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The Power Surge Reading List

The Power Surge Reading List is one of the most comprehensive menopause and women's health reading lists on the Internet, other than the booksellers, themselves. This list has taken years to compile and includes, among others, books by every prominent guest who has appeared in Power Surge Live's Guest Chats. For your convenience, each book is linked directly to amazon.com. Simply click on the book's title and you'll be catapulted there. The list is long and there are more and more menopause books coming out every day. We recommend you review the transcripts linked to guest authors to determine if their ideas regarding menopause complement yours. You can also review a short list of our Favorite Books.

Keep checking back as new books are always being added.

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Strictly Menopause
Man To Man...."Women In Menopause"
Empowering / Inspirational
Diet / Fitness / Restorative
Relationships / Intimacy
Alternative Medicine
Endometriosis, Osteoporosis, Fibroids
Heart Health
Managed Health Care
Stress Reduction
Male Menopause and Male Midlife Issues
General Medical


50 Ways to Cope With Menopause
Linda Hughey Holt, Ada P. Kahn  
Consumer Guide (Editor)
NY: Signet Publication, 1995

Medical Book of Remedies. Straightforward and easy to understand, this 
informative guide offers short descriptions of "remedies" that 
help women deal with the most common discomforts and serious medical 
concerns during this time of change. It also includes natural and alternative 
remedies and treatments.

100 Questions & Answers About Menopause 
Ivy Alexander, Ph.D. & Karla Knight, RN 
Jones And Bartlett, 2005

"100 Questions and Answers About Menopause" addresses menopause as 
well as other midlife health risks such as osteoporosis, diabetes, 
heart disease and breast cancer. While some women sail through 
menopause, others experience a whole range of symptoms. The book
offers the help you need to understand menopause symptoms, treatment 
options, including lifestyle changes, alternative therapies, 
prescription medications and more. The book discusses difficult 
issues surrounding the HRT controversy and natural hormones.   

Read a transcript with Dr. Ivy Alexander and Karla Knight, RN

150 Most-Asked Questions About Menopause: 
What Women Really Want to Know 
Ruth S. Jacobowitz   
William Morrow & Co, 1996

Frequent Power Surge guest, medical writer, lecturer and women's health 
advocate, Ruth S. Jacobowitz offers this woman-to-woman guide, answering 
150 questions about menopause. One of Ruth Jacobowitz's "The 150 Most-Asked
Questions About ... " series of best-selling books for women at midlife.  

Read a transcript with Ruth Jacobowitz

60 Second Menopause Management:
The Quickest Ways to Handle Problems and Discomfort 
Carol R. Schulz, Mary Jenkins 
New Horizon Press, 1995

When women experience the most troublesome symptoms of menopause, they 
need quick, effective remedies. This book includes hundreds of tips and 
techniques such as solutions for sexual problems, quick remedies when a hot 
flash comes on, and more.   

Read a transcript with Carol Schulz

Before The Change: 
Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause
Ann Louise Gittleman
SF. Harper, 1998

Head off depression, mood swings, weight gain, memory loss, hot 
flashes, and other menopausal symptoms before they start. "Before 
the Change" addresses perimenopause, the phase preceding 
menopause, providing women with the power to understand and 
control its dramatic, often frightening symptoms. By a wonderful 
Power Surge guest and author or numerous other books, including 
"Super Nutrition For Menopause" (see below)

Read a transcript with Ann Louise Gittleman

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Change, The: Women, Aging, and the Menopause Germaine Greer NY: Fawcett, 1992 "A brilliant philosophical complement to Gail Sheehy's The Silent Passage ...Greer looks at menopause through history and literature, skewering the medical establishment." Kirkus Reviews The Change Before the Change: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Healthy in the Decade Before Menopause Laura E. Corio MD and Linda G. Kahn Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing, 2000 The book covers the symptoms of perimenopause; changes in fertility; long-term health of the heart, breasts, reproductive organs, thyroid, and bones; and therapies including medical treatments, supplements, and herbs. Power Surge guest, Dr. Corio and Kahn don't tell you what to do if you're encountering perimenopausal symptoms; rather, they introduce you to your options, as if you were a patient asking for advice. Read a transcript with Dr. Laura Corio Could It Be . . . Perimenopause?" Steven R. Goldstein, M.D., Laurie Ashner NY: Little Brown, 1998 "This clearly written and immensly readable book makes accessible to all women a wealth of information about this phase of feminine development. Dr. Goldstein and Ms. Ashner describe perimenopause in terms of the physiological changes that occur, and they explore with great sensitivity the effects that these changes can have on our emotions, thought processes and sexuality. This information, combined with the practical, useful coping strategies they suggest, can be an enormously powerful tool for women to use in transforming their experiences of perimenopause." -- Dr. Carla Solomon, Clinical Psychoanalyst. This book also provides excellent resources for finding information on the Internet -- a chapter devoted to Power Surge, "...the "Premier site for women in menopause." Read a transcript with Dr. Steven Goldstein Dr. Susan Lark's The Estrogen Decision Self Help Book Susan M. Lark CA: Celestial Arts, 1996 People have been relying on Power Surge guest, Dr. Susan Lark's books for years. This book addresses the question of whether or not to go on estrogen therapy. "This decision has no 'one right answer,'" says Lark, because every woman is different in her symptoms, health needs, risks, and tolerance of ERT. Lark presents not just ERT, but also alternative therapies and treatment options, so each woman can make an informed decision. Read a transcript with Dr. Susan Lark

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Dr. Susan Love's Hormone Book: Making Informed Choices About Menopause Susan M. Love, M.D., with Karen Lindsey NY: Random House, 1997 Excellent information by the renowned breast surgeon, Dr. Susan Love, to help women make informed choices about menopause. The thing I admire so about Susan Love is her forthrightness. Dr. Love has been a guest in Power Surge on more than one occasion. There's not a question she won't tackle, and you can bet your bottom dollar she'll provide the real facts about hormone replacement therapy, heart disease scares, Osteoporosis, etc. Dr. Susan Love calls Power Surge, "The first, best and most informative site for women in menopause." Read a transcript with Dr. Susan Love Dr. Susan Love's Menopause and Hormone Book: Making Informed Choices Susan M. Love, M.D., with Karen Lindsey Three Rivers Press, 2003 In the first edition of this important bestselling book, praised by Newsday as “the bible for a whole generation of menopausal women,” renowned physician and pioneering women’s health advocate Dr. Susan Love warned about the potential dangers of the long-term prescription of hormone replacement therapy. Her insightful words of caution have been backed up by the stunning results of the recent studies on hormone replacement. In this revised edition, Dr. Love offers a remarkably clear set of guidelines as to what the studies have shown about the risks regarding heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, and other conditions, and what effect hormone therapy has on osteoporosis. She offers definitive expert advice about whether or not to go on hormone replacement therapy and, if so, for how long, as well as how to taper off hormones; and she introduces the alternative methods for treating the symptoms of menopause. Dr. Susan Love calls Power Surge, "The first, best and most informative site for women in menopause." Read a transcript with Dr. Susan Love Drawing from the Women's Well: Reflections on the Life Passage of Menopause Joan C. Borton LuraMedia, Inc., 1992

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The Estrogen Alternative: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy and Serms, the New Estrogen Substitutes Steven R. Goldstein and Laurie Ashner Perigee, 1999 Read a transcript with Dr. Steven Goldstein The Estrogen Answer Book: 150 Most-Asked Questions About Hormone Replacement Therapy Ruth S. Jacobowitz Little Brown & Co, 1999 Yet another in the "150 Most-Asked Questions" series of books by medical journalist, lecturer and renowned expert in the area of women's health, frequent Power Surge guest, Ruth S. Jacobowitz. Easily readable in a Q & A format, containing the most commonly asked questions about Estrogen and HRT, Ruth's books are a must-have for any woman in, or about to enter, the world of menopause. Read a transcript with Ruth Jacobowitz Estrogen: The Facts Can Change Your Life Lila E. Nachtigall, M.D. and Joan Rattner Heilman NY: Harper-Collins Publishers, 1991 A specialist in female hormones claims that estrogen replacement therapy prevents, rather than causes, cancer. An authoritative guide that not only explains menopause and its many effects on the body, but also offers an objective, detailed overview of hormone replacement therapy by a prominent menopause physician. What the New, Safe Estrogen Therapy Can Do for Great Sex, Strong Bones, Good Looks, Longer Life, Preventing Hot Flashes. Estrogen - The Natural Way: Over 250 Recipes Using Natural Plant Estrogens for Women Nina Shandler NY: Villard Books, 1997 Women need estrogen, but it's a fact that the hormone diminishes with age. Shandler has discovered that estrogen occurs naturally in certain foods which can be used as ingredients in every kind of recipe imaginable. In Estrogen: The Natural Way she shows how readers can do a gentle yet effective version of estrogen replacement therapy using the kitchen instead of the drugstore. Nina Shandler will be a guest in Power Surge in Sept. '98. Read a transcript with Nina Shandler The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed On Women: Exploding The Estrogen Myth, The Barbara Seaman Hyperion, 2003 Women's health advocate for more than 40 years, Barbara Seaman is the co-founder of the National Women's Health Network, a women's advocacy group in Washington, D.C., and an advanced science writing Fellow at Columbia University's School of Journalism, once again takes on the controversial topic of the pharmaceutical industry's "medicalization" of menopause, as she did in the 60's, The Doctors' Case Against the Pill. Free and Female, Women and the Crisis in Sex Hormones and The Menopause Industry: How the Medical Establishment Exploits Women. Read a transcript with Barbara Seaman

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The Hormone Of Desire: The Truth About Sexuality, Menopause and Testosterone Susan Rako, M.D. Reprint edition (March 1999), Three Rivers Press This is the book you've been hearing about! Dr. Susan Rako has brought her groundbreaking message about the miraculous benefits of testosterone--the female hormone--to women and physicians around the world via Oprah!, Dateline NBC, the New York Times, the Congress on Women's Health, and the Today show, Good Morning America, among others. Millions of women experience a traumatic loss of sexual desire during menopause. Although estrogen and progesterone alleviate many of the effects of menopause, they cannot address flagging sexual desire. In this groundbreaking book, frequent Power Surge guest psychiatrist/author and lecturer, Susan Rako, draws on her 25 years as a psychiatrist, her research, and her personal experience with testosterone therapy to suggest the prudent use of this hormone for certain women who need its effects on energy and sexuality. Read a transcript with Susan Rako, M.D.

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The Hormone Replacement Handbook: Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Make an Informed Decision About Hormone Replacement Therapy Paula Brisco, Karla Morales, Paul Brisco Peoples Medical Society, 1996 Providing answers to the Hormone Replacement questions, this book tells me more than any doctor I've been to and helps women make up their own minds about the risks and benefits. Every woman 45 and above should own a copy. Hormone Replacement: Therapy Yes or No? How to Make an Informed Decision About Estrogen, Progesterone, & Other Strategies for Dealing With Pms, Menopause Betty Kamen, Ph.D. Nutrition Encounter, 1996 How to Make an Informed Decision About Estrogen, Progesterone, & Other Strategies for Dealing with PMS by internationally known nutritionist and Power Surge guest, Betty Kamen. Third Edition. Read a transcript with Dr. Betty Kamen The Hormone Solution: Naturally Alleviate Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance From Adolescence Through Menopause Erika Schwartz, M.D. Warner Books, 2002 Written by a hormone specialist who used conventional methods of treating menopausal women until she became one. When she realized that available treatment options were ineffective for her and for millions of women, she started looking for an alternative. What she discovered are safe, effective, and natural forms of hormone replacement, virtually free of side effects, that can be used to treat a myriad of problems in women of all ages, including acne, migraines, PMS, depression and fibroids, as well as the common symptoms of menopause. Now, in this revolutionary book, Dr. Schwartz shares her proven program to help women prevent, reduce, and even eliminate these symptoms of hormone imbalance naturally. Read a transcript with Dr. Erika Schwartz HRT Miriam Stoppard, M.D. Dk Pub Merchandise, 1999 Dr. Stoppard presents a thorough discussion of menopause, natural treatments and HRT. She explains strategies for managing menopause; offers suggestions on how to stay healthy during menopause, with or without HRT; explains in detail the benefits and side effects of HRT; lists your required health checks; and discusses the long-term positive effects of hormone replacement therapy. The HRT Solution: Optimizing Your Hormone Potential Marla Ahlgrimm, et al Avery Pub. Group, 1999 I Love Menopause Because.. Joyce Silverman Ben-Kiki, Joyce Herman Andrews And McMeel, 1998 Joyce Silverman Ben-Kiki, Power Surge guest, shares her \ous approach to menopause via her own experience through this life transition. Read a transcript with Joyce Silverman Ben-Kiki I'm Not Having A Hot Flash, I'm Having A Power Surge! Alice Stamm, aka Dearest Sometime in the very near future The pathos, emotions, intimate stories of the women of Power Surge. Their journey through the transitional time of life called menopause. The physical changes, psychological and emotional challenges, the spiritual awakening only after years of self-doubt and finally accepting being superwoman to everyone but oneself is counter-productive. The final realization that doctors aren't Gods and that women have to become educated, proactive in their own health care because no one knows their bodies the way they do. Shared stories with thousands of women in transition. (Title copyright reserved) Is It Hot in Here or Is It Me? A Personal Look at the Facts Fallacies and Feelings About Menopause Gayle Sand NY: Harper-Collins Publishers, Rev. 1995 Gayle Sands shares her personal story of sojourning through menopause with humor and pathos. Gayle Sand's enlightening memoir offers the real lowdown on estrogen slowdown. Sand takes a very personal journey through a maze of facts, fictions, and alternative treatments. It's Okay To Take Estrogen C. Alan Sevener, M.D. CA. Eclectic Publishing, 1995 Very easy to read, yet full of important medical information. Author and Power Surge guest, Ob/Gyn, Dr. Alan Sevener, brings over twenty years of experience and personal interest to this subject. Dr. Sevener is pro-HRT and provides all the reasons why (he feels) women should feel that estrogen is "their best friend." Power Surge doesn't always agree with every guest it invites. Read a transcript with Alan Sevener

