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Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.  

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Host: Dearest
Guest: Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.

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Ask The Pharmacist
Ask The Pharmacist

Dearest: It is with great pleasure that I welcome back to Power Surge, pharmacist extraordinnaire, P E T E H E U S E M A N. Dearest: Pete has been a Registered Pharmacist nearly 25 years, and exclusively involved in the area of women's health for the past six years. Pete compounds natural prescription hormones, such as progesterone, estradial, estriol, estrone, tri-estrogen, DHEA, testosterone and pregnenolone, plus other compounds. His eagerness to answer our infinite questions about hormones, at a time when confusion seems to abound, has endeared Pete to the women of Power Surge. Pete Hueseman is professionally associated with NAMS, the Academy of Alternative Medicine, Alternative and Complementary Medicine Assc'n, and is registered with more than one professional Pharmacist's Association. Pete, it's a pleasure to have you back in Power Surge :) There's a great deal of talk these days about *natural* hormones, what with the risks involved with taking synthetic hormones. Pete, what makes natural hormones so much safer? In the final analysis, aren't they all still hormones? Pete Hueseman: It is a pleasure to be here again, and yes they are natural because their chemical structure is like that produced by the female body. Kaaitjie: When do you recommend taking natural hormones and how long and how do I get off them? Pete Hueseman: Kait: Start taking them when symptoms of menopause occur. You adjust the dose periodically for the rest of your life for best results. RSEquines: What's the content difference between Progest-types & Micronized Progesterones? Pete Hueseman: Micronized progesterone is what you want to get on prescription. Joan5000: What would you recommend for sleep? I have tried everything, and am off HRT. Pete Hueseman: Joan 5000: Try L-tryptophan 500 mg. at bed or sometimes 2 at a time. Dearest: Pete Hueseman is a Registered Pharmacist - compounding natural hormones. L-Tryptophan needs an Prescription these days, right, Pete? Hevnsmyhom: Would you recommend DHEA to one taking Synthroid and Blood Pressure Medication? If so how much ? Pete Hueseman: Hevn: Yes, but only under a doctor's supervision. For a woman, probably start with 25 mg once daily with breakfast - gotten from a pharmacy that compounds it, not from the health food store. PAVinson: On Tamoxifen--any vitamin or herb I should not take to combat hot flashes & sweats? Pete Hueseman: None that I know of that would be especially harmful. JUDITH LEE: Would you recommend natural hormones taken orally or transdermally? Tri-est & Natural Progesterone. Pete Hueseman: Judi: I usually recommend the oral form, ( in the oil capsule) first, then a sublingual & then a transdermal next depending on how one responds. Dearest: Pete, could you please explain exactly what Tri-est is to those who don't know? Pete Hueseman: Tri-est is 3 natural estrogens mixed together --Estriol 80%, Estrone 10% & estradiol 10%. Dearest: Thanks, Pete. ARC, go ahead. ARC23: I have a significant bone loss (dexa scan) but no other menopause symptoms other than no periods. Your recommendations? Pete Hueseman: Arc23: Extra calcium, a good diet, vitamins, and exercise. Also talk to your doctor about hormones, a mixture of estrogen & progesterone all in one. RSEquines: How much MORE progesterone is in the micronized type than in the Progest--alot? Pete Hueseman: Micronized is pure 99.9% progesterone, and I'm never sure what is in the so called others. MaribethTC: What if there is a strong family history of breast Cancer? (mother and Grandmother) Pete Hueseman: You still should talk to your doctor about using hormones, and be extra careful and go in for extra check-ups. They usually are more beneficial than detrimental. Dearest: Pete, it's been a while since you've been here, what more do we know today about DHEA's safety and efficacy? Pete