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Bio-Graphic Images Of The Surgettes: Part Three

Thoughts On Menopause And Power Surge

MVMeckel [Mary]: "56 in February! Lincoln, Nebraska. I am the single parent with a 22 year old daughter. I've taught as a university/college instructor of Sociology since the early 1980s. Always a lover of literature, both my B.S. and M.A. were completed in English. My other interests include cooking, politics, writing, poetry, friends, cats and women's issues, especially women's health.

I entered menopause at 51, during an especially challenging period of my life. While spared the "night sweats" and excessive bleeding experienced by some, I continue to encounter the emotional extremes, that so often catalyze the "hot flashes" and "hot temperment" which characterize midlife for many of us.

I find Power Surge incredibly vauable and supportive for a number of reasons. A literal dearth and scarcity of accurate facts about menopause has plagued midlife women for generations. This scarcity has proven both dangerous and deadly. In providing us with a wealth of knowledgable and supportive information, Dearest has rescued countless women from the confining shackles of misinformed ignorance.

I am extremely impressed by the balanced presentation of various views generating from the medical and health community--no "one side" is unduly favored. Moreover, Dearest's inclusion of Lifestyles, Computer Information, and Body/Soul networks provides us with a fully dimensional approach to supportive, successful everyday living.

I look forward with positive anticipation to the Special Events and Guests of 1997.

Nancy2NYC [Nancy]: Las Vegas, 54, Divorced and single for 17 years. No children, a kitty, Serenity. "I have worked in leadership roles in the Resort Industry, Government, Non Profit, and Business. Currently self-employed as a Marketing/Public Relations Consultant. Have been and involved in founding and co-founding several political and business organizations. "Mission Statement: My work is to aid others in discovering and achieving their work. (usually underline the words my and their).

"Power Surge and Dearest have been a lifesaver. Had been going through so many changes that are now understanable.Many of my fears and concerns have been relieved with support and valid and up to date information on handling and or treating many of the physical and emotional symptons. Knowing I am not alone in dealing with this and the caring concern shown in this forum is wonderful."

NeonSky: "Well, DEAREST, you have got to be the most lovable woman on the net (are you sure you're not running for public office?). Thank you so much for the darling Thanksgiving wish. I hope your day was blessed and full of thankfulness as all of my days are.

" I would guess that you have seen pain in your life - probably the reason for your loving, caring and encouraging attitude toward others. I am still in the midst of a grief cycle but just beginning to see the sun again. In some wierd way, God can take pain and grief and turn it into a total blessing if we just continue to trust Him.

"Just had to let you know how much I agree with you - being thankful for all we still have left rather than grieving over what we have lost. AOL has allowed me to see so many others who are suffering far greater trials than my own. Attitude is everything.

"I know you are a busy gal so no need to reply to this unless you choose to. Just wanted you to have a personal note from me and let you know you are a very special woman (do you ever get sick of hearing that? I didn't think so)".

Newby32 [Irene N. Crites]: Onset, MA, 52, Married, Mom/Grandmom/ Foster mom. Nursing/working as a Teacher's Assistant focusing on children with Special Needs and Learning Disabilities.

"For me personally, Power Surge has literally saved and enhanced the quality of my life. The support available in this safe, warm and caring environment has changed 'Menopause' from the most fightening life event to the most positive challenge and growth period I have faced . Thanks to all Surgettes in general and to you, Alice, in particular. You have affected my life in a most significant way and I will be forever grateful that, just by chance and God's infinite wisdom, I stumbled upon you and Power Surge".

Linksys Leo

NitaFar [Nita]: MD, Runs an elementary school computer lab network and assists students and staff with lessons and writing programs. Hobbies include - Computer, Power Surge, reading and spending time with friends and family.