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Managing Your Menopause Wulf H. Utian, M.D., PhD, and Ruth S. Jacobowitz NY: Prentice Hall, 1990 (1991 paperback) From the founding president of NAMS (The North American Menopause Society) and medical author and Power Surge guest, Ruth Jacobowitz. Dr. Utian offers his "Menopause Management Program" Read a transcript with Dr. Wulf Utian Read a transcript with Ruth Jacobowitz The Maverick of Medicine Speaks to Women: A World-Reowned Gynecologist's Solution for a Better World in Women's Health Care Duane Townsend, M.D, Rita Elkins Woodland Publishing, 2003 Read a transcript with Duane Townsend, M.D Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way Alternative Approaches For Women 30-50 Susun Weed NY: Ash Tree Publishing, 1992 Susan Weed offers a plethora of information about herbs and alternative methods of coping with menopause. Read a transcript with Susun Weed Menopause and the Mind: The Complete Guide to Coping with Memory Loss, Foggy Thinking, Verbal Confusion, and Other Cognitive Effects of Perimenopause and Menopause Claire L. Warga, Ph.D. Simon & Schuster, 2000 Are you between the ages of 35 and 60 and having trouble remembering your best friend's phone number? If this sounds familiar to you, take heart: Claire Warga's help and advice are on the way. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Warga, a neuropsychologist, identifies the "mind misconnect" syndrome that causes unsettling events during perimenopause and menopause, noting that they are not signs of imminent madness but a natural part of aging. Drawing upon cutting-edge brain research and many never-before- described cases, Warga provides the first scientific explanation for why the symptoms occur and reveals how they can be reversed or alleviated. She provides a self-assessment test to help readers determine whether they are experiencing "mind misconnect" syndrome and offers important information and advice on estrogen replacement therapy as well as non-hormonal treatments that mimic estrogen's mind- boosting effects. Her self-screening test, symptom chart, and treatment measurement technique are important tools every woman can use to assess her condition and progress over time, with or without her ob/gyn. Read a transcript with Claire Warga, Ph.D. Menopause and Madness: The Truth About Estrogen and the Mind Marcia Lawrence Andrews & McMeel, 1998 The Menopause Industry : How the Medical Establishment Exploits Women National Women's Health Network CA: Hunter House, 1994 An Australian author dispels the myth of menopause as a disease. Drug companies in search of greater profits are primarily to blame for the medicalization of menopause, and the book points out how those companies wormed their way into the medical literature, scientific and pseudoscientific, and how pervasively they affect medical and clinical education. Direct-to-consumer advertising has become a profitable approach for drug companies, encouraging patients to pressure physicians to prescribe a company's products, even when they aren't needed. What's more, bone-density screening is another marketing tool.

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Menopause Made Easy: How to Make the Right Decisions for the Rest Carolle Jean-Murat, M.D. Hay House, 1999 Board certified gynecologist, assistant clinical professor at UCSD School of Medicine, holistic and integrative health-care practitioner has given us a book. Power Surge Guest, Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat says, "As a woman in today's world, you must educate yourself about all aspects of menopause and the risks and rewards of taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), "natural" HRT, nutritional supplements, alternative treatments, herbs, and more." Read a transcript with Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat Menopause Madness: An Empathetic Little Book Pat Ross Fireside, 1998 Menopause, Naturally: Preparing for the Second Half of Life Sadja Greenwood, M.D. CA: Volcano Press, 1994 Often cited as the first book written by a physician to treat menopause as a natural event, this book suggests medical intervention only when the woman herself decides that it is needed. The Menopause Self-Help Book: A Woman's Guide to Feeling Wonderful for the Second Half of Her Life Susan M. Lark, M.D. CA: Celestial Arts, 1992 Highly readable, this popular physician/author provides ways to cope with the changes accompanying menopause, including forms of treatment other than prescription hormones. Read a transcript with Dr. Susan M. Lark

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Menopaws: The Silent Meow Martha Sacks, Jack E. Davis (Illustrator) Ten Speed Press, 1995 The author, Martha Sacks writes, A 'male-version' to follow soon! Next year I will be releasing "Menopaws,The Silent Howl" which takes a gentle look at the male mid-life crisis, with the genre switching from cats to dogs. Midlife Mamas on the Moon: Celebrate Great Health, Friendships, Sex, and Money and Launch Your Second Life Sunny Hersh Fast Forward Publications, 2004 Create health and happiness at midlife and beyond. Sunny talks down, dirty and very funny about everything connected to being female and over 45. It's like having a treasured girlfriend to hang out with and consult about anything and everything. Read a transcript with Sunny Hersh Moving Through Menopause: The Complete Program For Exercise, Nutrition, and Total Wellness Kathy Smith, Robert Miller NY: Warner Books, 2002 Read a transcript with Kathy Smith Natural Hormone Replacement For Women Over 45 Jonathan V. Wright, John Morgenthaler (Contributor) A guide on how natural hormone replacement offers a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of menopause. Conventional hormone replacement treatment as prescribed by most medical doctors in the United States, relies on unnatural versions of the hormones progesterone and estrogen that are dangerous and completely foreign to a woman's body. Natural Menopause (Dk Healthcare) Miriam Stoppard, M.D. Dk Publishing, 1998

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Natural Progesterone Anna Rushton Thorsons Publications, 1999 Natural Progesterone: The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone. John R. Lee, M.D. CA: BLL Publishing, 1993 Dr. John R. Lee's expose on the efficacy of natural progesterone. Read a transcript with Dr. John R. Lee (his only online chat) Natural Woman, Natural Menopause:
Complete Program for Healthy Menopause
Marcus Laux, Christine Conrad Harpercollins, 1997 Read a transcript with Christine Conrad The New Ourselves Growing Older: Women Aging with Knowledge and Power Diana Laskin Siegal, Paula Brown Doress-Worters, Wendy Sanford NY: Touchstone Books, 1994 From the authors of "The New Our Bodies, Ourselves" comes a collection of advice for the older woman on virtually every aspect of life--physical and emotional health, investment ideas, retirement, menopause and the hormone controversy, longevity, and more. The Noisy Passage: Baby Boomers Do Menopause Marie Evans, Anne Shakeshaft Hysteria Publications, 1997 The Noisy Passage was written for all the women who went to Woodstock, kept their names and almost forgot to have families. Now that it is fashionable to be fifty, menopause is expected to become trendier than rollerblading and white water rafting. This fast-paced farce will let sweltering women speed down the Hormone Superhighway (including a listing for the Power Surge Web site among online resources steering them towards the latest antidotes for hormonal disturbances. The Noisy Passage is more than a book -- it's a movement! As a guest in Power Surge, co-author, Marie Evans' humor had the participants literally ROFL'ing. Read a transcript with Marie Evans No More Hot Flashes ... and Even More Good News Penny Wise Budoff, M.D. Warner Books, 1998 A cutting edge women's health care book that eliminates the confusion surrounding perimenopause, menopause, and women's surgical decisions. No More Periods? The Risks of Menstrual Suppression and Other Cutting-Edge Issues About Hormones and Women's Health Susan Rako, M.D. Crown Pub, 2003 In No More Periods? Dr. Rako delves into the whys, hows, and musts of women’s gynecological health and takes a reasoned stand for believing that nature and our bodies have an intelligence about this critical issue. This book is a call to sanity from a woman who has become known as a devout defender of women’s health rights. Read a transcript with Dr. Susan Rako The Pause: Positive Approaches to Menopause Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D. NY: Dutton Books, 1993 A must read first book on menopause from sexologist, and Power Surge guest, who offers a life- and sanity-saving guide for making the "third third" of life the most productive and fulfilling. Plus, there's a chapter for men to help them cope and understand. An open and frank discussion. It's a fact of life. Women in their 40s and 50s go through menopause, and the significant men in their lives are therefore going to experience it in some shape or form, too. Neither acknowledging it nor discussing it has been the traditional approach, but there's a lot to be said for being educated instead. Barbach's book goes a long way toward that end. She discusses rage and depression, blood and hot flashes, stress, sexuality, and hormones for a frank, edifying, readable reference. Read a transcript with Dr. Lonnie Barbach The Perimenopause Handbook: What Every Woman Needs to Know About the Years Before Menopause Carol A. Turkington, Susan Johnson Contemporary Books, Published 1998 Read a transcript with Carol A. Turkington's visit The Power of Perimenopause: A Woman's Guide to Physical and Emotional Health During Perimenopause Stephanie Degraff Bender, Treacy Colbert Harmony Books, 1998 While much as been written about menopause, little attention has been paid to the experiences women undergo during the transitional period BEFORE menopause. Now, for the millions of women in their late thirties and forties, this comprehensive book focuses on easing the normal, but sometimes distressing, physiological and psychological symptoms of the stage preceding menopause.

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Red Hot Mamas Do Menopause With Style Ann Shakeshaft(Editor), Marie Evans Hysteria Publications, 1999 Into all the deadly seriousness surrounding menopause, comes Red Hot Mamas Do Menopause With Style. Fast-paced text includes tables, pie charts, graphs, timelines, lists, letters and the best (real!) menopause Web sites. All the topics of menopause, including (but not limited to) weight gain,insomnia and hot flashes, are made funny and thereby a little more bearable. Read a transcript with Marie Evan's visit Screaming To Be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect ... and Doctors Ignore Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. NY: M. Evans and Company, 2000 Written by physician and frequent Power Surge guest, Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., who branched out from internal medicine and psychiatry to hormonal aspects of women's health, this easy-to-read and sometimes emotional book provides many practical facts as well as the author's clinical experience. Excellent expose' on menopause - a must read for all women at midlife. Read a transcript with Elizabeth Lee Vliet Silent Passage: Menopause Gail Sheehy NY: Random House, revised 1993 NY: Pocket Books, revised 1995 Very little needs be said once Gail Sheehy's name is mentioned. Another impressive book in the long and best-selling list of "Passages" books, Power Surge guest, Gail Sheehy's "Silent Passage" was probably the "first book to look at menopause in a non-clinical way, utilizing case studies and an enormous amount of research to present a readable and easily digestible book about a subject previously dealt with in only medical format. A must-have book for every woman in or approaching menopause. The landmark New York Times bestseller is now revised and updated (1995: Pocket Books) with new information to help women design their own hormone replacement regimens. Sheehy breaks the conspiracy of silence with this landmark bestseller that has taken America's baby boomers by storm. For everyone who has experienced menopause - and the millions of women who will soon face it -this compelling work seeks to erase the stigma attached to this normal part of a woman's life. Read a transcript with Gail Sheehy Super Nutrition for Menopause: Take Control of Your Life and Enjoy New Vitality Ann Louise Gittleman NY: Pocket Books, 1993 The renowned nutritionist, Power Surge guest, former Nutritional Director of The Pritikin Longevity Center, and author of Super Nutrition for Women (and eight other books) presents advice distilled from her background in both traditional and alternative practices. This book offers a revolutionary diet and exercise program to meet the menopausal woman's unique physical and nutritional needs. Includes seasonal menus and recipes. Read a transcript with Ann Louise Gittleman

