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Mental & Physical Fitness

Author of the groundbreaking bestseller
"Real Fitness For Real Women:
A Qunique Workout Program For The Plus-Size Woman"

Maintaining a gentle attitude of self-support and self-love Care for your body and spirit by surrounding yourself with positive messages and thoughts - by embracing fitness in your lifestyle Recognize and accept your body size 
Remove the word "Diet" from your vocabulary There is a strong connection between being fit and self-esteem Fitness is not an "all or nothing" venture

Rochelle Rice, MA
author of "Real Fitness For Real Women: A Unique Program For The Plus Size Woman" is the president and creative energy behind of In Fitness & In Health, New York's premier facility designed exclusively for the wellness and wholeness of plus-size women. Rochelle is also the author of Real Fitness for Real Women (Warner, 2001).  In researching fitness programs for women of size, it became evident that there was a lack of program design and availability of certified trainers specializing in larger women. With her history of bulimia, Rochelle's interest in Plus-Size Exercise came through her concerns about the inordinate stress put on thinness in our society, rather than fitness. Providing a safe environment where women could exercise physically while feeling secure emotionally, became Rice's passion.

Designing a fitness technique where women of size could achieve a level fitness was the base of her graduate work.

Rochelle believes that movement is the catalyst for health.  Movement creates momentum.  By softening and listening to the body, curiosity is created.  The curiosity releases energy and the energy allows one to move toward her goals.

With a holistic approach toward weight, Rochelle's work focuses on the whole woman by creating possibilities based on innate individual strengths and teaching skills and tools to support and build those strengths - Focusing on the strengths that already exist and create a stronger union of the body and mind which she calls "grace."


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Mental & Physical Tips On Becoming Fit
Rochelle Rice, MA

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It is important to recognize and accept your body size. Many of us are
predisposed to having a larger frame and carrying more weight. If your
ancestors were large, chances are that you will be too. In fact, if
both of your parents are big, you have an eighty percent chance of
being large yourself. Those of us who are naturally large know that
even when you eat moderately, your body instinctively maintains itself
at a certain size or set point. To try to whittle yourself down to a
size eight or ten would be to fight a difficult and losing battle.

Some naturally large people do manage to lose alot of weight through
crash dieting or time-consuming athletic routines. Oprah Winfrey's
highly publicized weight loss program was a regimen of early morning
lengthy runs and weight training, plus a strict low-fat diet; all
supervised by an on-call trainer. But many of us would like to be fit
without undertaking Olympic training regimens, and prefer not to
deprive ourselves of many of the foods we enjoy. You CAN get results
without pushing yourself too far and without depriving yourself.
Through my program, you can learn how.


Remove the word "diet" from your vocabulary! The word "diet" is
inextricably linked in our minds with deprivation. One can almost see
The Food Police coming to your kitchen and emptying the fridge. A diet
is meant to be temporary - for every diet, there is an equal and
opposite binge. I know it's scary to give up the notion of dieting
when not being on one usually leads to thoughts of self-destructive
behavior. But diets encourage women to think of food in terms of good
and bad. And, all or nothing thinking is responsible for much of our
society's dysfunctional relationship to food.

Do not deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Diversity is
important. You should create an eating lifestyle that works for you.
The goal, in place of yet another diet, is to eat a wide variety of
foods that are nutritious, tasty and celebratory as a natural and
joyful extension of living.


Affirmations are a proven tool of countless successful people. Some
people may be put off by the New Age associations they have with
affirmations. There is nothing mysterious in the way that they
function. You need not believe in anything spiritual or metaphysical
in order to utilize the power of affirmations. They work on your own
self conscious, clearing your mind of barriers toward living a fuller,
happier life and achieving the results you want. Affirmations can
actually affect the way you feel about yourself and the world around
you; inspiring you to action.

Actors, singers, businesspeople, even world leaders utilize
affirmations to help direct themselves toward their goals. Why
reinvent the wheel? These positive messages continually remind you
that you are perfect exactly as you are and are capable of getting
fit. You do not need to lose 100 pounds to feel better or to begin a
fitness program. Your body is a precious vehicle that deserves to be
taken care of and thanked for carrying you through this world. You
care for your body and spirit by surrounding yourself with positive,
loving messages and thoughts, and by embracing fitness in your


Women often ask what foods they should eat, when, how much, and so
forth. The truth of the matter is, many of you are already experts at
dieting! So what tip can I offer you?

Slow down!

Try chewing each bite of your food 30 times before swallowing. This
technique slows you down, helps you taste the food, enhances any
spices that may be in the food, and helps you feel fuller and more
satisfied after meals.

A "set" works like this:

Begin sitting at the table with the food plate in front of you.

1. Inhale through the nose.
2. Exhale through the nose.
3. Pick up your fork for one bite (choose denser foods for the first bite
like protein - chicken, beef, etc.)
4. Place the fork down.
5. Chew 30 times.
6. Swallow.
7. Repeat 1 - 6.

Start slowly with one set and build up to 5 sets. A fascinating and
interesting experience!


Often, a sedentary lifestyle compromises self-esteem because you
become disconnected from your body. Like a treasured object sinking
slowly into the sea, your awareness of your body falls further and
further away from you. You become accustomed to a certain physical
numbness, and inactivity becomes the norm.

But that habit of inactivity can be reversed through self-esteem.
Self-esteem must be built up like a muscle group - slowly and gently,
with love, patience, and respect. Reprogramming a dormant sense of
self is a wonderful, motivating process. Certainly you'll have
setbacks, but make the commitment to keep moving forward. Surround
yourself with people (trainers, family, friends) who understand,
validate, and appreciate you, and affirm your efforts to get fit. Read
size acceptance literature that supports you in your journey. Connect
with other women who have similar goals. You'll discover a renewed
sense of well-being and joy.


Fitness is not an "all or nothing" venture. You don't have to work out
every single day to be fit - once a week is a successful beginning to
maintain an active lifestyle. (Dr. Steven Blair, Director of Research
at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research recommends walking two
minutes a day to begin!) If you miss one week or get out of the habit,
don't beat yourself up. You haven't failed - just fallen out of
practice. It's important to maintain a gentle attitude of self-support
and self-love.

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