Hueseman: Actually not much more than last year. BColl38000: I'm on 200 mgs. micronized progesterone and 2 mgs. of estriol a day in hopes that my hair will stop shedding, which began with menopause. I've actually begun hot flashes since beginning this therapy, is it too much? Pete Hueseman: You probably need to add some estradiol to the regimen, it will help with the hair loss and the hot flashes because it is a little stronger estrogen. MIMISUSAN: Friend just started Wild Mexican Yams. Doesn't know what dosage to use? Pete Hueseman: It is basically useless. The yams produce dioscorea, which only converts to progesterone in vitro. It won't convert in the human female because you don't have the enzymes and catalysts to change it to progesterone. Therefore it is a very expensive moisturizing cream. Try a prescription for micronized progesterone cream instead. Dearest: Are you saying that something like Pro-gest is useless, Pete? Pete Hueseman: Pro-gest has only 20 mg. of progesterone per 1/4 tsp. Very weak but this is one that does have real progesterone in it. Dearest: Thanks. Iconoclast, go ahead. Iconclst: I've had a total hysterectomy & am on permanent disability for back. I cannot exercise. How safe is herbal phen-fen with estrace and DHEA? Pete Hueseman: Probably ok to use, ask your Dr. to see if he or she cares if you try it. You can email me at Acelabrat: On Tamoxifen at 38 & premenopausal. Any alternative to HRT to prevent osteoporosis & heart disease? Will probably have hysterectomy within next year & will go off tamoxifen at 43. Pete Hueseman: Extra calcium, maybe some tofu in the diet, exercise, and maybe ask your doctor if you can try some progesterone cream. Acelabrat: WHOA ...With HISTORY of Breast cancer? Dearest: Pete, I heard a doctor say recently that soy was useless what are your feelings about soy/phytoestrogens? Pete Hueseman: Soy can increase some peoples estrogen levels enough to prevent hot flashes and some other symptoms. Dearest: And protect us in any way from heart disease and osteoporosis, Pete? Pete Hueseman: Soy seems to be somewhat protective for the heart and bones, look at the lower rate of those diseases in the countries that eat a lot of it in their daily diets. Dearest: Thanks, Pete. Acelabrat, ask the rest of your question now, please. Acelabrat: Thank you. Progesterone with history of Breast cancer? Pete Hueseman: Yes you can still use it under the supervision of your doctor. Kaaitjie: Am I correct: Tri-est and Micronized Progesterone in oil capsule are what you recommend? I've had migraines on Tri-est, am on Pro-gest. cream but am having crazy mood swings. I spoke to you on Fri. Pete Hueseman: Yes it would be good to try a little weaker dosage, and the progesterone should help relive the migraines possibly. Ayindiah: I have frequent occurrences of boils. What does this indicate? Should I be worried? Pete Hueseman: Staphylococcus infections, see a dermatologist. Possibly some kind of infection. VBrando101: Would you recommend Hormones with Paxil if needed? Pete Hueseman: Yes, it would be ok, but some progesterone and balancing of the hormones may let you eliminate the paxil. JUDITH LEE: Are you opposed to a prescription cream mixture of tri-est and natural progesterone made at the Women's Pharmacy in Wisconsin? Capsule more effective than cream? Pete Hueseman: No, but I would rather have you buy it from me. 1-800-728-0288. If it works why change it. ARC23: "A mixture of estrogen and progesterone" all in one for bone loss? Please explain. And what do you think of Fosamax? Thanks Pete Hueseman: Example: progesterone 100 mg. & estradiol .5 mg. all in one oil capsule for post menopause women, not wanting to bleed any more. (a natural prempro like item at Bellevue). Fosamax is helpful for osteoporosis too. JRinLB: Is there any benefit to an oil based progesterone as opposed to an only powder form ? Pete Hueseman: Yes better absorption. TSMSSJ: Been bleeding for 6 weeks off and on, very heavy last 4 days. Is it pre-meno or fibroids I have and why 600 mil of ibuprofin to stop it. Pete Hueseman: You will have to ask your doctor. The ibuprofin is an