"Dearest has provided a support group for women who are suffering through Peri-menopause and Menopause. Some of whom are going through other life crises such as divorce, illnesses of parents, death of parents, problems with teens, health problems and only God knows what else. Some are confused, depressed, sick and have found tremendous support and valuable information from Power Surge. My thoughts presented here and the ladies comments about Power Surge are really a tribute to you and all you do for us, Alice. Power Surge means to me support during Menopause by providing me with information to help me make educated decisions about my body. Newsletters, chats, guest speakers, bulletin board posts, Dearest, our host, and other Surgettes provide me opportunities to learn about Menopause and to share with and care about other Surgettes."

Noel Starr [Kitty]: ME, Married, three children, grandsons, my menopause problems are compounded by the fact that I am severe depressive with a tendency towards bipolar depression and have fibromyalgia as well as degenerative arthritis of the spine."

"I was happy to find Power Surge when a friend suggested that the next time I had a few free, uncommitted moments online, I check it out. I spend most of my time online in the Quilting Forum, where I am a host twice a week - on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 EST and on Sunday nites from 9:30 to 11:00 EST. I've only gotten to one Power Surge meeting so far, and now won't be able to make the Sunday nite ones as my hosting work online conflicts with the Power Surge Sunday night meetings."

NTNELSON50 [Joann]: Albany, CA. "At 37, and 16 weeks pregnant with twins, I began peri-menopause. I had read literature that the later you start menstruating, the earlier you start the change. It was quite hectic having 3 boys under the age of 5, and mood swings, sleep deprivation and an assortment of other symptoms. When I found myself flipping out over something small like my son throwing the dice from a foot away, I knew I had to do something. So I started my quest -- started with HRT immediately for relief, and after a year discovered progest cream. Have been a convert since then which is approximately 3 years.

I do enjoy receiving Power Surge info, not able to attend meetings, but appreciate Dearest so much."

OilWell444 [Brenda]: "Finding Power Surge and Dearest was a "God-Send". I am a 49 year old hairdresser, farmer's wife, mother of two grown children, and a sub-teacher. At the age of 31, I had severe Endometriosis, and had to have a complete hysterectomy. Synthetic Estrogen was immediately given to me , but I began to have horrible side effects. Taking shot's and pills to relieve hot-flashes, produced in me a sense of ......"weirdness". I felt as though I was out of control. I felt completely hopeless. I was having heart-palpitation's and panic attacks. I could not travel with my family on a simple vacation, without feeling as though I was coming "un-glued". Other women I knew could take the Estrogen without any problem. I could not.

"Enter natural Estrogens. This helped tremendously in the area of hot flashes, nervousness, etc. But the energy just wasn't there. I felt as though I couldn't get out of bed in the morning.

"Surfing one day , I came accross this area called "Power-Surge". I signed up for the annoucement list , and was immediately contacted by Dearest. What a comfort, and a life-saving experience! I never knew anyone or anything existed like Power Surge and Dearest! Under Dearest's suggestion's, I started taking 500 mg. Magnesium . I can honestly tell you, I feel better and have more energy since I started the Magnesium. Thank You Dearest!! And Thank You Power Surge for being there! I want to commend Dearest for "going-the-extra-mile", and her idea for Power Surge. I don't feel as though I am alone in this anymore!" [Ann kopel]: "This site is AMAZING! Hats off to a wonderful job of hunting down resources and making it fun -- your site is a wealth of information and inspiration for women. Congratulations.

PACTEACH: Married 30 yrs, two daughters - 27 & 20, teach computers to kids K-8 during the day and Computer Applications for Education Majors two nights a week at the college level.

Power surge has been a great source of information and help to me when I needed it most, especially "Dearest"!

