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Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.  

Power Surge Live!
Host: Dearest
Guest: Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.

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Ask The Pharmacist
Ask The Pharmacist

Dearest: No stranger to Power Surge Live!, my guest tonight visits with us for the eighth time (long before this Web site existed and transcripts were kept), PETE HUESEMAN. Pete has been a Pharmacist for over 25 years and works exclusively with naturally compounded hormones at Bellevue Pharmacy. Pete will answer your questions about naturally compounded hormones and menopause. Welcome, Pete. It's always great having you back in Power Surge Live! Pete Hueseman: It is great to be back. Dearest: Let's go directly to the audience questions. Linkaloo, please go ahead. linkaloo: Pete, you compounded Bi-Est 2.5 with 200 mgs. Progesterone for me. I take it everyday. My question is shouldn't I be cycling and should I have a period? I started two days ago! Pete Hueseman: Are you post menopausal or still cyling on your own? I would say take it every day and do not stop for a period if you are not bleeding anymore. linkaloo: I'm still not sure I am post menopausal. I'm 47 years old, skipped 6 months before my doctor put me on Prometrium to get me started. I'm confused, but feel better and sleeping at night very well! Pete Hueseman: Then stay with the regimen you are on now and take it continuously. linkaloo: Okay. Thanks Pete! Dearest: Booklady, go ahead, please. Booklady2k: Is natural progesterone cream safe for me with history of blood clots? They were originally caused by taking hormones. Pete Hueseman: I would say you will be ok, for it is the estrogen that could cause a clotting problem, not usually natural progesterone. Dearest: Remember, you can also email Pete at or call his toll-free number, 1-800-728-0288. Booklady2k: Dr. John Lee says it normalized blood clotting but I don't know what that means I am on nothing because HRT caused blood clots. Pete Hueseman: That statement is correct. Dearest: What, exactly, does normalized blood clotting mean, Pete? Pete Hueseman: It means that the progesterone will not cause clotting and if you are on an estrogen with it, especially natural, you should not have a clotting problem. Dearest: Pete, can you briefly explain what bi-est and tri-est are? Pete Hueseman: Biest is 2 natural estrogens - 80% estriol and 20% estradiol all in one. the triest is 80% estriol and 10% estrone & 10% estradiol all in one compound. Dearest: So, bi-est doesn't contain estrone? What is the advantage to that? Pete Hueseman: Estradiol metabolizes into estrone and estrone turns back into estradiol also, so the estradiol is best at 20% since it is the one that protects the bones, heart and solves vaso-motor symptoms. Dearest: I believe those percentages and combinations of naturally compounded hormones are meant to be as close to what our bodies naturally produced before perimenopause, yes? Pete Hueseman: That is correct about the percentages. Dearest: Thank you, Pete :) Lauren, go ahead with your question. Lauren: My doc wants me on a compounded progesterone cream to deliver approximately 45 mg. per application. My pharmacist (or doctor) doesn't know the formula. Any suggestions? Pete Hueseman: Have your doctor call me at Bellevue Pharmacy, and you will be sure to get the correct formula. The number where you can reach me is 1-800-728-0288 jdcislander: Is it safe for a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer to take a low dose of testosterone? Pete Hueseman: It is being used after cancer as long as you are clear of it and treatments by at least 3 years. Dearest: How do they arrive at 3 years, Pete? Pete Hueseman: It is an arbitrary time frame, some need longer and some have used it as soon as 6 months later, so that is my average figure if a doctor agrees but for most patients it is safe to use. Dearest: Thanks.) Annie, your question, please :) AnnieT: Have been on compounded Triest 1.25/Prometrium 100 for 6 weeks now and feel better then on synthetic - still have problems sleeping - taking xanac every night - will sleep problems ever end? Pete Hueseman: That is a fairly low dose of triest about 1/2 of the normal dose, I would suggest trying 2.5 mg. with 100mg of progesterone, and we can make that all in one capsule. I had so many problems with synthetic, I guess my doctor wanted to try me on low doses. Dearest: Pete, how much *safer* are naturally compounded hormones than synthetic or conjugated hormones like Premarin (made frrom horse urine)? (Annie, you might want to have your doctor call Pete and discuss it with him. We will give you the number again in a few moments. AnnieT: thanks!!! Pete Hueseman: Cancer risk with the synthetics runs 8 to 10% risk, the natural falls around 2 to 3% and taking nothing puts one at 1 to 3% risk. The naturals