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Q: I am looking for very good psychiatrist with open mind a expirience to alternative treatment we live in ill
my son 28 yrs old was an efexor .75 mg 2 and half yrs 1year .37.5 mg he stopped in may the way dr told him
very very seviere side efects in 1 month double vision bad coordination mti mrv normal
after 2wks vision was ok
in 1 mo again vision he very depressed he hardly eat mood change
he said there is no hope he can not drive he dr gave him smpels laxepro .10 mg 4 day ago he started to take it he is almost in bed he doesn want to talk to us.i am looking where to go his dr sees him for 5 min???
I turn to you to find the right way to help my son he has very good hearth very sensitive
please please help
god bless you
magdalena crying mother for help

A: I really sympathize with your situation. I don't know of any alternative practitioners to reccomend. You might start with as they have a referral list.

Stuart Shipko, MD (Psychiatrist/Neurologist)
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