Pamalee: "I'm 49 years old, haven't had a period in three months. Any symptom of menopause is there... hot flashes, memory loss, aches and pains, cramps, mood swings, you name it. The most troublesome is 30-minute "skip outs," as my husband refers to them. This is not "where did I put my keys." This is "who are you, who am I, what have I been doing for the last 30 minutes." Several people from AOL/Baby Boomers/Power Surge have e:mailed me with advice and counsel. They are really sweet people, and I appreciate the support more than you know. But I'm still there. Doctors "blow me off" as soon as they find out I'm menopausal. Yes, there is stress on the job. I'm a graphic designer and journalist in charge of worldwide employee communications, which means I do a newsletter that is translated into four languages and distributed 20,000 worldwide. But, as difficult as it is, I truly don't think this is the cause of my problem. I have taken advantage of the Employees Assistance Program, seen a psych, and take Prozac. Still, I have come to believe that all of my problems are related to menopause.

Power Surge, the site, and the newsletters have been terrific support. I have printed off all the newsletters and am reading through them as time permits. I no longer feel like "the lone stranger" in this phase of life. Thanks, Power Surge, for the tremendous support. And thanks to all who have sent e:mail to offer support. We WILL get through this together."

Pancho94 [Rebecca]: "My name is Rebecca and I'm from CT. I'm a high school Spanish teacher.

Power Surge has answered so many questions that I've had about meno and has helped me make a very important decision about HRT. I'm glad I've met all of you."

Paradis025/WyoREALLady [Lois]: Casper, Wyoming from SF, CA. Divorced after 26 years married. "I am free to be wherever I want to be, and feel a new-found freedom with my children away at college. I love the intrigue and opportunity of big cities, adore haute couture and fashion in all aspects. Fascinated with fast-paced lifestyles, but the Wyoming expanse was calling. Love wide open spaces, severe weather challenges and a less sophisticated, more honest and industrious lifestyle. Last year I took time off from work to travel and generally catch up with life. During that time, this city girl rode herd for roundings and brandings, 'punched' cows - tough, grueling work. Last winter I learned to scuba dive and went to Cozumel for my first open water dive - what an adventure! Skiied a fair amount - that is my true passion, I think. The newest challenge is to ride horseback in the aspens and pines, streams and creeks on our mountain."I enjoy reading, movies, the theatre, concerts, do volunteer work in the community for the Center For Domestic Violence, the Democrats and The local symphony, and more. Returned to work recently.

I truly admire your long labor of Power Surge 'love'!! "

PianoMary [Mary O'Connor]: N. Va, Piano Teacher/performer "Power Surge is great! One of only 2 places on my Favorite places list. Check it every day - at least once since many of the concerns are concerns I have. It's so nice to know we are not alone in this. My Doctors are not much (any) help so all the real-life input is wonderful!

Thanks, Dearest for making this happen."

Postrain: [Judie]: MA. Married with 4 grown children. Organizational Psychologist by training, consultant to non-profit organizations (most of which specialize in gerontology,) by trade. Several career changes, including a couple of entrepreneurial attempts have brought a wide variety of experiences and a few gray hairs to this head.

Power Surge has brought a whole new perspective to the terms menopause and community to me. This is one group that can keep you well informed, yet at the same time comforted. It can bring a new balance to the way one thinks of life as an experienced woman and its all done among friends.

Before Power Surge, I went through the gamut of feelings about Meno: I'm sick; I'm crazy; I'm old. Power Surge has reframed my thinking. Now I feel better (mentally if not physically.) Now I know I'm not alone and probably fairly normal. Truly, Power Surge is becoming THE site for women in meno. Thank you, Dearest.

Punky2 [Laura]: "Alice...this is magnificient! This was the first home page award that I ever saw and lady, you blew me away...I am in awe..not only with the design, but with open-mouthed wonder after just the first two pages and your biography! To be sure this web page will go into my Favorite Places folder...and I will be sure to recommend it to others...both male and female! Applause is not sufficient. Being near that Power Surge stage, sometimes I think I am only a few steps ahead of its breathing hot and heavy down my back...and NOT in the way I like being breathed upon!!! LOL!!!

Enough. I have become very recently laid off and have taken to searching the web for job opportunities. Having visited what feels like hundreds of sites in the past few days, Alice, nothing I have seen presented compares with yours.

