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Erika Schwartz, M.D.
Menopause, Women's Health, Hormones
What's A Woman To Believe?

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ERIKA SCHWARTZ. M.D. , has parlayed her vast understanding of women's needs into the successful mission of bringing comprehensible and usable medical knowledge to all women - throughout the many stages of their lives.

Specializing in women's health, she has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. In all situations - treating patients in her office, teaching a group, or appearing on television, Dr. Schwartz gives her audience scientifically proven and caring combinations of alternative and conventional medicine. In her own words: "Being well means feeling well" - and she is committed to making sure that YOU learn how to do so. In her continued search for women's health issue solutions, Dr. Schwartz addresses the problems of hormone imbalance. As a result of her research and the clinical data she has accumulated, she has become an expert in the treatment of hormone imbalance with natural hormone supplementation.  Dr. Schwartz is the author of, "The Hormone Solution: Naturally Alleviate Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance from Adolescence Through Menopause."

She founded the International Hormone Institute to research and educate the public about natural hormones and is currently conducting a study, in conjunction with HEALTH Magazine,  on natural hormone therapy.

Synthetic vs Natural Hormones

Synthetic Hormones Are Foreign To Your Body
Natural Hormones Are Identical In Structure To Your Own Hormones

Synthetic Hormone Often Produce Adverse Reactions Immediately Natural Hormones Are Made From Soy And Yam Oils

Synthetics Have Been Associated With Long-Term Chronic Conditions And Cancer Naturals Can Be Tailored To Individual Needs In Standardized Doses

The Top Selling Synthetic Estrogen, Premarin, Is Made From Waste Products Of Horse Urine Naturals Are Recognized By The Body's Cells As Their Own

What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You About Natural Hormones

*  They have been around for over 30 years
* No one taught us how to prescribe natural hormones
*  Since they are natural substances, they canʼt be patented so no major pharmaceutical sales representatives has ever come to our office to leave samples or information on natural hormones 

They have been around for over 30 years No one taught us how to prescribe natural hormones Since they are natural substances, they canʼt be patented, so no major pharmaceutical sales representatives has ever come to our office to leave samples or information on natural hormones 

Although most doctors are aware of the existence of natural hormones, few know how to work with them to obtain consistent and desired results for most of their patients. This situation is caused by the way physicians get their information on medications and treatments. Most physicians in clinical practice get their information about the medications they prescribe from three sources:

pharmaceutical representatives, continuing medical education courses, and medical trade journals. Pharmaceutical representatives regularly visit doctorʼs offices to offer samples of their newest products. Along with the free samples, they distribute scientific articles on the medications they are promoting. The articles invariably demonstrate how effective and superior their featured medications are. When evaluating these medications, doctors must keep in mind that the manufacturer of the product invariably sponsored the referenced research.

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars on publicity for their
patented medications, because patented medications bring the highest revenues. A medication can only be patented if its chemical structure is novel. Synthetic compounds, foreign to the human body and manufactured in a lab, can be granted patents. Exclusive market share and millions of dollars in sales is practically guaranteed to the pharmaceutical company that holds the patent on a widely prescribed medication.

In order to secure this market share, pharmaceutical companies will work hard to protect their patented products. Natural Hormones are not unique, their formulas are the same as our bodiesʼ hormones, thus they cannot be patented. This situation makes them financially undesirable to the pharmaceutical companies who will not invest in promoting them or educating physicians in how to use them. This is short sighted, because they work and the public needs them to treat their symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Synthetic vs. Natural

Synthetic Hormones are substances foreign to the human body, processed and manufactured from chemical or animal waste products in a laboratory. They bear little or no resemblance to any hormones our bodies naturally make. The reason they alleviate some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance is because our cells misread certain portions of these substances as they attach to the cellsʼ hormone receptors. Synthetic hormones are chemical hybrids. If you are currently on HRT prescribed by your doctor, you are probably taking one of these synthetic hormones and are by now aware of the dangers associated with their long term use. You are also aware of that the National Institutes of Health has discontinued a long term study of synthetic hormones because more than 30 years of studying them have revealed that they do more harm than good. This situation leaves you and your physician in a precarious position. You need treatment, because you feel sick, yet the synthetic hormones, the old market leaders for the past 30 years have been proven to cause serious health problems. You have tried over- the-counter natural products, herbs and supplements, yet they all only work partially and inconsistently. In this impossible predicament, the only viable option is natural hormones by prescription only.

Natural hormones are only available for sale in bulk - powder filled jars and drums, from the manufacturer of raw pharmaceutical products. The manufacturer sells the raw natural progesterone and estradiol directly to small compounding pharmacies or large pharmaceutical companies. From this point, the pharmacy staff prepares the final product for distribution directly to the public. The final product is either a rigidly dosed pharmaceutical medication, or an individualized made to order compound.

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