performed for consumers and physicians. A test for rate of bone loss, measured in urine, is also offered. Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions (Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.) can provide you with the saliva test kit and can also aid you in interpreting the results of the test once you have received them. Once your test results have been interpreted, Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions can suggest a recommendation for Natural Hormone Therapy and provide you with information to support or recommendation to discuss with your health care provider.

It is highly recommended to get a saliva test, for a base line level to start with; repeating the test in 2 to 3 months. This way you will be able to evaluate if Hormone Replacement Therapy has affected your levels. It is then recommended to repeat the test once a year thereafter. We suggest that you test for Estriol, Estradiol, Estrone, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA, Melatonin, DHT and Pyrilinks D (urine test) for bones.

Hormone Saliva Test Kits pricing:

  • Cost for 1-hormone =  $49.00
  • Cost for 2-hormones = $96.00
  • Cost for 3-hormones = $141.00
  • Cost for 4-hormones = $184.00
  • Cost for 5-hormones = $225.00
  • Cost for 6-hormones = $264.00
  • Cost for 7-hormones = $301.00
  • Cost for 8-hormones = $336.00
  • PyrilinksD = $80.00 (urine test to measure bone loss)
  • Melatonin Circadian Pane = $141.00 (4 saliva samples per 24 hours)
  • Adreanal Function = $141.00 (4 saliva samples per 24 hours)
  • Peri Panel = $300.00 (4 saliva samples 28 day time period)

Read more about saliva analysis.

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Creams and ointments... can be compounded with a variety of different hormones and with complete strength and dosage flexibility. The creams and ointments can be altered as to consistency and absorption required for the specific application, and to minimize patient allergies and sensitivities.

Topical Creams
Popular choice for patients with dry skin. Requires application 2 to 3 times per day.
Drawbacks are; difficult to measure dosage and erratic blood levels.

Vaginal Creams
Good for localized therapy.

Percutaneous Gels... administration of hormones through the skin using percutaneous gels has been used in Europe for several years. They use the natural matrix of the skin to deliver continous flow of hormones into the body. Once a day dosing and the flexibility of combining various hormones makes the gels very convenient.

PLO Gels... administered through the skin twice daily. Requires refrigeration to retain stabilization of the gel. Rather greasy and messy.

Suppositories... a variety of hormones can be compounded in suppository form including estradiol, progesterone, estriol and testosterone as well as Boric Acid and Acidophilus. We use individually sealed, disposable, plastic molds for patient convenience.

Capsules... we can provide a wide range of release systems and excipients, including "OIL" filled capsules, to be used with individual hormones or homone combinations. We have available a large variety of fillers for those patients who have multiple allergies or are extremely chemically sensitive.

Powder Capsules
Can be prepared for immediate or slow release.

Oil Capsules
Can be used to improve absorption of some hormones.

Sublingual Tablets... the tablet dissolves under the tongue in less than one minute and is pleasantly orange flavored. We can compound progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, estradiol, estriol, estrone, triest, biest, or pregnenolone either singly or in combination, per your prescription order.

Nasal Sprays... for those patients who have a unique medical circumstance we can provide an alternative to traditional therapies that are available.

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Dosing hormones should be an individualized analysis. The response to hormone therapy can be varied. It can be due to differences in the absorption of the hormone. Each patient can respond uniquely to a given dose. The best possible decisions about the prescribed dosage should be unique to each patient's medical and family history, current health status, personal habits, symptoms and priorities. By using a generic approach to hormone therapy that might meet the needs of some patients, many will be either over or under treated, with potential consequences. There is also a choice of regimens that also need to be determined. Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions has a team of Hormone Specialists to help you and your healthcare provider determine what the appropriate dose, dose form and regimen would best suite you. Our team of specialists can also provide you with personalized counseling to help assure that you gain the optimal response of the dose. They can also help determine if possible adjustments may or may not need to be made to your dose strength, dose form or regimen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are natural hormones?
A: Natural hormones have the same chemical structures as the hormones secreted by the ovaries, adrenal glands, or testes. Therefore they are bio identical to what your body produces.

Q: Where do natural hormones come from?
A: Some natural hormones come from the yam plant, soybean plant, or Barbasco plant (giant yam).

Q: Does a perimenopausal woman take the same dose as a postmenopausal woman?
A: Not usually, Most commonly you start in early menopause with a low dose, and gradually increase to an average high dose in menopause. With time you taper back down the dose to maintain good bone health.

Q: What hormones are most frequently used for hysterectomy and oopherectomy patients?
A: Estradiol, testosterone, pregnenolone, estriol, DHEA and sometimes progesterone.

Q: What is the best route of administration, eg. Sublingual, gel, capsule, cream, pellet, tablet or patch?
A: Everyone is different. So what is best for one, may not be best for another. Sometimes you need to try 2 or 3 different delivery systems, until you find what works best for you. Sublinguals give about 20% absorption, whereas gels and oil capsules give 10 - 12% absorption.

Q: When is the best time of day to take my hormones?
A: Ideally the best way is to take one half of the daily dose every 12 hours for oral, sublingual and topical doses. However a testosterone sublingual for libido is best to take 2 hours before bedtime. Estrogen for night sweats is best to take with your evening meal. DHEA after is best taken after breakfast. Progesterone is best to take at bedtime.

Q: Will my symptoms be relieved more, the same or less with natural hormones compared to synthetic hormones?
A: Symptoms will usually be relieved equally or more, as long as the patient is balanced properly. Using saliva hormone testing will accomplish this.

Q: Will natural hormones help Osteoporosis?
A: Yes, when dosed properly the natural hormones will help to resolve Osteoporosis as well as synthetic hormones if not better.

Q: How can I increase my libido?
A: Saliva testing for Testosterone, DHEA, Progesterone and Estradiol should be done. If these are low then natural HRT should be used with a testosterone supplement to raise the testosterone levels. This can be in a sublingual, thick gel or topical dose form.

Q: What if my doctor is not familiar or will not prescribe natural hormones?
A: You can contact Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions at 800-728-0288, to be assisted in finding a physician that is familiar with natural hormone therapy or they can send your own physician some information to review.

Q: Will my insurance pay for natural HRT?
A: 80% to 85% of the time most insurance companies will allow us to fill your prescription or we can assist you in filling out a manual form from your insurance provider, so that you can be reimbursed for the prescription.

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Read more questions and answers about natural hormones in the Ask The Pharmacist area of the site, or E.mail Pete Hueseman directly. The toll-free number is 1-800-728-0288

Read More About Your Hormones




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