Thank you, for your impressiveness, for your view on life....for your giving...

PZukow [Peggy]: "My name is Peggy and I am married with children. Sound familiar? No, I don't look or act anything like her ( Bundy that is). My husband and I own a used auto parts salvage business and I am kept quite busy being the only person to do all the bookwork, data entry for six computers and a varied number of other duties. I am an avid reader, love to cook and enjoy life in general.

I have to tell you that finding Power Surge has been a Godsend for me, it is so wonderful to find "sisters" going through the same feelings and frustrations that I am as far as my "biological clock". Power Surge has a wealth of information for all of us and we are very fortunate to have it online for our use!

I must compliment Dearest on bringing this phenomenon we call menopause and peri-menopause to the forefront and giving us a place to call "home." Without her we would all be out there lumbering in limbo some place without the knowledge we need to either consult our physicians or get the best books to read about ourselves. I am certain that Dearest will be rewarded in heaven one day, she is truly a blessing to us all.

I don't know how you do it all, but I am sure glad that you do! Your good works are extemely appreciated by all of us, I am certain; however, I am especially greatful as everything I have learned from Power Surge has benefited my health and well being and your work does not go in vain! I found a female gynecologist and have an appointment next month, that is testimony to you spurring me on to get some professional help in more than 2 yrs. God bless you!

RMA123: "Hello to all. My name is Vickie. I am 49 years old, have 3 children: 21, 19 and 16, two of whom have ADD and learning disabilities. I've have been in menopause for two years now. I live in New England but was born in Tennessee, I have lived in New England for 40 years now. I am a stay-at-home housewife now, I had to quit work due to menopause (mood-swings, memory problems). I can really believe now that years ago many women were put into institutions during this time of their lives as I (being ignorant of menopause) thought I was losing my mind. I am now on HRT and am doing much better. I plan to take some courses at our local community college and go back to work soon.

I feel finding the Power Surge section of Womens Interests has helped me as much as my HRT. Just talking with other women whom have the same problems and being able to laugh through most of it has helped more than I can say. I thank Dearest for helping pull me out of my "menopause shell" and getting on with life again. I can't make most of the Power Surge chats, but when I can I find them wonderful. I am happy and proud to be a 'Surgette.'

RoMaGraves [Marquita]: 48, Married, Four children, two grandchildren. I've been involved with Fire Depts., EMS, Leadership training(state level). Homesteaded for several years. Like the 'ripple in the pond' theory of change, so am a community instigator. I noticed perimenopausal changes--flooding, depression, mood swings--at 42. These symptoms were soon joined by IBS, bone-tiredness, weight gain, and meno-memory (CRS syndrome). I had a D&C, was on birth control pills for 2 years and took Provera(nasty stuff) for 6 moonths. I'm taking B-complex right now and using Yamcon cream. I've been looking at the enforced slow-down in my life as a chance to decide who I want to be now that I'm nearly grown-up.

I thought computers were wonderful--then I went on-line! Then I found Power Surge! Love it. Great info--great community. Power Surge has been a wonderful place to meet women at the same place in life and to gain knowledge about this most interesting change. Very grateful it's there."

SCramer329 [Suz]: "I'm a 52, almost 53 yr. old 'wasp' (06-26-43). I've survived two marriages and two sons, have had five professions, and am currently caring for my 87 year old aunt in Phoenix.

Power Surge has provided me with a forum for friendship and information not only about menopause, but life changes in general. The resources that Dearest has provided have been invaluable to my growth as a woman (at my age) in the '90's.

Alice, you're incredible! What an intense group of guests!!!! And to think that menopause used to be verbalized less than being pregnant!!!!! (Back in the days when women 'had a little cake in the oven') :)

Sdiwi: R.I., 49, Married, one 14 year old daughter, CEO of a company dealing in educational materials for teachers and eduational toys for kids. "I own 3 retail stores in the area, as well as a catalog division which caters primarily to the school market. I'm a graduate of New Mexico State University (B.S.) and the University of Hawaii (M.Ed.) and I am an A.B.D.( from the University of Connecticut. I am very interested in networking with the following groups of women: Mothers of 'only' children; women dealing with menopause; women 45+ raising teenage girls, and women business owners. I enjoy my life as a woman of the nineties, with all the challenges this historical time brings. Sharing the journey is of paramount importance!