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Take Charge of Your Body Carolyn DeMarco, M.D. The Well Women Press, Ontario, Canada, 1994 Absolutely wonderful book dealing with health issues for women of all ages. Dr. DeMarco, a Power Surge guest, has a refreshingly forthright manner, and "tells it like it is" in this wonderfully put together book providing women with every reason to take charge of her body. Read a transcript with Carolyn DeMarco Understanding Menopause: Answers and Advice For Women In the Prime of Life Janine O'Leary Cobb Canada: Key Porter, 1993 (Canada ed.; rev.) NY: Plume, 1993 (U.S. ed.) A bestseller in Canada since 1988, this book has been revised and updated for American readers. The author has spent almost a decade gathering information about menopause from books, from the medical literature, and from the thousands of women who subscribe to her newsletter, A Friend Indeed. What Every Woman Needs To Know About Estrogen : Natural and Traditional Therapies for a Longer, Healthier, Life Karen Anne Hutchinson, M.D. and Judith Sachs NY: Plume, 1997 Gives women essential information about their bodies and their health as they approach and enter midlife. For years some doctors have viewed estrogen as a "magic" hormone to help women stay youthful, alleviate menopausal symptoms, and protect against osteoporosis and heart disease. But what about the risks? Are there natural alternatives? Do all women really need hormone replacement therapy? Excellent resource for women with many questions about this rite of passage in an easy Q & A format. Judith Sachs has been a Power Surge guest. Read a transcript with Judith Sachs What Every Woman Needs to Know About Menopause The Years Before, During, and After Mary Jane Minkin, Md. et al. Yale Univ Press, 1997 This helpful and user-friendly book provides a practical guide to physical and emotional well-being during the premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal years. Based on the experience of a woman gynecologist who has been in practice for twenty years, the book presents thorough, unbiased answers to the questions women ask about this crucial time in their lives. Read a transcript with Dr. Mary Jane Minkin What Every Woman Should Know : Staying Healthy After 40 Lila E. Nachtigall, M.D., Robert D. Nachtigall, M.D., and Joan Rattner Heilman NY: Warner Books, 1995 This is an up-to-date presentation, emphasizing how to preserve wellness through premenopause and beyond. What Women Should Know About Menopause Judith Sachs NY: Dell Publishing, 1991 This "quick read" provides a brief overview of key issues to help women maintain a happy, fulfilled life in their middle years and beyond by a wonderfully knowledgable and articulate Power Surge guest. Read a transcript with Judith Sachs

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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause Dr. John R. Lee NY: Warner Books, 1996 Dr. John Lee addresses the issues of menopause as being treated as an "estrogen deficiency disease" and how incorrect that theory is. His argument is that premenopausal and menopausal women are much more likely to be in a state of "estrogen excess" relative to levels of progesterone, which are often close to zero. Yet, what most doctors and drug companies offer to do is to increase estrogen levels with synthetic hormones made with pregnant mare's urine (Premarin, Prempro, Premphase) that are indeed natural - to horses - and synthetic progestins. While this may temporarily relieve certain symptoms like vaginal dryness and hot flashes, this HRT regime ultimately leads to worse side effects, including increased breast cancer risk, increased bone loss, increased overall cancer risk, and increased heart disease risk. Yet we are told that HRT is the only way to prevent osteoporosis and heart disease. Dr. Lee explodes these myths and many more, including that any woman needs an hysterectomy unless she has cancer (yet over 600,000 are done in the US each year, meaning 600,000 potential new consumers of HRT). Read a transcript with John R. Lee (his only online chat) What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause: Balance Your Hormones & Your Life From Thirty to Fifty John R. Lee, et al. Warner Books, 1999 Read a transcript with John R. Lee (his only online chat) The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the Change Christiane Northrup M.D. Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Menopause doesn't have to be a dreaded curse of aging during which we can look forward only to hot flashes and whacked-out hormonal mood swings. According to Christiane Northrup, M.D. (Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom), menopause often marks the beginning of a woman's most sexually passionate, creatively inspired, and professionally productive phase of life. Read a transcript with Christine Northrup Without Estrogen: Natural Remedies For Menopause and Beyond Dee Ito NY: Crown Publishers, 1995 Power Surge guest, Dee Ito, who was one of the women who decided she did not want to be dependent on a chemically synthesized substance. She spent three years researching her options and reports her fascinating, helpful and very specific findings in "Without Estrogen," the first comprehensive, in-depth book on how menopausal symptoms can be effectively managed without drugs. This book offers a self-help approach to alternative therapies for women who can't or choose not to rely on HRT. Read a transcript with Dee Ito Woman's Guide To Natural Hormones, A Christine Conrad Perigee, 2000 Power Surge guest, Christine Conrad, has written a comprehensive guide to understanding natural hormones, how they work, which ones should be used. Discussions about the breast cancer risk, midlife weight gain, synthetic HRT drugs. Christine Conrad, co-author of Natural Woman, Natural Menopause, is the founder of the Natural Woman Institute, a non-profit organization offering women guidance on resources and practitioners who provide natural hormone therapies. Read a transcript with Christine Conrad Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds: And the Spiritual Journey of Menopause Lynn V. Andrews Harperperennial Library, 1993 The author of Medicine Woman describes her spiritual experience with menopause. Women at the Change:
The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Menopause
Madonna Sophia Compton Published 1998 Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing Christiane Northrup, M.D. NY: Bantam, Doubleday, Dell 1998 (Revised) Dr. Christiane Northrup, a stimulating Power Surge guest, has revised her original "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" in this informative, inspirational, and, spiritual-like healing pioneers, Deepak Choprah and Bernie Siegel, has paved the way for women to understand the connection between emotional suffering and physical illness. Chris Northrup says, "Women everywhere are birthing a new vision of women's health and wellness, and of identity. Central to this vision is that we trust what we know in our bones, that our bodies are our allies, and that they will always point in the direction we need to go next. "This book is the very embodiment of 'owning your body.'" Read a transcript with Christiane Northrup

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Women of the 14th Moon: Writings on Menopause Dena Taylor and Amber Coverdale Sumrall, eds. CA: The Crossing Press, 1991 Menopause celebrated in prose and poetry: A collection of articles and poetry, both fiction and nonfiction, by women expressing their personal experiences of menopause updated with new wisdom and insights into the mind-body connection and the role of emotion and intuition in promoting health. Women's Health Guide :
A Natural Approach to Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, Fibroids, PMS, Bulemia, Childbirth, Menopause, and Osteoporosis
Gale Jack (Editor), Wendy Esko (Editor) One Peaceful World Press, 1997 Women, Hormones & Menstrual Cycle;
Herbal & Medical Solutions from Adolescence to Menopause
Ruth Trickey Published 1998 The Yale Guide to Women's Reproductive Health: From Menarche to Menopause Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., Carol V. Wright Yale University Press, 2003 This book is for every woman who has wished for an unhurried, personal conversation with a sympathetic doctor who will answer her questions about reproductive health. Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a gynecologist practicing for more than 25 years, presents a complete and up-to-date guide to a healthy reproductive system for women in their teens through middle age. With warmth and understanding, Dr. Minkin and coauthor Carol V. Wright respond to questions about the gynecological issues that concern women today, including sexual activity, contraception, and family planning. Readers of The Yale Guide to Women’s Reproductive Health will learn how the female body works, what problems may arise, and what solutions are available—in short, they will become better prepared to participate in their own health care and to make healthy decisions. Read a transcript with Dr. Mary Jane Minkin Your Perfectly Pampered Menopause: Health, Beauty, and Lifestyle Advice for the Best Years of Your Life Colette Bouchez Broadway, 2005 A fun and fabulous health guide for living well at midlife— no prescription required! Menopause can be a difficult and confusing time--but it doesn’t have to be. Your Perfectly Pampered Menopause has the answers that make the difference, with a clear-cut plan that shows you how to look and feel better now than ever before. With this complete guide to taking care of yourself now and in the future you'll discover how midlife can be the best time of your life! Read a transcript with Colette Bouchez

Men Surviving Menopause: You and the Woman You Love at Mid-Life Paul Selinger iUniverse.com 2000 Every woman in the world will go through menopause if she lives long enough. Every man in a relationship with a woman will go through it with her, one way or another. Men Surviving Menopause will help men understand what's going on with their partners, and learn how they can support them to make that mid-life passage easier. No, It's Not Hot In Here: A Husbands Guide To Menopause Dick Roth North Star Publications 1999 Husbands often approach menopause full of fear and misunderstanding. In response, the book includes a much-needed chapter about menopause and sex, then covers controversies like HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and hysterectomies. Because women are being presented with so many choices, the book also briefly discusses the alternatives to HRT, such as natural hormones, acupuncture, and rites of passage. The author is careful to caution husbands not to try to become the decision-maker, but rather an aware and informed support system in their wife's decision-making process. Read a transcript with Dick Roth Your Guy's Guide To Gynecology Bruce Bekkar, M.D. North Star Pubns 2000 Dr. Bekkar, aka "Dr. Bruce," has a dry sense of humor and has a successful course for men on women's biology. He says he wrote the book, Your Guy's Guide To Gynecology: Everything You Wish He Knew About Your Body If He Wasn't Afraid To Ask" to help the average man, whom he says is "completely confused" about how women's plumbing works. This ignorance can adversely affect relationships, he says. Men are encouraged to attend this series of chats to help them better understand their partners' menopausal experience Read a transcript with Dr. Bruce Bekkar
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind Deepak Chopra, M.D. NY: Crown Publishers, 1993 The author of Quantum Healing argues that aging is much more of a choice than people believe and shows how to adopt an individually tailored program of diet, stress reduction, and exercise. Beyond Blame: Reclaiming the Power You Give to Others Dr Alex Lukeman, P.H.D North Star Publications, 1996 Read a transcript with Dr. Alex Lukeman The Bond Between Women: The Journey to Fierce Compassion China Galland NY: Riverhead Books, 1999 In beautiful prose, Power Surge guest, China Galland, weaves myths and travel narrative into a powerful chronicle of the spiritual journey, tracing the reemergence of fierce compassion both in the struggles of women around the world and at sacred sites of pilgrimage. Read a transcript with China Galland The Breaking Point: How Female Midlife Crisis Is Transforming Today's Women Sue Shellenbarger NY: Henry Holt, 2005 Long stereotyped as the province of men, today the midlife crisis is reported with greater frequency by women than men. Though the female midlife crisis travels many courses, Sue Shellenbarger found that most women's angst is propelled primarily by one powerful, repressed passion -- a part of oneself that begs for expression and reintegration. These archetypal drives, Shellenbarger labels them the Lover, the Leader, the Adventurer, the Artist, the Seeker, and the Gardener -- reflect our core human capabilities to love, to create, and to learn. Read a transcript with Sue Shellenbarger A Certain Age: Reflecting on Menopause (Gender and Culture) Joanna Goldsworthy, ed. NY: Columbia University Press, 1995 Featuring reflections by sixteen prominent writers on their own experience of menopause, A Certain Age describes how an increasing number of women are choosing to celebrate their freedom to get on with their lives now that their childbearing years are over. Don't Let Death Ruin Your Life: A Practical Guide to Reclaiming Happiness After the Death of a Loved One Jill Brooke E P Dutton, 2001 A one-of-a-kind book that shows how grief can be transformed into a prescription for happiness and personal fulfillment. We will all experience the loss of a loved one sometime during our lives. This unique guide reveals how to turn this time of sadness into an opportunity for positive change and growth. Read a transcript with Jill Brooke Dance of the Spirit: The Seven Steps of Women's Spirituality Maria Harris NY: Bantam Books, 1991 Daybreak : 52 Things Nature Teaches Us Amy Dean NY: M. Evans & Co, 1997 Amy Dean's books are wonderfully inspirational, and take the edge off the pressures of life. Nice escape into peace and serenity. Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please! How to Survive Caring For Aging Parents Jacqueline Marcell Impressive Press, 2001 Read a transcript with Jacqueline Marcell Empowering Women Louise Hay CA: Hay House, 1997

