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Q: I have only had one orgasm from intercourse. though I can have them through oral sex. Why can't I have any (more) through intercourse?

A: Dear Heather,

Most women have orgasmic preferences. Some women are more easily orgasmic with nipple stimulation or clitoral stimulation. Other women find that they increase their pleasure by adding some erotica (video or readings) and fantasy. Oral sex provides direct stimulation to the clitoris which is difficult to attain through intercouse (vaginal penetration) alone. You might try experimenting with a variety of positions that provide more direct clitoral contact (woman on top) or add manual stimulation (or a vibrator) during penetration. Discover what feels BEST and do more of THAT. As women reach their mid-thirties (and become more experienced about what they like) they often become more easily orgasmic.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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