I found this wonderful Power Surge network. Power Surge has been a life raft of sorts for me. I've felt secure here and encouraged by all of you fabulous Surgettes! Just want to publicly say special thanks to Dearest - thank you for your contribution to helping so many of us s-u-r-v-i-v-e! Its just so difficult to cope alone. Although friends and family may care and listen to those of us who are fortunate...there is listening and 'really listening'. Its nice to know one is not alone, and I, for one, have Dearest to thank for that ... for being the beacon who has brought so many of us home!"

SGETT [Sue Gettinger]: CA; "I'm a boomer currently living in Northern Calfiornia, but born and raised in the Chicago area. I became a single Mom at 21, and although it took years, I did manage to get my BS from the University of San Francisco in management.

I discovered the Power Surge folder about a year ago, and have found it to be the source of information I was looking for. I found myself in those postings and in Dearest's excellent newletters, and now feel like I am reasonably informed about what is happening to my body. Through the chats and the Power Surge Bulletin Board, I am attempting to keep informed, but mostly I do it because I LOVE the people I have 'met' during our chats, and the wonderful resource they have become."

SingingDSR [ DonnaSue]: 38, NYC Meno at 30. "I am a programmer analyst, and sing in my spare time.

"I'm glad I found Power Surge!

"I don't feel so isolated at having gone thru meno so young."

SLMehegan [Susan Mehegan]: Freelance writer living Upstate New York on Lake Ontario.

"Power Surge is a lifeline that gives such peace of mind in knowing 'I am not alone!!' and 'I'm not wierd!!' I'm always learning about new and natural aids for making the journey through menopause easier along with expert online help."

Snooks729 [Becky Clark]: 47, Palm Harbor, FL, Married, Two children. "Married 28 years to one great guy. I am at home - pending expensive litigation may necessitate returning to work force. I have done office work and also worked in mental health field. Have 2 dogs at this time...ike politics, archeology on TV, law, and do-it-yourself stuff around the house. Had complete hysterectomy due to tumors 3 1/2 years ago. Sex life went into dumper ever since, no desire. Wish could get it back.

Enjoy Power Surge!!!!!" [Maryann]: "Dearest - I have spent the better part of the last two weeks purusing estrogen/progesterone/yam cream, etc.

" Usually when I travel over the holidays I carry an arsenal of books. This year I'm taking far fewer books, BUT I'm taking printouts of all the Power Surge newsletters!

This appears to be an absolutely invaluable source of information. Keep up the great work. I'll be looking forward to getting back home after the first of the year just to see what's new on Power Surge. Thanks for all your help!

Suzijkel: " I am 51 years old. Born in East Orange, N.J.; raised in Pine Beach. My husband and I met and married in our late teens. Two children: a son, 33, and a daughter, 31 and two "in-law" children who are like our very own - daughter-in-law, 31, and son-in-law, 31. Our first grandchild is on the way, due in February, via our daughter. Very scary and exciting!!

I worked outside of the home for about 20 years but now am home full time - not always liking it. Not feeling fulfilled most of the time. That's a whole other story! The grass is greener, you know!

Anyway, I look at menopause as just a natural path in life. I have a few bothersome signs; nothing horrible. I generally feel great. I'm very lucky. I just love Power Surge. It is informative, yes, but the group support is nothing short of magnificent. I could sit and chat with my fellow Surgettes all night!!! Thanks, Dearest. I will be forever grateful for finding you and Power Surge this year. It has become my touchstone.