anti inflammatory and it could help relieve it temporarily, it could be either a fibroid or peri-menopause. SThomas632: I am on climera since a hysterectomy 18 months ago and I am losing my hair, help. Pete Hueseman: The dose may not be strong enough, have your doctor help your by doing a test - serum or saliva, and maybe add some progesterone to your regimen - Prog 100 mg. in oil cap once a day at bedtime) See if your Dr. will let you try it. BColl38000: I take natural progesterone & estriol in oil 2 times a day = 4 pills. Can this be put into only one pill by your pharmacy? I am with the Health Pharmacy in Wisconsin presently. Pete Hueseman: What strength of progesterone is in each cap? BColl38000: 100 progesterone and l mg estriol. Pete Hueseman: We could probably do it, for we are the only pharmacy that makes any combination in the oil capsule. DMH4U2: What can we do (diet wise) to help lower my wife's high (350!) cholesterol? Is there a book we could read - or something on the net? Pete Hueseman: Call me at 1-800-728-0288 or E.mail at to order my Bios Life 2 (a Rexall Showcase International product that helps to lower cholesterol by using it twice a day. I have other recommendations as well. RSEquines: Have you found anything particularly effective re: meno muscle tingles/tremors? Pete Hueseman: Balancing of the hormones may help. Hevnsmyhom: Are you familiar with Women's Formula by Longevity? Any good? Pete Hueseman: Don't know what the formula is, sorry. Dearest: What is it, Hevnys? Hevnsmyhom: It has yam and progesterone plus other herb stuff Iconclst: I'm 52, had complete hysterectomy 5 yrs ago and am losing my hair too. I'm on 2 mg estrace. Can I take progesterone oil tabs and can I get them over the counter? Pete Hueseman: I believe I would ask your doctor for progesterone 100 mg. in oil caps, no not over the counter buy from Bellevue Pharmacy on Prescription only at 1-800-728-0288 Kaaitjie: Should I get a hormone level test again - had it just prior to going into meno. Do you think that estrogen makes fibroids grow? Isn't it wonderful to be a Man? Pete Hueseman: A hormone test won't be necessary until you are on the hormones for 3 months or more, and yes estrogen can make fibroids grow. Sherry1015: Do you approve of St. Johns Wort for depression & herbal weight loss products? Thanks Chloecake: Good one Sherry Dearest: Ditto Pete Hueseman: Yes they help many people and we sell them at Bellevue Pharmacy. LAbbott106: Taking hormones and not bleeding? Did I miss something? That sounds too good. Safe? Thanks. Pete Hueseman: Are you taking progesterone along with your estrogen? LAbbott106: Not on anything. 54 and still having periods. When the time comes I mean. Pete Hueseman: Restate the question please. LAbbott106: You said that I think you can take hormones and not bleed? Pete Hueseman: Yes you can take both progesterone & estrogen together daily and in the right doses, still not bleed, and be protected. JUDITH LEE: Are you familiar with John Lee and his research on the use of natural progesterone? Transdermal application gets high grades! Pete Hueseman: Yes, I know Dr. John Lee, and yes transdermals work well, but you must get them through a prescription usually to be the proper doses, (Pro-gest cream is the only real progesterone cream that is over-the-counter. D1709: My prolactin is high, have a cycle every other month, anything I can do? parlodel made me ill. Pete Hueseman: See if your doctor will prescribe progesterone 100 mg. bid for 12 days each month using the oil capsule, and see if that will help regulate you. I will be glad to work with your doctor. I can be reached at 1-800-728-0288 and emailed at Chloecake: The heck with ERT and HRT, tell me a bit about my hormone of choice for my flagging libido, the infamous testosterone. Pete Hueseman: You can add testosterone in female doses of 1 to 5 mg. per day, and we make that in a gel, cream or sublingual, and now even in the oil capsule. Once a day is usually all it takes. Dearest: How much do you recommend to start, Pete? Pete Hueseman: Testosterone 1.25 mg. per day to start and go up or down from there depending on results