have much less side effects too. Dearest: Thanks, Pete. Jeanc40, please go ahead. jeanc40 I'm taking 300 mg natural progesterone lozengers for the last two weeks of my 35 day cycle but now want to know how to take it all month to prevent ovulation. Pete Hueseman: You probably will only need to use 100mg twice a day all month long to stop ovulation, by the way we make a sublingual tablet that works better and tastes better than the troches and are usually less expensive too. jeanc40: Really much less? Also, I am a big girl 240 pounds. Pete Hueseman: Call me and I will quote you a price tomorrow. Patti: Is there a risk of taking too much soy and if so what and what is the recommended daily amount? Dearest: Pete, give that number again, please. I'll write it down so I can remember. <or I'll take 10 ginkgo> Pete Hueseman: Your body will tell you when you have to much, it could cause constipation and a belly ache, otherwise there probably is no harm in taking it except to your pocket book. Patti: Ok thanks Dearest: Pete, your number again, please. Pete Hueseman: I would use the recommended amount on the can. The number is 1-800-728-0288 Guest1: I just stopped Prometrium after 12 days (200mgs). When will I bleed--if I don't, do I just stay on it? Doctor says daily dosage later will be 100mg. Does estrogen cause GAS? Pete Hueseman: Progesterone can cause gas usually, you should bleed within 3 to 4 days of stopping the progesteroen, still stop and the end of 12 days, then let your doctor know if you don't bleed. Start counting your cycle days if no bleed after 3 days. Dearest: Pete, the latest studies that show that HRT isn't effective in protecting us from heart disease as was previously thought.. does that apply to naturally compounded hormones as it does to other hormone therapies? Pete Hueseman: Yes it would also apply, only to the extent of using a progesterone with the estrogen, but as the PEPI study showed the natural progesterone negated the estrogen much less than provera did. Dearest: Thanks, Pete. Linkaloo, go ahead. linkaloo: Along with Bi-Est, Revival Soy drink, I am taking 400 mgs. Magnesium Asporotate to help with my skipped heart beats. Could you give me your opinion on taking Magnesium late in the day? I've read that it can interrupt going to sleep? Pete Hueseman: I would suggest your Magnesium being taken with say a noon time meal, to avoid this problem, or even breakfast. Dearest: Link, the recommended dose of magnesium for palpitations and migraines is 500 mg. in one shot. linkaloo: That's what I'm doing and thanks! Dearest: Nanci, go ahead, please. nanci Is testosterone always so greasy or does it come in a cream form? And if it comes in a cream base Pete Hueseman: Where do you buy it from, is it really a cream or a ointment? I don't think our cream is very greasy at all, so the answer is no. Dearest: Pete, maybe you can give us the various modalities testosterone is available in - cream? gel? capsule? Pete Hueseman: It is available in gels, injectables, pellets for insertion under the skin, sublingual tablets, capsules, a thick gel to be applied directly to the vulva area, ointments and creams. Dearest: Thank you, Pete. Kerry, go ahead. Kerry Is it safe to take your biest/progesterone compound if you have had breast cancer? Pete Hueseman: We have hundreds of patients doing just that, I can't really say how safe it is for any one person, but I would for sure suggest being very religious with your self-exams and see your doctor for regular check ups two to three times a year. I have and will still recommend it for patients after there treatments are over. Dearest: Pete, many women ask me if they can take Revival soy protein with their naturally compounded hormones.. because the soy isoflavones act in anti-estrogenic ways. What are your thoughts? Or as an extra protection against breast cancer, etc Pete Hueseman: I think it is fine to take Revival with their compuonds of estrogen and progesterone, it is a good protein supplement, and can help protect against cancer possibly, it sure can't hurt anything. We have not noticed problems with patients using both together. Dearest: Glad to hear it, Pete. Guest 22, go ahead. Guest22: Can you talk about promensil (red clover)--since there is no progesterone associated with taking it, is there a greater risk of uterine cancer associated with taking promensil as compared to taking premphase? Dearest: Premphase is made of Premarin, horse urine and Provera <the worst progestin you can take> Pete Hueseman: I think there is not a great risk of uterine cancer with promensil. Ute: 43 in and in pre menopause. Have been using progestrone cream for 1 year now to help regulate my periods. In October I took a saliva test through Womens Health America. Progesterone level was 0.0494. Switched to compounded progestrone cream from WHA. Now I have skipped 2 periods and my symtoms are really bad. Took another saliva