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Power Surge strives to provide the best and most timely information about menopause, women's midlife health and related issues. This means bringing the most prominent medical authors to the weekly Power Surge Live! Guest Chats. By providing this online Bookstore, Power Surge makes it easy for you to review, click and purchase online the best books available today about menopause and women's health.

Confused about these new and unusual feelings you're experiencing in this transition - menopause? Read more about What Is Menopause?

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The Power Surge Bookstore provides you with a convenient list of categories from which to select timely menopause and women's health books you may be interested in reading.

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Menopause | Empowering | Diet, Fitness  |
Alternative Medicine | Endometriosis, Osteoporosis, Fibroids  |
Heart Health | Hysterectomy | Incontinence| Insomnia |
Medication | Managed Health Care | Gynecology  |
Anxiety, Panic, Relaxation | Cancer | General Medical   |
Relationships, Intimacy  | Male Menopause |
Man To Man...On Women and Menopause

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