after 3 to 4 weeks. Lower dose if acne or hair growth & increase if not enough libido. BColl38000: Dr. Lee says progesterone for hair loss, Dr. Vliet says progesterone and estrogen - you say a higher dose of estriol-estradiol. I'm so confused - maybe I should take testosterone for hair loss? Pete Hueseman: You must balance your estrogen with the progesterone to stop hair loss, and sometimes you can add in al little testosterone to help too. RSEquines: Saliva testing--how many times does it need to be done to write an accurate prescription? Pete Hueseman: Once to start, then repeat in 3 to 4 months to see where you are at with your levels. By the way we sell the saliva test kits at the Pharmacy without a prescription. 1-800-728-0288. Hevnsmyhom: Quit Estratest 3 months ago used yam cream for a while til UPS messed me up. Used nothing for a month. OK with mood but major flashes and BP (ed. blood pressure) fluctuations. Take med and also synthroid. Any suggestions? Pete Hueseman: Ask your doctor to let you try our estradiol mixed in the same oil cap with testosterone. Get back on your meds to relieve hot flashes & help your blood pressure. Kaaitjie: What is saliva testing for, as opposed to blood test and what would you recommend - as far as testosterone is concerned. I grew hair but didn't grow libido - sigh can I ever win? Pete Hueseman: Saliva testing is relatively new in the last 3 years. You can do it at home and send in and then go over the results with your doctor. It is a little safer too, less chance of aids. The testosterone you should start with is 1.25 mg. once a day. Dearest: Where can we get the saliva test kits? (other than from Dr. Northrup) Does Bellevue sell them? Pete Hueseman: The salvia test kits are available at my pharmacy and at a little lesser price than any where else, 1-800-728-0288. Dearest: Terrific, Pete.. thanks :) Dearest: Pete, thanks for spending this time with us in Power Surge tonight, and answering all our questions about naturally compounded hormones and menopause. Anyone interested in talking to Pete about natural hormone therapy, feel free to call him at Bellevue Pharmacy's toll-free number: 1-800-728-0288. You can also E.mail Pete by clicking here. Dearest: Let's all thank Pete Hueseman for a very informative evening. ~~~~~~ Thanks, Pete ~~~~~~~~~~ Pete Hueseman: I will have easier access to power surge with my new job, and thank you all for the good questions, and hopefully my answers helped you all. Thanks. Hevnsmyhom: thanks for your input Sherry1015: thanks Pete, some great info! RCHCTH: thanks you LMossholde: Thanks Pete. Dearest: {S applause SGETT: Thanks Pete CescaSF: Thanks Dearest: Thank you, Pete :) LAbbott106: thanks Pete Kaaitjie: Thanks so much Pete!!! PAVinson: Thanks, Pete BColl38000: thank you Pete. Dearest: Excellent answers.. and great questions, gals :) Chloecake: wait a minute wait a can't get aids from giving blood JUDITH LEE: Great answers, Pete Dearest: Thanks, Pete... we hope you'll come back to Power Surge again very soon :) QAChome: thank you, Pete Pete Hueseman: Dearest: call me in a month or two lets not wait a whole year to help your internet friends Dearest: ~~~~ protocol is officially over ~~~~~~~~ Dearest: Absobloominlutely, Pete!!!! Thanks. Dearest: Moss, thanks so much :) Iconclst: thanks pete Dearest: I think we lost Cinda again :( LMossholde: Very good answers, quick too!!!! Dearest: Power Surge will go until 11 PM as usual :) Kaaitjie: He knows his oats Dearest: Great, Pete.. and thanks to you, too!!!! Dearest: Let's all hear applause for Pete Hueseman :) Dearest: {S applause RCHCTH: Where is Bellevue Pharmacy located? Dearest: Your answers, as usual, Pete, were terrific. LMossholde: Great guest, good answers, to the point, quick. Kaaitjie: clapaclapaclap Dearest: It's in Colorado Springs, CO, RCH. RCHCTH: Thank you PAVinson: clapclap Sherry1015: {S applause Dearest: RCH, Pete is the most knowledgeable pharmacist I've ever come across. RCHCTH: I remember last years meeting LMossholde: Great guest Dearest, He was quick and to the point with excellent answers. 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