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Encounters with Aging: Mythologies of Menopause in Japan and North America M. Lock CA: University of California Press, 1995 Five Women Rona Jaffe Read a transcript with Rona Jaffe The Fountain of Age Betty Friedan NY: Simon & Schuster, 1993 A book that explodes the myths of aging--just as, 30 years ago, Friedan exploded the mirage of the contented housewife. American women's lives changed forever with The Feminine Mystique--and this challenging exploration of aging may do the same for the skyrocketing population of men and women who have hit 60 and can anticipate 20 or 30 more years of living. How Did I Get Here?: Finding Your Way to Renewed Hope and Happiness When Life and Love Take Unexpected Turns Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D. NY: St. Martin's Press, 2005 All of us find ourselves at one time or another, facing the unexpected and thinking, "How did I get here?" Whether because of disappointments in love, crises in health, family or finances, professional dissatisfaction, or events beyond our control. Barbara De Angelis illustrates how life's challenges bring people to emotional and spiritual crossroads. "Lingering too long in this gap," Barbara De Angelis explains, "may lead to a turning off of the erotic self, a feeling of nagging discontent, and a loss of a sense of purpose in life." Read a transcript with Dr. Barbara De Angelis Getting Control: Overcoming Your Obsessions and Compulsions Lee Baer and Judith Rapaport Plume, 2000 Power Surge guest, Dr. Lee Baer, gives readers with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) the tools to assess their own symptoms, set goals, and create therapeutic programs for themselves. He also helps readers differentiate between OCD and other psychological illnesses such as depression. From the latest treatments to important facts on the medications currently available and how they work, Getting Control is thorough, concise, and positive--a lifesaver for anyone whose well-being is affected by OCD. Read a transcript with Dr. Lee Baer Getting Over Getting Older Letty Cottin Pogrebin Berkley Pub Group, 1997 Read a transcript with Letty Cottin Pogrebin The Gift Of A Year: How to Give Yourself the Most Meaningful, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Year of Your Life Mira Kirshenbaum E P Dutton, 1999 The Gift of a Year presents a grassroots method that shows women how to pluck a year from the busy routine of their lives and find the one thing they can do to achieve fulfillment and change their future. In this inspirational, practical book, author Mira Kirshenbaum gives women all the advice and direction they need to find support and feel supported-and find the necessary time to fit their dreams into the lives they already lead. Read a transcript with Mira Kirshenbaum Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps to Reverse Aging David Simon, M.D., Deepak Chopra Harmony Books, 2001 Read a transcript with David Simon Growing Older, Growing Better Amy Dean CA: Hay House, 1997 As with all of Amy Dean's books, Growing Older, Growing Better is warm, inspirational, caring, sensitive and nurturing -- something all women need who are sojourning through life's transitions. Healing Mind, Healthy Woman: Using the Mind-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life Dr. Alice D. Domar, Henry Dreher Delta, 1997 Women are infected with negative self images and stereotypes which can wreak havoc on their ability to stay well and recover from illness. Dr. Domar discusses the connection between psychological suffering, physical illness and healing. Power Surge guest, Dr. Alice Domar's book contains a section on general health followed by a guide to specific problems. She describes the importance of asking for and accepting support: something most women are much better at giving than receiving. Read a transcript with Dr. Alice Domar Imagine A Woman In-Love With Herself: Embracing Your Wisdom and Wholeness Patricia Lynn Reilly, Sue Patton Thoele Conari, 1999 Imagine a Woman author, Patricia Lynn Reilly, empowers women to move from self-loathing to self-love, from self-criticism to self-celebration. It dismantles the question "What's wrong with me?" by exploring its historical, theological, and personal origins. It explores 20 self-affirming qualities that encourage women to be the authors of their own lives and to cultivate knowledge and love of themselves. Each section is filled with reflections and meditations that ask readers to reclaim their inner resources and reconnect with the essential truth about themselves. If Not Now, When?: Reclaiming Ourselves At Midlife Stephani Marston NY, Warner Books, 2001 Power Surge guest, Stephanie Marston utilizies interviews with 100 women. Midlife is a wake-up call that requires we pay attention to where we stand in our lives. It is a time of intense reevaluation. Yet it is also a time of immense opportunity from which every woman can emerge a new person. Now in one of the first books to address the spiritual, emotional, and psychological dimensions of the midlife transition, Read a transcript with Stephanie Marston The Imp of the Mind: Exploring the Silent Epidemic of Obsessive Bad Thoughts Lee Baer Ph.D. E P Dutton, 2000 Power Surge guest, Dr. Lee Baer, an articulate and exemplary guest, turns our attention to the common and underlying problem of unwanted, inappropriate, and obsessive thoughts. At once an insightful exploration of this silent epidemic in our midst and a powerful guide for those suffering from this disorder, Dr. Baer draws on groundbreaking research to find what causes these bad thoughts, giving sufferers information on medication or self-help treatment. Most important, in helping all of us understand this condition, he provides a way to find peace of mind. Read a transcript with Dr. Lee Baer I'm Too Young To Get Old: Health Care For Women Over Forty Judith Reichman, M.D. NY: Random House, 1996 With clarity, passion, and welcomed humor, the dynamic narrator of the acclaimed PBS special on menopause offers an essential, inspiring, and informative book on the health issues affecting women aged 40 and over, including contraception, menopause, hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, and bladder control. Living Well With Hypothyroidism Mary Shomon Read a transcript with Mary Shomon

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Look Me in the Eye, Old Women Aging and Ageism Barbara MacDonald and Cynthia Rich Spinsters Ink, Second Edition, 1991 These thought-provoking essays - written primarily by Barbara Macdonald, with contributions by her lover/partner, Cynthia Rich - challenge readers to consider society's and their own attitudes towards older women. Barbara Macdonald has "always been a lesbian - always loved women, gotten my strength and my sense of self from women." The New Ourselves, Growing Older P. Doress-Worters and D. Siegal NY: Touchstone, 1994 An authoritative resource for the population's fastest-growing segment, women over forty, offers practical advice, perspectives, and updates for women on such issues as divorce, housing, contraception, health, and more. 75,000 first printing. Tour. New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time Gail Sheehy NY: Random House, 1995 A provocative sequel to and a significant extension of renowned author and Power Surge guest, Gail Sheehy's international bestseller Passages. Sheehy finds a revolution in the adult life cycle as she traces not only radical changes in the earlier phases of the '20s, '30s, and '40s, but discovers and maps out the new frontier--a second adulthood in middle life. Read a transcript with Gail Sheehy

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Passages Gail Sheehy NY: Dutton, 1984 At last, this is your story. You'll recognize yourself, your friends, and your loves. You'll see how to use each life crisis as an opportunity for creative change -- to grow to your full potential. Gail Sheehy's brilliant road map of adult life shows the inevitable personality and sexual changes we go through in our 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. The Trying 20s -- The safety of home left behind, we begin trying on life's uniforms and possible partners in search of the perfect fit. The Catch 30s -- illusions shaken, it's time to make, break, or deepen life commitments. The Forlorn 40s -- Dangerous years when the dreams of youth demand reassessment, men and women switch characteristics, sexual panic is common, but the greatest opportunity for self-discovery awaits. The Refreshed (or Resigned) 50s -- Best of life for those who let go old roles and find a renewal of purpose. Read a transcript with Gail Sheehy The Power Of Beauty: Men, Women and Sex Appeal Since Feminism Nancy Friday NY: Harper-Collins, 1997 "Using her own life story as a springboard, Nancy Friday traces the past 25 years of changes in women's attitudes about self-esteem, appearance, and sexuality. "Enormously fun to read."--New York Times Book Review." Three time Power Surge guest, Nancy Friday's books have been an inspiration to all. Read a transcript with Nancy Friday Purify Your Body Nina L. Diamond NY: Crown, 1997 Power Surge guest, Nina Diamond, explores the many ways in which we can cleanse the toxins from our bodies, as well as suggestions as to the best ways to eat, live, exercise and keep our bodies free from future states of toxicity. Readings on the Psychology of Women Judith M. Bardwick NY: Harper & Row, 1972 The Road Taken Rona Jaffe EP Dutton, 2000 Read a transcript with Rona Jaffe Self-Nurture: Learning to Care for Yourself As Effectively As You Care for Everyone Else Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, Henry Dreher Viking, 1999 One of the greatest challenges women face is learning how to nurture themselves. The tendency, of course, is for women to put themselves last on the list--taking care of everyone and everything else before they tend to their own emotional, physical, or spiritual needs, according to author Alice D. Domar, Ph.D. Yet, ironically, when women put themselves last on the list, they find themselves stressed out, depleted of energy, and unable to give their family members or jobs the full attention they need. As the director of the Mind/Body Center for Women's Health at Harvard Medical School, Domar has developed a comprehensive, year-long program to help women learn the crucial art of self- nurturing. Read a transcript with Dr. Alice Domar Sensual Healing Teresa Kennedy NY: M. Evans & Co., 1996 Vital Energy: The 7 Keys to Invigorate Body, Mind and Soul David Simon, M.D., John Wiley & Sons, 2001 Read a transcript with David Simon What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism: A Simple Plan for Extraordinary Results Kenneth R. Blanchard, M.D. Warner Books, 2004 Dr. Blanchard's groundbreaking treatment program draws on emerging research, medical facts, and three decades of clinical experiences as an endocrinologist. It's an individualized program that uses questionnaires and charts to help diagnose sufferers through symptoms, not lab results- and treats patients of all ages with the safe, but little used T3 hormone in the best combination with the more common T4 hormone, as well as with specific nutritional advice and alternative treatments that really work! Read a transcript with Kenneth R. Blanchard, M.D. When Your Body Gets the Blues: The Clinically Proven Program for Women Who Feel Tired, Stressed, and Eat Too Much! Dr. Marie-Annette Brown Rodale Press, 2002 To combat the body blues, Brown, Robinson, and colleagues at the University of Washington developed "LEVITY" therapy based on three activities: increasing exposure to natural light, walking outside five or more times a week, and taking six inexpensive vitamins and minerals. Read a transcript with Dr. Marie-Annette Brown The Wisdom of Healing David Simon, M.D., Deepak Chopra Three Rivers Press, 1998 Read a transcript with David Simon Wise Woman Archetype: Menopause As Initiation/Cassette Jean Shinoda Bolen Bolen explores an inner source of sacred power within women--the wise-woman archetype--and its meaning in our lives today. Ancient cultures looked at menopause as a way to make wisdom. Sounds True audio cassette, 1994 What Your Dreams Can Teach You Dr Alex Lukeman, P.H.D. Llewellyn Publications, 1990 Read a transcript with Dr. Alex Lukeman When Is Enough, Enough? What You Can Do If You Never Feel Satisfied Laurie Ashner, Mitch Meyerson Hazelden Information Education, 1997 Why do some people get exactly what they thought they wanted-- and still feel disappointed? Why do so many of us want what we can't have? Psychotherapists Laurie Ashner and Mitch Meyerson have drawn a no-nonsense, compassionate blueprint for replacing chronic dissatisfaction with contentment and fulfillment. Women and the Blues: Passions that Hurt, Passions that Heal Jennifer James NY: Harper & Row, 1988 The Woman's Comfort Book Jennifer Louden NY: Harper-Collins, 1992 I received this as a gift and have found Jennifer Louden's book a Godsend. 'The Woman's Comfort Book' guides us in the simple ways in which we can care for ourselves, physically, spiritually, psychologically with, for example, her "Checking Your Your Needs". Suggestions on the lost art of self-care. It does take some practice learning to take care of yourself, but this book gives you the permission and the resources to do so. Women Who Run with the Wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes Ballantine Books, 1992

