Synthetic hormones have been proven to put women at risk. They're prescribed in a "one size fits all" dose which may not answer your specific hormonal needs. Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions is a reputable *real* pharmacy that, for years, has compounded natural, bio-identical hormones tailor-made to your body's needs..


Calcium & Magnesium Citrates

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"Being the best you" is in your hands! Remember how many years you nurtured everyone else? Cared for their needs? Well, now it's time for you, but many of us don't know where to begin to care for ourselves.

Being the best you is learning to nurture yourself. It isn't being someone you're not. It isn't placing unrealistic expectations on yourself, nor allowing others to put them on you. It isn't expecting yourself to transition through menopause's physical, psychological and spiritual changes and expecting to be the same size 10 you once were. It's accepting the changes, the aches and pains, learning to take a nap, finding time to regroup and sharing with other women who are going through the same thing. There's plenty of time to lose the excess pounds which frequently accompany menopause. Hormones will level off and everything will fall into place. Being the best you doesn't mean you have to be the superwoman you've been for years. It means finding what works to make you feel better. It means taking care of YOU! Making time for YOU!

Where do you begin? By educating yourself, and arming yourself with the most updated information about treating menopause. By networking with other women who understand what you're going through. By learning about nutrition, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and the most natural ways to address your individual issues during menopause and beyond. Power Surge has spent years finding the best supplements, recommending only the finest products that meet the highest standards of quality. The vitamins, minerals and herbs recommended are by a reputable manufacturer whose products meet those standards

Power Surge's Active Woman's MultiHands down, the BEST multi vitamin for pre or postmenopausal women -- containing the proper doses of vita-nutrients required by women during their transitional years -- practically everything you need in one vitamin.

There are many options for treating your menopause issues -- essential vitamins, minerals, soy protein and isoflavones, herbs, exercise, naturally compounded hormones, natural progesterone creams. Just trying to maintain our sanity during the confusing time of menopause is a tall order. It often feels like your body is betraying you. Learn to give yourself time and space to regroup, find a quiet space for to sort through this confusing time. Heal your weary soul with beautiful music. Find ways of coping. Learn to pamper and be good to yourself. Take care of yourself. Try a new haircut. Maybe even a new hair color. Accept that you're changing. Treat yourself to something new, something fun, something empowering and learn some Power Surge Menopause Survival Tips.

Expect others to accept you and not to put pressure on you to be someone you're not. Don't waste precious time beating yourself up over getting older. So, you may not be the young whipper-snapper you once were. Who is? Life isn't about what you used to be. Life is about who and what you are today. Applaud yourself for what you've accomplished and for who you are now. Life isn't going to stand still through all these transitions, so do everything possible to be the best YOU you can be!

Power Surge is in its 18th year as an established and well-respected menopause community. After JAMA's (The Journal of the American Medical Assc'n) article about accuracy in health on the Web, HEALTH Magazine followed up with an article in their April, 2000 issue. They selected the top women's health experts to sort through thousands of sites on the Internet to find those that met the criteria, accurate, informative, safe and reliable. Power Surge was selected one of "The 25 Best Health Sites for Women" and FORBES Magazine featured Power Surge in its "Best of the Web" issue's cover article, Use With Care. HEALTH and FORBES Magazines are only two of many who have praised Power Surge as an exemplary resource for women in menopause.

Menopause is not for sissies. Being the best you means learning that there are positive steps you can take to be the best you during a time of life when it seems everything in your body is challenging that goal.

But ... you're smarter and stronger!


Since 1998, Power Surge has endorsed doctor-formulated Revival Soy Protein, the #1 doctor-recommended, non-genetically modified soy supplement for eliminating hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, lowering cholesterol, reducing anxiety, fatigue, providing heart, bone and cancer protection.

Since 1998, Power Surge has recommended doctor-formulated REVIVAL SOY PROTEIN for menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, depression, fatigue, vaginal dryness, heart health, strengthen bone mass, lower cholesterol

Who would imagine that healthy soy foods could be so delicious?Chocolate daydream soy shakes, Kool Krispy Soy Protein Bars and Chocolate or Yogurt covered Soy Nuts.

Revival Soy Shakes

Fabulous Revival soy protein bars in numerous flavors wth the same 160 mg. soy isoflavones as in the shakes

Chocolate (and yogurt) covered Soy Nuts for a good snack and good health

Our pharmacy staff cares about women and their hormones. For naturally compounded, bio-identical hormone therapy and all peri and menopause questions, Ask the Pharmacist

Pete Hueseman, R.Ph, R.D., Registered Pharmacist from Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions cares about women and their hormones. For naturally compounded, bio-identical hormone therapy, Ask the Pharmacist

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