Syrndipity [Suzie]: 43, Upstate NY State. Suzie's held various jobs, including running her own manufacturing/mail-order company in the mid ‘70's. After that, she worked for a year as the producer of a local radio talk-show, booking guests like Vanessa Williams, Jerry Herman, and Jane Russell, to name a few. In the 80's, Suzie went back to mail order, this time selling her miniature silk hats and related accessories. Her creations were featured in the book, "American Period Interiors in Miniature," by Kate Doordan Klavan. In the early ‘90's, Suzie started creating and selling jewelry-specializing in crystal earrings.

"Computers came into my life during this time, and I ended up spending more and more time on America Online. It was there that I met Dearest, and she convinced me to attend a Power Surge meet, as I was about to enter the peri-menopause period of my life." After attending her first Power Surge meet, in the Winter of Jan, ‘95, "I was hooked! Dearest and the Power Surge gals, have been instrumental in preparing me for the physical and psychological changes about to start within me. I knew virtually little about the ‘pause' before I joined this group, a yr ago. I now feel empowered with a greater sense of knowledge and dignity in facing this turning point in my life.

Power Surge is such a warm, supportive family, and Dearest provides us with information from all sides of the menopause spectrum. Through Dearest's information-packed newsletters and the special guests she brings into the biweekly meetings, I'm ready to face this challenge, and consider all forms of viable treatments with more knowledge than I ever dreamed I could have."

SWBW7485: "How does one say thank you to such a fantastic resource? When I remarried in 1994, at age 47, I was petrified I would hit menopause before we really knew each other as husband and wife. Not only do I now have pre menopause, we have also survived three funerals (both our monthers), two weddings, a broken engagement (my oldest step son's), built a new house, reduction in force lay off, etc,. etc.

"I cannot wait to partake in your wonderful power surge adventures! Thank You!!!"

TallFellow [Robert Johnston]: " Why in the world am I here among all you Surgettes?

"Dearest is why.

"Years ago, when Alice and I met as newcomers online, we had long chats, via text and phone, about many concerns and issues. Among our topics: menopause, and all the questions that eventually arise in the mind of every woman:

"Why do I feel the way I do? Where can I get information? How can I connect with other women who are in the "change of life" with me?"

"We agreed that perhaps the most powerful surge of all was the tidal wave of interest in America Online and the Net. Here, in cyberspace, everyone can connect, one-to-one and many-to-many, to inform and discuss, mind-to-mind and heart to heart, those issues closest to our bodies and souls.

"Because of Dearest's indefatiguable persistance, Power Surge exists as you see it today: a viable, vibrant entity on AOL and the World Wide Web. I am proud to be her friend and to have assisted her along the way."

TheraCom [Judy]: "As a new subscriber to AOL, I can't tell you how pleased I was to come across your wonderful web site.

I am 51 and experienced premature menopause 12 years ago. My doctor completely misdiagnosed me and told me my lack of periods was due to stress. I believed him, having no one else to talk to since none of my friends (nor I) had a clue what I was going through. Now, as the director of my own Medical Communications Agency, my mission, for the last two years, has been to produce an effective workshop for women (and/or their significant others) in which they are not only given all the information they need to know about menopause, but which gives them a format in which they can talk and learn from each other as well. (A feature sadly lacking in most of the hospital sponsored menopause programs I attended).

We have recently produced a program called "The Thinking Woman's Guide to Menopause: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You" and are marketing it in the form of an inexpensive video and facilitator's guide to workplace and community wellness coordinators. The response has been fantastic, not only because the content is thorough and unbiased, but because the format is designed to help women assess their own health risks when making choices, teaches them how to be better partners with their health care providers, and gives them an opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other.

"Now that I've discovered Power Surge, you can bet I will be a regular visitor. Congratulations on being such a great source of information on menopause. I wish I had had access to all this information when I needed it."