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365 Ways to Relax Mind, Body & Soul Barbara L. Heller, M.S.W. Storey Books, 2000 Stress may be the number one threat to health and happiness in the 21st century. For the stressed-out reader who can't afford a daily massage, here are 365 simple, effective ways to promote relaxation. From simple thoughts to exercises to food, this book offers hundreds of tips. Read a transcript with Barbara Heller Awaken the Diet Within: From Overweight to Looking Great-If I Can Do It, So Can You Julia Griggs Havey Warner Books, 2003 Topping the scale at 290 pounds, Julia Griggs Havey resigned herself to a matronly figure and plus-size clothes. But when she read the anonymous note informing her that her husband was having an affair, Julia realized it was time to take control of her life. Her mantra became self-improvement through self-motivation and she began by taking off the weight more than 130 pounds and divorcing her wandering husband. Now, Julia shares the weight-loss secrets that have already helped thousands. From her nine-level Road Map to Weight Loss to more than 130 delicious recipes, nutritional advice, and fitness tips, readers will discover how easy it is to achieve success. Julia's inspirational outlook will motivate and encourage millions of women to awaken the diet within and begin their transformation today! Read a transcript with Julia Griggs Havey Better Than Ever: The 4-Week Workout Program for Women Over Forty Lisa Hoffman NY. Contemporary Publishing, 1997 Doctors and researchers agree that regular exercise plays an important role in keeping menopausal women strong and healthy. Better Than Ever offers a balanced, step-by-step plan of aerobic activity, strength training, and stretching, along with advice on nutrition, relaxation, and ways to pamper the body and soul. Filled with more than 100 black-and-white photos using age-appropriate models, this is an invaluable health resource for women ages 40 to 60. Power Surge's GIGS™ Program (Getting Into Good Shape) uses Power Surge guest, Lisa Hoffman's book as its reference. Read a transcript with Lisa Hoffman Diet for a Poisoned Planet: How to Choose Safe Foods for You and Your Family David Steinman Read a transcript with David Steinman Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution Robert C. Atkins, M.D. NY. Avon Books, 1992 World renowned cardiologist and nutritionist, Power Surge guest, Dr. Robert Atkins opens his ground-breaking book with this message: "Is this you? Determined to lose weight, you vowed to do it the 'right' way. You stopped eating red meat, had omelets made from egg whites only, took the skin off the chicken, ate lots of pasta and baked potatoes with no butter, and oatmeal and skim milk for breakfast. And you stuck with it. And yet somehow it never quite felt right, and it never worked the way you thought it would. Well, if that description fits, the probability is that you're just a normal person who's been victimized by those who don't tell you that the low-fat diet forces you to eat more carbohydrates, the very food that makes you fat." Improve your heart health by lowering cholesterol, raising the good cholesterol and lowering triglycerides with The Atkins Diet. "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, in its 30th printing, has remained on the New York Times Bestseller list for over a year. His original Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution (1972) has sold in excess of 10 million copies world-wide, and has been translated into eight languages. This book is one of only two diet books listed on the Top 50 bestselling books of all time. Read a transcript with Dr. Robert C. Atkins Dr. Atkins Vita-Nutrient Solution: Nature's Answer to Drugs Dr. Robert C. Atkins NY. Simon & Schuster, 1998 With "Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution..," cadiologist and bestselling author and Power Surge guest, Robert C. Atkins, M.D., takes therapeutic and preventive nutrition to a new level, providing a comprehensive, ground-breaking guide to the stunning power of nature's own pharmacy. Atkins not only proves that vitamin and mineral supplements can be more effective and safer than drugs, but also challenges a political system that limits public access to information and confronts a drug industry that seems to have a stranglehold on medical professions. Supported by exhaustive research, with a bibliography containing over 800 references, "Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution" also shares inspiring success stories of real-life patients who overcame a myriad of illnesses from diabetes to the common cold with these nourishing compounds. Read a transcript with Dr. Robert C. Atkins Dr. Bob Arnot's Guide to Turning Back The Clock Dr. Bob Arnot Little Brown & Company, 1996 Read a transcript with Dr. Bob Arnot Dr. Bob Arnot's Revolutionary Weight Control Program Dr. Bob Arnot Little Brown & Company, 1998 Read a transcript with Dr. Bob Arnot Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss: The Visual Program for Permanent Weight Loss Dr. Howard Shapiro Warner Books, 2003 Dr. Shapiro has been featured in the New York Times, New York Daily News, New Woman and Vogue, because he has helped hundreds of celebrity, executive, and model clients successfully lose weight. In 1998, he designed a weight-loss program the New York Police Department that was so successful, he is now creating a program for the Fire Department. Read a transcript with Dr. Howard Shapiro Estrogen - The Natural Way: Over 250 Recipes Using Natural Plant Estrogens for Women Nina Shandler Villard Books, 1997 Synopsis: Women need estrogen, but it's a fact that the hormone diminishes with age. Shandler has discovered that estrogen occurs naturally in certain foods which can be used as ingredients in every kind of recipe imaginable. In "Estrogen: The Natural Way," Shandler shows how readers can do a gentle yet effective version of estrogen replacement therapy using the kitchen instead of the drugstore. Read a transcript with Nina Shandler Feed Your Body Right: Understanding Your Individual Body Chemistry for Proper Nutrition Without Guesswork Dr. Lendon H. Smith NY: M. Evans & Co, 1995 If you are overwhelmed by the toxic soup surrounding us, this book will give you the leverage you need to be well in today's dicey environment. Each of us, through a combination of genetic inheritance and personal lifestyle, has an individual body chemistry. For optimal health and well-being, that body chemistry must be kept in balance. This book teaches readers how to devise an individualized nutrition program that will work for their particular body type and metabolism. Read a transcript with Dr. Lendon Smith The Frantic Woman's Guide to Life: A Year's Worth of Hints, Tips, and Tricks Mary Jo Rulnick and Barbara Schneider Warner Books, 2004 Read a transcript with Mary Jo Rulnick and Barbara Schneider The Goddess Diet Larrian Gillespie, M.D. Healthy Life Publications, 2000 Dr. Larrian Gillespie's The Goddess Diet contains powerful information based upon the latest scientific research into the unique differences in female metabolism. You'll discover how we women can remain naturally slim, ageless and healthy by choosing foods that harmonize with our hormones. Tired of following the dietary advice for men and watching your shape change into a Buddha Belly? The Goddess Diet gives every woman the ability to maintain the vitality and shape of her youth without the need for pills or surgery by following a lifestyle uniquely designed for a woman's hormonal needs. Read a transcript with Larrian Gillespie The Hungry Self: Women, Eating and Identity Kim Chernin NY: Times Books, 1985 Kathy Smith's Fitness Makeover: A 10-Week Guide to Exercise and Nutrition That Will Change Your Life Kathy Smith, et al Warner Books, 1997 Read a transcript with Kathy Smith Kathy Smith's Getting Better All the Time Kathy Smith Warner Books, 1999 Kathy Smith's Walkfit For A Better Body Kathy Smith, Susanna Levin (Contributor) Warner Books, 1994 Read a transcript with Kathy Smith Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell: Winning Weight Control Strategies for Woman Over 35 to Stay Fit Through Menopause Debra Waterhouse Hyperion, 1999 Read a transcript with Debra Waterhouse's visit Looking Great: Fashion Authority and Television Star, Linda Dano Shares Her Style and Beauty Secrets to Help You Look Your Best Linda Dano, Anne Kyle (Contributor) Perigree, 1998 Emmy Award-winning actress, Linda Dano, talk show host, entrepreneur and published author discusses ways in which to look great as well as the impact her recent public plastic surgery (face lift) had on her life and career. Linda is also the author of the bestselling, Living Great. Read a transcript with Linda Dano McDougall Plan, The John McDougall M.D. New Win Publishing, 1985 Read a transcript with Dr. John McDougall The McDougall Program: Twelve Days To Dynamic Health John McDougall M.D. Plume, 1991 The Menopause Diet Larrian Gillespie Healthy Life Publications, 1999 In Power Surge guest, Dr. Larrian Gillespie's book, "The Menopause Diet," you will be helped in regaining the vitality and shape of your youth without the need for pills or surgery. It can prolong your life by preventing damage to your body from uncontrolled blood sugar that can lead to heart disease, strokes and cancer. The Menopause Diet is the first book to deal with the #1 complaint of women entering menopause, providing scientific proof that women must eat differently from men if they want to lose weight and keep it off. This book will explain why women may be digging their grave with their own teeth when they eat a high carbohydrate, low protein diet and how stress and lack of sleep can make you fat. Read a transcript with Larrian Gillespie Menopause: How You Can Benefit From Diet, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs... Michael Murray Prima Publishing, 1994 Moving Through Menopause: The Complete Program For Exercise, Nutrition, and Total Wellness Kathy Smith, Robert Miller NY: Warner Books, 2002 Read a transcript with Kathy Smith The Natural Estrogen Cookbook;
Healthy Recipes for Perimenopause and Menopause
Lana Liew, Linda Ojeda, Ph.D. Hunter House, 1999 Both a cookbook with over 55 soy-based recipes and a well-researched guide to women's health during this natural stage of transition, this book showshow to incorporate plant-based estrogens into the diet to reduce menopausal symptoms. 30 illustrations. Read a transcript with Linda Ojeda, Ph.D. Perimenopause the Natural Way Deborah Gordon, M.D., A leading physician who combines traditional and alternative medicine in her own practice explains what women can do to feel their best during the years leading up to menopause Read a transcript with Deborah Gordon, M.D. Menopause The Natural Way: The Women's Natural Health Series Deborah Gordon, M.D., co-authored by Molly Siple, this book explains what women can do to feel their best during this transitional time. In the tradition of Christiane Northrup's bestselling book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, this book weaves together user-friendly strategies to help women heal the symptoms of menopause and lead a healthier, happier life. Read a transcript with Dr. Deborah Gordon Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell: The First Weight-Control Program Designed Specifically for Women Debra Waterhouse Warner Books, 1999 Read a transcript with Debra Waterhouse Outsmarting the Midlife Fat Cell:
Winning Weight Control Strategies for Women over 35 to Stay Fit Through Menopause
Debra Waterhouse Hyperion, Updated 1999 Read a transcript with Debra Waterhouse

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Real Fitness for Real Women Rochelle Rice, Kathy Silburger (Contributor) Warner Books, 2001 "Women don't have to be thin to be fit," writes Rochelle Rice. Fitness is not about weight, but about the body, mind, and spirit. Her exercise program, designed for the physical and psychological needs of plus-size women, aims to empower women to get active and reclaim the joy of movement. Real Fitness for Real Women emphasizes exercising for the health and psychological benefits--and the pleasure of it!--rather than for weight loss. Most exercise books, videos, and gyms, frankly, are demoralizing for large-size women. They usually emphasize the goal of slimness, with impossibly slender women demonstrating exercise routines that would be uncomfortable, even risky, for large women. Rice, instead, studied the biomechanics of large women and developed a six-week, 25-exercise program based on their particular needs. Read a transcript with Rochelle Rice Recipes For Change: Gourmet Wholefood. Cooking For Health and Vitality at Menopause Lissa De Angelis & Molly Siple NY: Dutton, 1996 For women in menopause, this Power Surge guest shares a life-changing way to cook and a cutting-edge way to treat the effects of menopause-- without hormone replacement therapy--from a natural-food gourmet chef and a specialist in nutrition for women. Read a transcript with Lissa De Angelis Runaway Eating: The 8-Point Plan to Conquer Adult Food and Weight Obsessions Cynthia Bulik, Ph.D. and Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D NY: Rodale Books, 2005 The first book to address a disturbing new trend: dangerous eating patterns in midlife women that can have serious health consequences. Struggling to cope with the stress of menopause, empty nest syndrome, caring for ailing parents, work overload, and the cultural emphasis on youth and beauty, more and more women find themselves eating compulsively to ease tension, manage anxiety, quell depression, and distract themselves from what's really eating them. Others obsessively follow strict diets or exercise excessively. In this groundbreaking book, clinical psychologist Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D., and dietitian Nadine Taylor team up to present a patient-tested 8-step program to help women regain a healthy relationship with food. Read a transcript with Dr. Cynthia Bulik Sleep and Relaxation: A Natural and Herbal Approach Barbara L. Heller, M.S.W. Storey Books, 1999 Read a transcript with Barbara L. Heller Super Nutrition For Women:
A Food-Wise Guide for Health, Beauth, Energy, and Immunity
Ann Louise Gittleman NY: Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub, 1991 Read a transcript with Ann Louise Gittleman Super Nutrition For Women:
A Food-Wise Guide for Health, Beauty, Energy, and Immunity
Denise Lamothe, Psy.D., H.H.D. NY: Penguin Books, 2002 Dr. Denise Lamothe is a licensed psychologist and a doctor of holistic health. In her practice, she combines traditional and alternative methods to work "holistically" - - that is, with each client's physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. The author of The Taming Of The Chew: A Holistic Guide To Stopping Compulsive Eating, Dr. Lamothe has helped people with compulsive eating behaviors. Dr. Lamothe presents a complete program to combat overeating, showing compulsive eaters how to take control of their dependence on and obsession with food. Lamothe targets the enemy of "the Chew," which she describes as the "hurtful, persistent, out-of-control part of each of us." The Chew is what keeps overeaters from sticking to a dietary plan and can compel them to go on eating binges. Fabulous book! Read a transcript with Dr. Denise Lamothe Virtues of Soy: A Practical Health Guide and Cookbook Monique Gilbert Read a transcript with Monique Gilbert Whole Soy Cookbook, The Patricia Greenberg, Helen Newton Hartung NY: Random House, 1998 175 delicious, nutritious, easy-to-prepare Recipes featuring tofu, tempeh, and various forms of nature's healthiest Bean. Medical research has confirmed that soy can lower cholesterol, slow bone loss, fight both heart disease and cancer, and moderate symptoms of menopause. This collection of 175 recipes shows delicious ways to incorporate soy into the diet. 10 line drawings With A Little Help From The Soybean Julia Elliott, 1997 Power Surge guest, Julia Elliott, one of Power Surge's essential soy sources, provides these comments about her book, "This book was born out of the need to find a way to eat soyfoods that didn't contain the proccessing and preserving elements. Some of the valuable compounds, such as genestein, may be lost in during those procedures, according to some scientists. I wanted to keep the soybean in its purest untouched form, but after a while my taste buds lost interest. This book contains almost 50 pages of recipes that you are probably already preparing, you just make them healthier by modifying them with the soybean. You don't have to buy special foods or meals, just use the meals that you have already been serving. You will probably find many of them in this book, like soups, dips, 3 bean salad, lasagna, swedish meatballs, and even carrot cake. There is also 14 pages giving you an update on all of the areas of health that soy may affect."
Read a transcript with Julia Elliott Women, Weight and Hormones: Patricia Greenberg, Helen Newton Hartung NY: Random House, 1998 175 delicious, nutritious, easy-to-prepare Recipes featuring tofu, tempeh, and various forms of nature's healthiest Bean. Medical research has confirmed that soy can lower cholesterol, slow bone loss, fight both heart disease and cancer, and moderate symptoms of menopause. This collection of 175 recipes shows delicious ways to incorporate soy into the diet. 10 line drawings Yoga Journal's Yoga Basics Mara Carrico Henry Holt, 1997 Read a transcript with Mara Carrico