test. My progesterone level is now at 0.16. I have been using 1/8 tsp 2x a day. How can this happen? Could it be an absortion issue? Thanks Pete Hueseman: Yes, Ute please call me tomorrow or next week, and let's discuss you in depth. I have several patients that have switched over and now they are doing much better. Creams are not the best form of drug to use. Dearest: Ute, that number is 1-800-728-0288 Ute: What is the best way to apply the cream? Pete Hueseman: Not knowing your dose, try 1/4 teaspoonful 2 times a day, and call me. Apply to cream to your inner thighs. Guest1: What can I take to relieve tremendous pressure to my head? VERY ANNOYING! It feels as if someone is stepping on the right side of my face! Dearest: Magnesium 500 mg. It's probably a migraine. Pete Hueseman: I need to know more about you, what you are taking, allergys, diet and etc. before I can answer that one, so please call me later. Guest1: I've had it for a long time--thanks Dearest: Guest221, please go ahead. Guest221: I have been on Estratest for 3 years and was told never to take progesterone with it. I have been told by friends this is not so. I have had a total hysterectomy. Dearest: I think the new philosophy is that women, whether hysterectomized or not, can use progesterone. Pete Hueseman: Most doctors don't use progest with a patient that has had a hysterectomy, but it is advisable to use it even though you do not have a uterus, as it has many other benefits. Dearest: Thanks, Pete. linkaloo: How accurate do you feel saliva testing is for hormones and can it be done after you have already started Bi-Est/progesterone oil caps? I was never tested before I started natural hormones, just curious. Pete Hueseman: Progest can help to build bones, make moods more even and help with sleep. Pete Hueseman: The saliva is very accurate, and can be used after starting your medications, just don't take your dose late in the evening the night before you do the test or you may get a false high reading. Dearest: Booklady, go ahead. Booklady2k: Now, I'm getting confused. I've been reading that creams are best and you are saying creams are not the best option. Pete Hueseman: I totally disagree with Dr. John Lee. Creams are my last choice of a drug form, I prefer sublinguals, gels, or capsules in oil. Dearest: Link, go ahead. linkaloo: I've heard that some women can begin to taper off their antidepressants after starting natural hormone replacement. I'm taking 50 mgs. of Zoloft for last six years and would like to try to get off, what do you think? Pete Hueseman: We had a disgruntled doctor complaining about one today, and he switched the lady to the sublinguals. That is a very real possiblilty once you get the correct balance of estrogen and progesterone and maybe even testosterone into your sytem. Dearest: Sally, go ahead, please :) Sally1019: Hi Pete, I've been using Revival Soy Protein for about 2 years with great relief of perimenopause symptoms...other than saliva or blood test how would I know if I needed to add natural progesterone to this regime? Pete Hueseman: I would test for sure, and have your doctor order a bone density test to check out your bones. Beequte: Does one need a prescription for natural hormone replacement? Pete Hueseman: Yes, even though they are natural they do require a prescription and should be supervised by a physician. Dearest: Guest122, go ahead. Guest122: Any remedy for "brain fog"--aka--I can't believe I've forgotten everything. Pete Hueseman: G 122 yes, that is usaully a lack of estrogen in your system. Dearest: Pete, can a very low dose of estradiol help that? Pete Hueseman: A low to medium dose usually does help brain fog. Guest122: .1 Climara Patch already--more? Pete Hueseman: A climara .1mg. patch with what? Guest122: Prometrium and testosterone cristi: how many days should I use the natural progesterone ? Pete Hueseman: Cristi: please review, how are you using it now? cristi: I am rubbing on my tummy everynight Pete Hueseman: What strength is yours? cristi: mine??? Pete Hueseman: Yes, yours. cristi: 3 mg Dearest: Guest122, why don't you call Pete tomorrow and discuss this matter with him? That number is 1-800-728-0288 and ask for Pete. Guest122: Thanks Dearest: Great. Pete Hueseman: cristi: call me please and we will talk about it. Thank you for having me. It is always fun, good questions, and I hope I have helped to answer your questions. cristi: That was how many days on and off the progesterone cream? Pete Hueseman: Cristi, are you still cycling on your own or post-menopausal? Use it every day then! cristi: No days off? Pete Hueseman: No days off. Correct. Dearest: Pete, thanks. Let's do this again very soon :) And, by the way, thank you ALL for coming tonight :) Pete Hueseman: Yes, let's not wait so long. Good night, anyone needing more questions answered then please call me at 1-800-728-0288. 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