TriciaToYu [Tricia Nickel]: "I am only 40 years old...but am definitely having menopausal symptoms...history of early menopause in my family. I have a BS in social work and I am currently studying to become a licensed massage therapist. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 19 years and have a 13 year old daughter. She is my miracle child. I often tell people that I only have one child because I got it so perfect the first time. Reality being my reproductive years have been hell and it was not possible to have another. I am looking forward to this next phase of my life with much anticipation...the way I figure it my menopausal years can't be any worse than what came before them :) It will be a relief actually...I just want to get through it the healthiest way possible and without losing my sanity :) That is what Power Surge is enabling me to do.

"I have found the Power Surge rooms on AOL a wealth of wonderful information as well as the Web site. Dearest does such a great job with the chat room. Since I only found it recently I was not aware until this week just how much work she puts into PS. I have finally gotten through all the old newsletters and some of the old chat logs. What a great source of information for women!

"I sign on every day and the first thing I do before I even check my mail is read the new posts on the message board :) This has been a real help to me mentally and physically. Information is the key. Thanks so much for your hard work and words of wisdom. Because of people like Dearest I WILL have a happy healthy New Year!!

Twirlquilt [Cheryl]: Atlanta suburbs, teach ballet and am an avid quilter.

"Power Surge group very special, helpful, funny, serious all at the same time. See, we can do more than one thing at a time."

YelRose [Sharon]: FL, 53. "Married 27 years to Mr. Wright, three wonderful children -- two grown boys, one teenage daughter. These four are the passions of my life. I am constantly seeking spiritual growth, I love writing, and doing watercolors. Currently, I'm learning American Sign Language after meeting a wonderful, older deaf gentlemen who just snatched my heart away! Oh, yes, I work out of the home as a secretary, but that's just to pay my AOL bill :). To be completely honest, I would have to say the one who see the most of me is this monitor!!

"One very bad menopausal day, I *stumbled* upon The Power Surge AOL bulletin board. What a God-send! I wish it had been here about 10 years ago when I went through a very rough PMS time, graduated into a roller coaster peri-menopausal phase, then straight into a bumpy menopause phase. My doctor recently referred to me as post-menopausal. So why hasn't life straightened out? I guess it's true: it ain't over till the fat lady sings! (I'm taking singing lessons now.)

"I keep coming across one word in the postings: crazy. Isn't it wonderful to know we're not, that we're just experiencing depths of emotions we never knew we had?

To Dearest I would like to say, "Keep up the good work! I believe your site is one of the most professional of any I have looked into, providing not only a place to share experiences, but a place where we can come and know we will find experts in the many areas encompassing menopause."

Z J Gragg [Zelma]: 42, El Paso, TX. "I am a Content Mastery/Resource teacher in a year around elementary school and very active in my church. Married to a very understanding husband of 20 years and have two daughters, 19 and 17. Apparently started perimenopause in early 30's with occational night time hot flashes (Dr. couldn't figure out what they were!) and at 38 started on Provera for a period "that never stopped"! Have developed more symtoms since (such as frequent hot flashes with mood swings) with little or no help from Dr.'s--too young to be in menopause according to them! Just went through a full hysterectomy for a prolasped uterus (with a new, female Dr.!) and I'm starting on ERT and continuing vitamins. Hope things get smoothed out.

In the process, Power Surge has been a life saver! It is so-o-o nice to not feel alone and to get advice on how to control the symptoms (and/or live with them). Thank you, Dearest, you and Power Surge have been so supportive!

Zmbz [Mary Beth Ziegenfuss]: Catasauqua, PA, Former teacher - now instructing teachers in Media Literacy--analyzing and evaluating all aspects of mass media. Intro and Advanced Issues Course. Particularly interested in the Influence of Mass Media on Women. Parent, Legislative Issues, NPR, Writer, Walker, --Fun!"

"Power Surge has been great! It's put me in touch with a lot of dynamic people, and has provided me with up-to-date info. Thanks, Dearest!"

Special thanks to artist and friend, Tony Karp, for permitting me to display his extraordinary Techno-Impressionism on the Surgettes' Bios pages.

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