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50 Ways To Find A Lover; Proven Techniques for Finding Someone Special Sharyn Wolf, C.S.W. and Katy Koontz Adams Media Corporation, 1996 Read a transcript with Sharyn Wolf Extraordinary Sex Now: A Couple's Guide to Intimacy Dr. Sandra Scantling Read a transcript with Dr. Sandra Scantling Getting to Commitment Steven Carter and Julia Sokol M. Evans and Company, Inc, 2000 Getting to Commitment offers understanding inspiration and a concrete plan of action for any woman, man, or couple who is ready to tackle the eight most destructive demons that make people run from loving relationships. Read a transcript with Steven Carter Guerrilla Dating Tactics: Strategies, Tips and Secrets for Finding Romance Sharyn Wolf, C.S.W. Plume, 1994 Since 1985, Wolf has been honing her tried-and-true techniques in enormously successful workshops like "50 Ways to Find a Lover." Here she puts her entire arsenal at readers' fingertips with a guide that tells all the ins, outs, and in-betweens of dating and relationships. Read a transcript with Sharyn Wolf The Healing Power of Sex Judith Sachs Prentice Hall Direct, 1994 This book shows readers how to have a healthy, fulfilling sex life and illuminates the power that sex has to "heal" a wide range of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual ills. Read a transcript with Judith Sachs He's Scared, She's Scared: Understanding the Hidden Fears That Sabotage Your Relationships Steven Carter and Julia Sokol Mjf Books, 2000 Read a transcript with Steven Carter The Hormone Of Desire: The Truth About Sexuality, Menopause and Testosterone Susan Rako, M.D. Reprint edition (March 1999), Three Rivers Press Dr. Susan Rako has brought her groundbreaking message about the miraculous benefits of testosterone--the female hormone--to women and physicians around the world via Oprah!, Dateline NBC, the New York Times, the Congress on Women's Health, and the Today show, among others. Millions of women experience a traumatic loss of sexual desire during menopause. Although estrogen and progesterone alleviate many of the effects of menopause, they cannot address flagging sexual desire. In this ground breaking book, frequent Power Surge guest psychiatrist/author and lecturer, Susan Rako, draws on her 25 years as a psychiatrist, her research, and her personal experience with testosterone therapy to suggest the prudent use of this hormone for certain women who need its effects on energy and sexuality. Read a transcript with Susan Rako, M.D.">Susan Rako How to Stay Lovers for Life: Discover a Marriage Counselor's Tricks of the Trade Sharyn Wolf, C.S.W. Penguin USA , 1998 Read a transcript with Sharyn Wolf Making Love the Way We Used to...or Better: Secrets to Satisfying Midlife Sexuality Alan M. Altman M.D., Laurie Ashner NTC/Contemporary Publishing, 2001 Read a transcript with Dr. Alan Altman Men Like Women Who Like Themselves: (And Other Secrets That the Smartest Women Know) Steven Carter and Julia Sokol DTP, 1997 A witty, wise, concise guide to finding, keeping, and enhancing any romantic relationship--written by the bestselling authors of Men Who Can't Love and What Smart Women Know--this treasure trove of wisdom and advice for today's woman is based on the simple but powerful notion that a lasting relationship means putting oneself first. Read a transcript with Steven Carter Men Who Can't Love: How to Recognize a Commitmentphobic Man Before He Breaks Your Heart Steven Carter and Julia Sokol Berkley Publishing Group, 2000 Featured on Oprah and Sally Jesse Raphael, this definitive look at the dynamics of male-female communication gets to the heart of the all-too-common phenomenon: women who are ready and willing to commit, and men who back off just as the relationship moves toward the next level. Read a transcript with Steven Carter Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex: Every Woman's Guide to Pleasure and Beyond Dr. Sandra Scantling, Sue Browder Plume, 1994 Noted sex therapist Sandra Scantling shows how any woman can tap her latent sexual energy to enjoy ever-richer levels of sexual fulfillment. Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex focuses on identifying barriers to pleasure and expanding a woman's capacity for sexual enjoyment. Read a transcript with Sandra Scantling Our Love Is Too Good to Feel So Bad: The 10 Prescriptions to Heal Your Relationship Mira Kirshenbaum Avon Books, 1999 What turns a happy, healthy relationship into a pairing full of boredom or even anger and hostility? Couples therapist Kirshenbaum, author of the bestselling Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay, has identified 10 "love killers" that cause people to lose the good feelings that brought them together in the first place. "Think of a love killer as the equivalent of a ... condition like pneumonia," she writes. "If properly treated, it can easily and reliably be cured." Read a transcript with Mira Kirshenbaum Perfectly Normal: Living and Loving with Low Libido Sandra Pertot, PH.D. Rodale Books, 2005 Dr. Pertot examines what constitutes "good sex" and explores ways to resolve the problem when a couple's needs and wants don't match- without either partner being made to feel inadequate or abnormal. It makes no sense, Dr. Pertot insists, to label low libido as sexual dysfunction when the numbers suggest it is "perfectly normal." Her provocative book points the way to a new view of relationship sex, and new hope for couples to stop berating themselves and each other for what they don't have-and derive maximum pleasure out of intimacy. Read a transcript with Dr. Sandra Pertot The Power of Empathy Arthur Ciaramicoli, Ed.D., Ph.D. and Katherine Ketcham Plume, 2001 Read a transcript with Arthur Ciaramicoli's visit Recipes for Hot Sex The book for a spicy sex life ... Just Add Love Dr. Joan Irvine and Jeanne Ernst Lion's Head Publishing, 1998 Read a transcript with Joan Irvine's visit So You Want to Get Married: Guerrilla Tactics for Turning a Date into a Mate Sharyn Wolf, C.S.W. Plume, 1999 Read a transcript with Sharyn Wolf Staying Connected While Letting Go: The Paradox of Alzheimer's Caregiving Sandy Braff, M.A., M.F.T M Evans & Co, 2003 Read a transcript with Sandy Braff, M.A., M.F.T. The Thin Commandments Diet: The 10 No-Fail Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss Stephen Gullo, Ph.D. Rodale Books, 2005) "His patients succeed without drugs, diet shakes, frozen dinners, or surgery... Many patients who consulted him more than a decade ago say that their weight loss has been permanent..." -Self magazine Read a transcript with Stephen Gullo, Ph.D. Thin Tastes Better Stephen Gullo, Ph.D. Dell, 1998 Dr. Stephen Gullo, one of America's most well known diet gurus, shares his new and ground-breaking model for weight control and his dramatically effective Anti-Deprivation Diet. Advice that clients pay thousands of dollars for is offered here. Read a transcript with Stephen Gullo, Ph.D. This Is How Love Works: 9 Essential Secrets You Need to Know Steven Carter M. Evans and Company, Inc, 2001 Read a transcript with Steven Carter Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-By-Step Guide to Helping You Decide Whether to Stay in or Get Out of Your Relationship Mira Kirshenbaum Plume, 1997 Read a transcript with Mira Kirshenbaum What Smart Women Know Steven Carter and Julia Sokol M. Evans and Company, Inc, 2000
Read a transcript with Steven Carter

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Four Pioneers Explore the Healing Power of Music (4 CD set). Dr. Jeffrey Thompson NY: The Relaxation Company, 1995 All About the Menopause and Its Treatment Without Drugs David Potterton Foulsham & Co Ltd., 1996 Alternative Health Care for Women: A Woman's Guide to Self-Help Treatments and Natural Therapies Patsy Westcott VT: Thorsons, 1987 Arthritis: The Doctors' Cure Michael Loes(Editor), et al 1998 Many arthritis sufferers are not aware that a regime of natural therapies can greatly reduce arthritis pain. In this book the authors explain how diet, exercise, lifestyle modification, and glucosamine sulfate can both relieve pain and rebuild damaged joints with no adverse side effects. The Breast Cancer Prevention Program Samuel S., Md. Epstein, David Steinman, et al DG Books Worldwide, 1997 Breast cancer rates continue to climb, with this disease striking more women every year, and yet information about known risks and prevention strategies is not reaching you. The cancer establishment has a vested interest in keeping you focused on early detection, treatment and basic genetic research, rather than on reducing the risks for developing the disease in the first place. Breast cancer is not a random killer. There are many simple straight-forward ways women can help protect themselves against it. Supported by a wealth of scientifically documented, medically sound information, this ground-- breaking book outlines the unpublished "Dirty Dozen" risk for breast cancer and describes in detail the ways ou can avoid them. Read a transcript with David Steinman Breezing Through the Change : Managing Menopause Naturally Ellen H. Brown, Lynne P. Walker, Lynn Walker CA: North Atlantic Books, 1994 Walker and Brown investigate the widespread problems--such as endometrial and breast cancers--that are associated with hormone replacement therapy, and offer safe and natural alternatives for women going through "the change." Appendix lists products and where to purchase them. Dr. Atkin's Health Revolution: How Complementary Medicine Can Extend Your Life Robert Atkins, M.D. Bantam Books, NY, 1990 An excellent book with endless nutritional recommendations including various modalities and protocols to follow for specific conditions and illnesses. This book calls for dramatic changes in the way medicine is practiced in America and reveals Dr. Atkins' resources of a "new medicine" that is working for patients today. A safe, comprehensive guide to health, fully documented with case studies. Read a transcript with Dr. Robert Atkins Dr. Bob Arnot's Breast Cancer Prevention Book Dr. Bob Arnot Little Brown & Company, 1998 Read a transcript with Dr. Bob Arnot Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine Michael Murray N.D. and Joseph Pizzorno N.D. CA: Prima Publishing, 1991 Gynecology and Naturopathic Medicine A Treatment Manual, 2nd ed. Tori Hudson OR: TK Publications, 1992 A Handbook of Traditional Chinese Gynecology: A Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Medicine for the Treatment of Gynecological Disorders Bob Flaws, ed. CO: Blue Poppy Press, 1987 Healing Power of Herbs Michael Murray N.D. CA: Prima Publishing, 1995 In this up-to-date and carefully researched book on botanical medicine, Dr. Murray brings you the latest scientific findings about the power and efficacy of medicinal herbs. The Herbal Menopause Book Amanda McQuade Crawford CA: Crossing Press, 1996 Midwest Book Review: Any interested in holistic applications to common problems will welcome this herbal guide for women entering menopause. Natural treatments for related problems from depression and fibroids to hot flashes and osteoporosis are covered in clear chapters which have been thoroughly researched to provide the latest insights. Keep Your Breasts: Preventing Breast Cancer the Natural Way Susan Moss RE:Source Publications, 1998 Read a transcript with Susan Moss Living Healthy in a Toxic World: Simple Steps to Protect You and Your Family From Everyday Chemicals, Poisons, and Pollution David Steinman, et al Perigee, 1996 Toxic chemicals accumulate in our bodies every day--resulting in immune deficiency, lowered mental performance, and life-threatening cancer. Written in an engaging, accesible style, this book, by the authors of Diet for a Poisoned Planet, provides bold, immediate strategies for reducing the danger to one's health. "Living Healthy in a Toxic World" is an accessible guide to human health shares a collection of strategies for reducing toxins in one's life, offering advice on hazardous products, chemical-free housekeeping, making one's home toxin-free, avoiding chemicals in cosmetics, and more. Read a transcript with David Steinman Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way Susun Weed NY: Ash Tree Publishing, 1992 A Power Surge guest, Susun Weed provides a plethora of information about utilizing natural resources, such as herbs, infusions, plants, etc., to treat menopausal symptoms. Read a transcript with Susan Weed

