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Thursday, Oct. 7th
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Author of the groundbreaking bestseller
"The Hormone Of Desire:
The Truth About Testosterone, Sexuality And Menopause
No More Periods? The Risks of Menstrual Suppression and
Other Cutting-Edge Issues About Hormones and Women's Health

Does menopause automatically mean no more sex? 
What treatments are there to restore your sexual desire?
What can you do about vaginal dryness?
What symptoms indicate a testosterone deficiency?
Do most women "assume" or "accept" the fact that their
sex lives are over simply because they're going through menopause?
How do I make my husband/partner understand that my
lack of sexual desire is not their fault?
Can ALL women restore their sexual libido with the proper treatment?

Dr. Susan Rako,
author of the groundbreaking bestseller,
"The Hormone of Desire: The Truth About Testosterone, Sexuality And Menopause" which brought her to international prominence as the pre-eminent authority on testosterone deficiency and supplementation for women in menopause or following hysterectomy or chemotherapy. Dr. Rako has been a psychiatrist in private practice in the Boston area for the past 30 years. She both trained and taught at Harvard Medical School's Massachusetts Mental Health Center, a teaching hospital in the department of Psychiatry.

Dr. Rako is also the author of the book,
No More Periods? The Risks of Menstrual Suppression and
Other Cutting-Edge Issues About Hormones and Women's Health
in which she delves into the whys, hows, and musts of womens gynecological health and takes a reasoned stand for believing that nature and our bodies have an intelligence about this critical issue. This book is a call to sanity from a woman who has become known as a devout defender of womens health rights.

Dr. Susan Rako's search and discovery in the medical archives of a body of information linking testosterone to women's sexuality led to her writing her book and to conducting workshops to teach women how to take care of themselves and to find the medical attention they need and deserve for health and quality of life.

The Hormone Of Desire --
The Truth About Testosterone, Sexuality And Menopause

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Meet and talk with
Susan Rako, M.D.
Oct. 7th
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How Do I Know If I Have A Testosterone Deficiency?
by Susan Rako, M.D.

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Women can develop testosterone deficiency during the
two to three years preceding menopause, but more commonly
during the five years following. For some women, lack of sexual
interest may occur suddenly, for others, the change may be
more gradual. The average age for a woman at menopause is
about 50. About 8 percent of all women have a full, natural
menopause before the age of 40. Symptoms of testosterone
deficiency can develop for these women as early as their
mid-to late 30s.

Women who have had a hysterectomy, even if the ovaries have
been left in place, are very likely to develop testosterone
deficiency, and can benefit substantially from appropriate
evaluation and supplementatation of testosterone.

Women who have had chemotherapy resulting in loss of ovarian
function often develop testosterone deficiency.

Signs And Symptoms Of Testosterone Deficiency

* Loss of vital energy and feeling of well-being.
* Loss of your familiar level of sexual desire.
* Loss of sexual sensitivity in your nipples and genitals.
* Flatness of mood and some loss of mental sharpness.
* Dry skin and brittle scalp hair.
* Loss of muscle tone.
* For some women: thinning or loss of pubic hair.
* Decreased production of red blood cells by bone marrow
and loss of calcium from bones - which can contribute to
* For some women: Loss of muscle tone in the bladder and
pelvis - resulting in symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Each woman must evaluate her sexual arousability in the context of
her physical, emotional, historical and relational circumstances.
Some helpful questions to ask yourself if you think your body may
not be producing sufficient testosterone are:

What is my normal level of energy, sense of well-being,
sexual desire and pleasure?

* Am I suffering a significant loss in this level of well-being,
sexual desire and pleasure?
* Do I notice a lack of arousability in my nipples and clitoris?
* Do I notice not only that I have no particular interest in
making love, but also (if this is part of ones sexual life)
that I do not feel like masturbating?
* In even the most conducive to me circumstances, does it
take a long time for me to be aroused?
* If I do have an orgasm, is it diminished in intensity?
* Have I noticed (if this is part of ones sexual life) a lack of
sexual dreams and fantasies?

While there are many possible contributing factors to loss of sexual
desire, unless you have enough testosterone, nothing else that you can
do to improve your sexual sensitivity, arousability and pleasure will
be effective.


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