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Antiporosis - The Osteoporosis Plan

By Stephen Holt, MD,

  • Osteoporosis is a modern plague
  • Thin bones (Osteopororis) is a silent disease
  • Osteoporosis reduces quality of life
  • Good nutrition can help prevent osteoporosis
  • Lifestyle change may prevent osteoporosis
  • Thin bones have devastating effects on mature individuals

Osteoporosis or thin bones is a tragic but preventable disorder. The first-line tack against this disorder is lifestyle change and the use of bone-boosting nutrients by the combination of a good diet with selected dietary supplements. This is the fundamental basis of the Antiporosis Plan, as proposed by Dr. Stephen Holt, M.D. in his book “The Antiporosis Plan” . It is never too late or too early to attempt to combat osteoporosis. Rather than wait for the disease to become established in mature individuals, nutritional prevention is a key initiative. We tend to think about our bones when they are diseased, but our skeletal structure is dynamic and it contributes greatly to general well-being. Furthermore, osteoporosis is not just a “woman’s thing;” its tragic consequences of bone fracture, bone pain and disability are even greater in elderly men.

Modern research indicates the importance of risk assessment. Being female, of European descent, smoking, drinking excessively and having a diet low in calcium are clear risk factors for osteoporosis. Many women are starting to think about osteoporosis prevention after they have achieved peak bone mass in their early thirties. However, statistics on correct nutrient intake, including, but limited to, calcium intake shows alarming dietary deficiencies.

There has been far too much emphasis on viewing calcium as the only nutritional intervention of significance to prevent osteoporosis. Modern science shows us that calcium alone is not the answer to osteoporosis prevention or management. Again, it must be noted that there are many bone-boosting nutritional substances, including selected vitamins, minerals, and botanical agents that have been shown to improve the density of bones, in some cases preventing or even reversing thin bones. Dietary supplements, such as Antiporosis™, can complement other specific interventions for osteoporosis, such as physical therapy or drug treatments. Users of Antiporosis™ are encouraged to speak to their doctors about their use of bone-boosting nutrition for healthy bones.

The product Antiporosis™ is part of the Antiporosis Plan which calls for public education, appropriate exercise, good diet, elimination of substance abuse, regular bone density testing in mature people and the prevention of injuries. Antiporosis™ is a dietary supplement that provides nutritional support for healthy bones and it contains a versatile and potent nutritional formula including 100% of RDI of calcium for many adults from the eco-friendly source of eggshells, produced by a patented process. Antiporosis™ also contains a comprehensive array of bone-specific nutrients, including vitamins D3, B6, B12, folic acid, zinc, copper, manganese, boron and powerful antioxidants. The key ingredients in this bone-boosting dietary supplement include plant substances that have been researched in the promotion of healthy bones, including soy isoflavones and active amounts of Ipriflavone. Antiporosis™ is the most complete dietary supplement formula that is evidence-based and presented as part of the Antiporosis Plan, backed by science .





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