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Menopause - A Second Spring : Making a Smooth Transition with Traditional Chinese Medicine Honora Lee Wolfe CO: Blue Poppy Press, 1992 Menopause, Naturally : Preparing for the Second Half of Life. (rev.ed.) Sadja Greenwood, M.D. CA: Volcano Press, 1994 Often cited as the first book written by a physician to treat menopause as a natural event, this book suggests medical intervention only when the woman herself decides that it is needed. Menopause Without Medicine : Feel Healthy, Look Younger, Live Longer (rev. ed.) Linda Ojeda, PhD. CA: Hunter House, 1995 Written by a psychologist, expert in the area of nutrition, Power Surge guest, Linda Ojeda, is one of the pioneers of the nutritional approach to PMS and other menstrual and menopausal disorders -- this book explores how simple changes in diet and lifestyle can work wonders for women and their changing bodies. Excellent reading and highly recommended for women seeking natural ways to treat menopause and life in general. Read a transcript with Linda Ojeda Migraine: 50 Essential Things To Do Charlotte Libov Plume, 1998 Read a transcript with Charlotte Libov Natural Healing in Gynecology: A Manual for Women Rina Nissim London: Pandora Press, 1986 Nature's Ultimate Anti-Cancer Pill: The IP-6 with Inositol Question and Answer Book L. Stephen Coles M.D. PhD., David Steinman Freedom Press, 1999 The most important health book of the decade. Now learn how to use the most powerful natural anti-cancer pill ever known to reduce your personal risk for virtually all cancers -- and in its therapeutic treatment. This is the book that one in two Americans will someday need to treat their own cancer. This is the safe, anti-cancer pill that every American should be taking. Read a transcript with David Steinman Prescription for Nutritional Healing James and Phyllis Balch NY: The Avery Publishing Group Inc., 1990 Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis : Every Woman's Essential Guide Alan R. Gaby, M.D. CA: Prima Publishing, 1994 A recognized authority in holistic or "natural medicine," the author offers approaches to create healthy bones through nutrition, as well as to give potential help to those who already have osteoporosis. The Safe Shopper's Bible: A Consumer's Guide to Nontoxic Household Products, Cosmetics, and Food David Steinman, Samuel S. Epstein (Contributor) MacMillan Reference Books, 1995 Many items you buy every day contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulty, dizziness, cancer, birth defects, and other problems. Which products are safe and which may be harmful? Here, at last, is a comprehensive guide by one of the country's most dedicated health consumer advocates and journalists, David Steinman, to answer all your questions about thousands of brand-name household products, personal care products, foods and beverages. More excellent information on his Healthy Living at Freedom Press Online.com Web site. Read a transcript with David Steinman Sleep and Relaxation: A Natural and Herbal Approach Barbara L. Heller, M.S.W. Storey Books, 1999 Read a transcript with Barbara Heller What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Autoimmune Disorders: The Revolutionary Drug-free Treatments for Thyroid Disease, Lupus, MS, IBD, Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Other Diseases Stephen Edelson, M.D. Warner Books, 2003 Autoimmune disorders are not well understood and therefore difficult to treat. Dr. Edelson discusses the most common types of autoimmune diseases, including lupus, Chron's disease, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome, outlining their symptoms, causes, and risk factors. Read a transcript with Stephen Edelson, M.D. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Osteoporosis: Help Prevent--and Even Reverse-- the Disease That Burdens Millions of Women Felicia Cosman, M.D. Warner Books, 2003 The clinical director of the National Osteoporosis Foundation introduces a comprehensive program for preventing and treating osteoporosis and bone loss. This breakthrough approach presents women of all ages with new, safe, and accessible means of preventing osteoporosis. Read a transcript with Felicia Cosman, M.D. Without Estrogen: Natural Remedies For Menopause and Beyond Dee Ito NY: Carole Southern Books, 1994 Power Surge guest, Dee Ito, who was one of the women who decided she did not want to be dependent on a chemically synthesized substance. She spent three years researching her options and reports her fascinating, helpful and very specific findings in "Without Estrogen," the first comprehensive, in-depth book on how menopausal symptoms can be effectively managed without drugs. This book offers a self-help approach to alternative herapies for women who can't or choose not to rely on HRT. Read a transcript with Dee Ito's visit
Endometriosis Julia Older NY: Charles Schribners, 1984 Endometriosis Emery A. Wilson ed. Liss, 1987 The Endometriosis Sourcebook Mary Lou Ballweg IL: Contemporary Books, 1995 Written by the founder of the Endometriosis Association, this book is an excellent resource about this disease -- which may be worsened by post menopausal estrogen therapy. Fibroid Tumors and Endometriosis: A Self Help Program Susan M. Lark, M.D. CA: Westchester Publishing Company, 1993 Read a transcript with Dr. Susan Lark Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis: Every Woman's Essential Guide Alan R. Gaby, M.D. CA: Prima Publishing, 1994 A recognized authority in holistic or "natural medicine," the author offers approaches to create healthy bones through nutrition, as well as to give potential help to those who already have osteoporosis. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibroids: New Techniques and Therapies--Including Breakthrough Alternatives to Hysterectomy Michael S. Broder, M.D., M.S.H.S. and Scott C. Goodwin Warner Books, 2003 Two fibroid experts reveal the little-known facts about preventing and treating fibroid tumors--without surgery. Fibroid tumors are the leading reason why more than 500,000 American women have hysterectomies each year. Fibroids are benign tumors that arise from the smooth muscle layer of the uterus. As they grow larger, they can put pressure on neighboring organs and tissues, causing pain, bleeding, and fertility problems in many women. Unfortunately, many women are not informed of their full treatment options by their physicians. At last, leading experts in the field explain preventive strategies and treatment choices. This book takes readers step-by- step, detailing what every woman needs to know and describing up-to- date medical treatment options, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Read a transcript with Michael S. Broder, M.D., M.S.H.S. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Osteoporosis: Help Prevent--and Even Reverse--the Disease That Burdens Millions of Women Felicia Cosman, M.D. Warner Books, 2003 Armed with the latest research, renowned specialist Dr. Felicia Cosman brings an important new perspective on this disease-and offers a balanced program for preventing and slowing bone loss. Learn more about Bone Density Testing; Medical Therapy for Pre-Menopausal Women; Estrogen and HRT Therapy; Tamoxifen and Raloxifene and the new bone-building drug Forteo. Read a transcript with Felicia Cosman, M.D.

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8 Steps To A Healthy Heart R. Kowalski NY: Warner, 1992 Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease Dean Ornish NY: Ballantine, 1990 The Female Heart: The Truth About Women & Coronary Heart Disease M. Legato and C. Colman NY: Simon and Schuster, 1992 The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart John McDougall M.D. G K Hall & Company, 1997 Read a transcript with Dr. John McDougall Menopause and the Heart Manual Neves-E-Castro(Editor), et al. Parthenon Press, 1999 High-level, up-to-date, and technically detailed clinical reference text on using hormone replacement therapy in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in menopausal women. What Every Woman Must Know About Heart Disease Siegfried J. Kra, M.D. NY: Warner Books, 1996 Harvard professor, cardiologist and Power Surge guest, Dr. Kra provides exemplary information for women about heart disease, and how hormone therapy can prevent its development during and after menopause. What To Do If Things Go Wrong: 50 Essential Things To Do When the Doctor Says It's Heart Disease Charlotte Libov NY: Plume Medical journalist, Power Surge guest and friend, Charlotte Libov, provides excellent information for how to cope with heart issues, the number one cause of death in women. Read a transcript with Charlotte Libov What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypertension: The Revolutionary Nutrition and Lifestyle Program to Help Fight High Blood Pressure Mark Houston, M.D, Barry Fox, Nadine Taylor Warner Books, 2003 A revolutionary, all- natural treatment program for reversing the "silent killer" affecting more than 50 million Americans.Hypertension is a dangerous and deadly disease. Readers will learn about Dr. Houston's own successful all-natural formula, which attacks hypertension from many angles. When used in conjunction with dietary approaches--also outlined in the book-- and combined with exercise, stress reduction, and medication, this program has resulted in success for 90% of Dr. Houston's patients! Read a transcript with Mark Houston, M.D The Woman's Heart Book: The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Heart Healthy and What to Do If Things Go Wrong Frederic J. Pashkow, M.D., and Charlotte Libov NY: Plume, 1994 Read a transcript with Charlotte Libov Women And Heart Disease E. Diethrich and C. Cohan NY: Times Books, 1992 The Women's Heart Book Fredric J. Pashkow, Charlotte Libov Hyperion, Updated edition, February 28, 2001 Stress, Diet & Your Heart Dean Ornish NY: Signet, 1982

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The Castrated Woman: What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Hysterectomy Naomi Miller Stokes NY: Franklin Watts, 1986 How to Avoid a Hysterectomy: An Indispensable Guide to Exploring All Your Options-- Before You Consent to a Hysterectomy Lynn Payer NY: Pantheon, 1987 A short, well-written guide to exploring all options before consenting to an hysterectomy. Hysterectomy-Before and After Winnifred B. Cutler, Ph.D. NY: Harper & Row, 1988 Based on her review of over 3500 studies and her own research, the author explains every aspect of hysterectomy in clear, understandable language. The Hysterectomy Hoax Stanley West, M.D., with Paula Dranov NY: Doubleday, 1994 A reproductive endocrinologist reviews the reasons why a hysterectomy may be indicated and provides alternatives for 90% of cases. Special attention is paid to myomectomy, a surgical procedure which can remove fibroid tumors - the leading rationale for hysterectomy, that allows a woman to keep her uterus. Misinformed Consent: Women's Stories About Unnecessary Hysterectomy Lise Cloutier-Steele NJ: Next Decade Inc; Revised edition edition (February 2003) Lise Cloutier-Steele has joined other survivors to speak out about the prejudices and the traumas that accompanied their hysterectomies. In combining their moving personal stories, the women of Misinformed Consent hope to enlighten readers with honest accounts on the impact that surgical castration can have on a woman’s sexuality, dispel the myth that all women feel wonderful after a hysterectomy and/or oophorectomy, provide information on alternative treatments, warn others against the potential dangers of hormone replacement therapy, offer validation to those who suffer greatly from the aftereffects of hysterectomy and oophorectomy, and empower women everywhere to demand better and more honest care. Read a transcript with Lise Cloutier-Steele

No More Hysterectomies Vicki Hufnagel, M.D. NY: Plume, 1989 Your Guide To Hysterectomy, Ovary Removal & Hormone Replacement: What All Women Need To Know Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., M.A. NY: New Voice Publications, 2001 The result of sixteen years of research. With over 1,000 medical journal citations, this book dramatically illulstrates why the preservation of women's reproductive organs is critical for the maintenance of life-long vibrant health. It contains comprehensive information on hormone replacement therapy, providing clear answers for women regarding the great HRT controversy that is currently hitting the medical community. Read a transcript with Elizabeth Plourde

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Cystitis: A New Approach to Overcoming Your Discomfort Caroline Shreeve VT: Thorsons, 1987 Cystitis: The Complete Self-Help Guide Angela Kilmartin NY: Warner Books, 1980 Staying Dry: A Practical Guide to Bladder Control Kathryn L. Burgio, PhD; K. Lynette Pearce, RN, CRNP; and Angelo J. Lucco, M.D. MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989 Highly acclaimed, this little book offers help to the millions of adults who suffer from urinary incontinence -- the involuntary passing of urine. You Don't Have to Live With Cystitis Larrian Gillespie Avon, 1996 A groundbreaking guide that guides a woman through the important research and latest treatment information on the stubborn but treatable problem of cystitis. Read a transcript with Larrian Gillespie

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How to Sleep Soundly Tonight Barbara L. Heller, M.S.W. Storey Books, 2001 Readers will learn how to relax with deep breathing, meditation, nutrition, exercise, visualizations, and other calming techniques. This handy reference also offers a resource list of organizations and products. Read a transcript with Barbara Heller No More Sleepless Nights Peter Hauri, PhD, and Shirley Linde, PhD. NY: John Wiley & Sons, 1991 A clear and well-organized picture of sleeplessness and its causes -- from the director of the Mayo Clinic Research Treatment Program. Sleep Well, Sleep Deep: How Sleeping Well Can Change Your Life Dr Alex Lukeman, P.H.D. M Evans & Company, 1999 Read a transcript with Dr. Alex Lukeman
Beyond Prozac: Brain-Toxic Lifestyles, Natural Antidotes & New Generation Antidepressants Michael J. Norden, M.D. NY: Harper-Collins, 1995 The drug Prozac, while useful for millions, supplements a process that occurs naturally in all humans. In this book, Norden, a pioneer in developing applications for Prozac, looks at natural processes to supplement or replace the drug in the treatment of depression. By allowing for our natural cycles and mental needs, we may be able to increase our mental health naturally. The author also looks into other new antidepressants which may offer advantages over Prozac in the treatment of depression. Listening to Prozac
Peter D. Kramer NY: Penguin USA, 1994 A psychiatrist who has worked with psychotherapeutic drugs for over 15 years examines the implications of chemical modification on intelligence and personality by Prozac--one of the most widely prescribed drugs for the mind. "A fascinating, well-crafted . . . contribution to our understanding of personality."--The New York Observer. Making the Prozac Decision : A Guide to Antidepressants Carol Ann Turkington , Eliot F. Kaplan Lowell House, 1995 Read a transcript with Carol Ann Turkington The Natural Pharmacist: Everything You Need to Know About Menopause Joanne Marie Snow Prima Publishing, 1999 Nature's Prozac Judith Sachs Prentice-Hall, 1997 If you've been searching for natural alternatives to costly prescription drugs such as Prozac, Valium and Xanax -- as well as their powerful side effects -- here is your definitive guide to achieving peak mental and emotional health with nature's medicines. "Nature's Prozac" should be used as a textbook for medical students whether allopathic, naturopathic, or chiropractic. It has clear descriptions of how homeopathy works, what herbs can be used, what aromatherapy is, when to get with AA, and how to find support groups. " Dr. Lendon Smith Read a transcript with Judith Sachs Prozac and the New Antidepressants : What You Need To KnowAbout Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Serzone, Luvox and More William S. Appleton NY: Plume, 1997 Talking Back to Prozac Peter R. Breggin NY: St. Martins Mass Market Paper, 1995 Are you one of the thousands of Americans "listening to Prozac"? Chances are you at least know someone who is. It's time to take a closer look at this supposedly quot;safe" drug. Peter Breggin picks through the studies used to justify Prozac's safety, often uncovering flaws and shoddy science. He details the FDA approval process, including who on the panel was paid by whom. The key players and the details will surprise you. The Women's Pharmacy: An Essential Guide to What Women Should Know About Prescription Drugs Julie Catalano and Robert L. Rowan Dell Books, 2000 This authoritative guide provides an essential list of the drugs used exclusively by women--fertility drugs, contraceptives, breast cancer drugs, estrogens--plus drugs for cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other health problems that affect women in greater numbers than men. Read a transcript with Julie Catalano

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The Boston Women's Health Book Collective: The New Our Bodies, Ourselves: a book by and for women
Updated and expanded NY: Simon & Schuster, 1992 Dr. Susan Lark's Premenstrual Syndrome Self-Help Book:A Woman's Guide to Feeling Good All Month Susan M. Lark CA: Forman Publishers, 1984 Excellent primer for women with PMS by a medical doctor, prolific author of women's health books and a professor at Stanford University. Dr. Lark will be a guest in Power Surge in October, 1998 Read a transcript with Dr. Susan M. Lark

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Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book Susan M. Love, M.D NY: Addison Wesley, 1995 Written by renowned breast surgeon, Susan Love, this book is considered by many to be the most comprehensive consumer book about breast health. The New York Times referred to Dr. Love's book as "The Bible." Dr. Love has been a frequent visitor to Power Surge. Read a transcript with Susan Love

Niels H. Lauersen NY: Playboy Paperbacks, 1993 Listen to Your Body : A Gynecologist Answers Women's Most Intimate Questions Niels H. Lauersen NY: Simon and Schuster, 1982 Menstrual Cramps: A Self-Help Program Susan M. Lark CA: Westchester Publishing Co., 1993 Another in the series of "self-help" books by Dr. Susan Lark. Easily readable and excellent information about menstruation. Read a transcript with Dr. Susan Lark The V Book: Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health Elizabeth Gunther Stewart, M.D. and Paula Spencer NY: Bantam Books, 2002 An excellently written and comprehensive book covering every aspect of vulvo-vaginal health and disease. Every year there are over 10 million doctor's office visits for complaints involving the vaginal area --unusual discharge, constant itching, yeast and other infections, dryness and pain with sexual activity and serious disorders. Too often, they merely walk away from their physicians' offices with tubes of cream or antibiotic pills and sometimes without a clear diagnosis. "Vagina is hardly a household word," writes Dr. Stewart, a veteran gynecologist who operates a renowned "vulvar specialty" service in Boston. "Vulva and clitoris might as well belong to another language. They are blushers, vaguely subversive, not ready for prime time." Covering everything from pap tests to pain, vibrators to the existence of the G spot to ranges of absorbency (in grams) in tampons, it explores the basics of "V-Health." Written because "so many women are unfamiliar with their bodies," the book's comprehensive content separates truth from popular belief about yeast infections (they are harder to diagnose and self-treat than women have been led to believe), discusses the leading cause of vaginal complaints (bacterial vaginosis), and what foods to avoid with a bladder inflammation (spicy, chocolate, citrus fruits and sour cream among them). The book provides a detailed road map to the external genitalia, a tour through the passageway of the vagina (a "design marvel"), and addresses questions like, "What should you do if a tampon or condom gets `lost' inside you?" ("Don't panic, nothing's ever gotten lost in the vagina"); "Do women ejaculate?" ("Amazingly, no one's sure"); and "Should I dye pubic hair?" ("I'd really rather you didn't"). Read a transcript with Dr. Elizabeth Stewart A Woman's Guide to Yeast Infections Naomi Baumslag NY: Pocket Books, 1992 Women and the Crisis in Sex Hormones Barbara Seaman NY: Rawson Associates, 1983 Women and Doctors: A Physician's Explosive Account of Women's Medical Treatment and Mistreatment in America Today and What You Can Do About It John M. Smith NY: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1992

The Insider's Guide To HMO's: How To Navigate The Managed-Care System and Get The Health Care You Deserve
Alan Steinberg, M.D. NY: Plume, 1997 Health maintenance organizations, better known as HMOs, are rapidly becoming the predominant form of health care in this country. What with 74 million people having HMO's as their form of health insurance at the end of 1997, experts predict that number will double by the year 2002. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding HMOs and their profit driven policies. Dr. Alan J. Steinberg arms us with knowledge in this groundbreaking book by showing us that it's possible to make the HMO system work for us. "The Insider's Guide To HMOs" provides the crucial information we all need to make better informed decisions about health care. Utilizing case studies from years of experience and hundreds of interviews with doctors and patients, Dr. Steinberg illustrates the basic concept about HMO's and a behind-the-scenes view of how medicine is practiced and how medical decisions are made. He provides many specific suggestions about obtaining the best possible health care from our HMOs. Read a transcript with Dr. Alan Steinberg Saving The Soul of Medicine Margaret A. Mahony M.D. A gynecologist experienced in managed care and fee-for-service practice provides a timely collection of stories from Dr. Mahony's women patients regarding their experiences with managed health care. It is clear from reading the book that the system is dysfunctional and that it needs to change. Read a transcript with Dr. Margaret A. Mahony
8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life Victor N. Davich Perigee Books, 2004 Read a transcript with Victor Davich 60 Ways to Relieve Stress in 60 Seconds Manning Rubin, Paul Frahm (Illustrator) Workman Pub Co., 1993 365 Ways To Relax Mind, Body and Soul Barbara Heller, M.S.W. Read a transcript with Barbara Heller The Best Guide to Meditation Victor N. Davich Renaissance Books, 1998 Read a transcript with Victor Davich The Big Book of Relaxation: Simple Techniques to Control the Excess Stress in Your Life Larry Blumenfield (Editor) NY: Relaxation Co., 1994 Creative Stress Management Book: The 1-2-3 Cope System Jonathan C. Smith NY: Prentice Hall, 1992 Healing Mind, Healthy Woman:
Using the Mind-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life
Alice Domar, Ph.D Read a transcript with Dr. Alice Domar Herbal Guide to Stress Relief David Hoffmann Inner Traditions International Ltd., 1991 How to Calm Down: Three Deep Breaths to Peace of Mind Fred L. Miller Warner Books, 2003 Fred L. Miller offers readers new ways to take the pressure off. From remembering to breathe-the often forgotten but essential step to keeping cool-to remaining in the moment rather than reliving past frustrations, HOW TO CALM DOWN will help readers avoid burnout, achieve a calm focus, and, most importantly, maintain it. Read a transcript with Fred L. Miller The Joy of Meditating: A Beginner's Guide to the Art of Meditation Salle Merrill Redfield, James Redfield (Introduction) NY: Warner Books, 1995 Overcoming Anxiety Without Tranquilizers: A Groundbreaking Program for Treating Chronic Anxiety Edward H. Drummond, M.D NY: Dutton Books, 1997 In this shattering indictment of conventional practice, a leading psychiatrist and Power Surge guest argues that commonly prescribed drugs only aggravate the very condition they are supposed to "cure" -- and offers alternatives. Power Over Panic: Freedom From Panic/Anxiety Related Disorders. (2nd Edition) Bronwyn Fox Australia, Alpha Books, 2001 Bronwyn Fox suffered with panic disorder/Agoraphobia for four years. Through her own research, she developed techniques that led to her own cure 11 years ago and went on to become a major force in educating the Australian mental health system to better recognize and treat anxiety disorders. She co-founded and became CEO of the Panic Anxiety Disorder Association in Australia and conducts workshops for those suffering from anxiety disorders. Bronwyn conducts successful Mindfulness Panic Anxiety Management Program programs online and off for those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Read a transcript with Bronwyn Fox Surviving Panic Disorder: What You Need To Know Stuart Shipko, M.D. 1stBooks Library, 2003 Stuart Shipko, M.D. is well known for his research, education and clinical treatment of panic disorder. His newly published book is based on many years of clinical experience with thousands of panic disorder patients and provides crucial information on the most common issues that people with this misunderstood condition face. Read a transcript with Stuart Shipko, M.D. The Anger Workbook for Women: How to Keep Your Anger from Undermining Your Self-Esteem, Your Emotional Balance, and Your Relationships Laura Petracek, PH.D. New Harbinger Publications, 2004 Although men and women can articulate anger in very different ways, books on managing problem anger tend to focus on men and their tendency toward more violent anger expression. This workbook addresses the unique concerns of women with anger problems. Rigid social patterning, the book argues, conditions many women to stifle or deny their anger, and this repression can cause a range of other psychological problems. Others experience violent, outwardly focused anger. Whichever pattern your anger follows, you'll learn healthier ways to express your anger from this workbook. Read a transcript with Dr. Laura Petracek

Beauty and Cancer Diane Noyes and Peggy Mellody Taylor Publishing, 1992 Breast Cancer: A Nutritional Approach Carlton Fredericks NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1977 Breast Cancer: What You Should Know (But May Not Be Told) About Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Steve Austin, ND and Cathy Hitchcock, MSW CA: Prima Publishing, 1994 Cancer as a Women's Issue: Scratching the Surface Midge Stocker, ed. IL: Third Side Press, 1991Confronting Cancer, Constructing Change: New Perspective on Women and Cancer Midge Stocker, ed. IL: Third Side Press, 1993 Diseases of the Breast Cushman Davis Haagensen PA: Saunders, 1986 Estrogen and Breast Cancer Carol Ann Rinzler NY: Macmillan, 1993 Return To Wholeness: Embracing Body, Mind and Spirit in the Face of Cancer David Simon, M.D. and Deepak Chopra John Wiley & Sons, 2000 Read a transcript with David Simon What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer: How Hormone Balance Can Save Your Life John Lee, M.D, et al NY: Warner Books, 2002
Read a transcript with John R. Lee (his only online chat)

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Male Menopause Jed Diamond Sourcebooks Trade, Oct. 1998 The landmark book, Male Menopause, has been translated into 17 languages. The book details the hormonal, physiological, psychological, interpersonal, social, sexual, and spiritual changes that occur in all men generally between the ages of 40 and 55. In Male Menopause veteran psychotherapist and men's-movement leader, Jed Diamond looks at the observable and documentable changes associated with male midlife--weight gain, less physical endurance, longer recovery from injuries, reduced interest in sex, feelings of irritability and depression-- and concludes that this is indeed a passage similar to what middle-aged women go through. The last section of Male Menopause discusses how men can get back what they've lost, but for the most part Diamond focuses on understanding and accepting the aging process, not fighting it. Read a transcript with Jed Diamond Surviving Male Menopause A Guide for Women and Men Jed Diamond Sourcebooks Trade Diamond's new book offers guidance to and tells the stories of those perhaps as affected by male menopause as men-- women. Surviving Male Menopause examines the most current medical happenings, then focuses more strongly on the emotional, personal side of this life passage. Its effect on relationships and on the individuals involved is unmistakable. Through the recently rising voices of the men and women experiencing this change, Diamond seeks to show women and men how they can emerge on the other side happy, healthy and fulfilled. Read a transcript with Jed Diamond Whole Man Program, The Reinvigorating Your Body, Mind, and Spirit after 40 Jed Diamond John Wiley & Sons, Jan. 2003 The Whole Man Program is an integrated physical and emotional health program for males over 40. Psychotherapist and men's health educator, Jed Diamond, offers a roadmap for making life- enhancing changes in many areas that affect men. He suggests ways to make healthy changes. He discusses "andropause"--midlife hormonal changes in men--and suggests options for reclaiming sexual vitality. But this book goes deeper than diet and hormones; emotional self-discovery forms the center of the program. Under "Action Options," Diamond asks you, for example, to write down your memories of your sexual desires during adolescence and compare them to your midlife sexual ups and downs; talk to each of your children about the kind of fathering they have received from you; and write down "all the things you know about the Woman in you,"and then share this with someone you trust. Read a transcript with Jed Diamond

Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld's Breakthrough Health 2004: 157 Up-to-the Minute Medical Discoveries, Treatments, and Cures That Can Save Your Life, from America's Most Trusted Doctor! Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D. Rodale Press, 2004 In this age of information explosion, the reporting of medical research breakthroughs to the public often creates conflicting headlines. We wonder whether we're getting the best care, the newest medicines, and the most effective treatments for whatever it is that ails us. If you've been looking for one source you can trust for the most accurate, up-to-date health and medical information, Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld's Breakthrough Health is it. Read a transcript with Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D. Health Care Online for Dummies Howard and Judith Wolinsky 100 million Americans went online last year to look for information and support on specific medical conditions, research symptoms, check out specific drugs, and so forth. But, often the seekers of health information get lost in cyberspace or don’t find information that they trust. That's precisely why the Wolinsky's, journalist and librarian, Internet-savvy husband and wife writing team, have written this excellent new resource. Read a transcript with the Wolinskys Power to the Patient: The Treatments to Insist on When You're Sick Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D. AOL Time Warner Books NY: 2002 Written by a doctor, a medical luminary, this book provides information on over 40 very common illnesses and ailments, and the author provides a clear understanding of the diseases and the treatment we should expect or ask for. Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, a Power Surge guest is the type of doctor we all dream of finding but, many of us sail through life and never do. As for his sense of humour, it would brighten the day of any patient. Read a transcript with Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D.





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