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Bio-Graphic Images Of The Women:Part Two

Thoughts On Menopause And Power Surge

Froglan [Joanne]: "Dearest, you are to be congratulated heartily for your efforts. I've been reading through past issues of your publication, and in so doing, have noted how the issues have grown in breadth of coverage and sheer size as the months have progressed. This is an extremely valuable clearinghouse of information for a large generation (boomers) who probably possess little information on the topic, but certainly should not be passive in the experience of menopause, if social history of past decades may be used as a guide.

" Thank you for your interest and your ongoing help."

G K Apple [Georgia Applegate]: Danville, CA, SF Bay area, 50, Married 25+ yrs "to my best friend, a truly super man. One son. I work in the north bay, Vallejo, teaching high school math. Two years ago, after working as a senior high school Assistant Principal (discipline and attendance) for 8 years, I requested re-assignment to teaching. Although the last two years have certainly been 'challenging' and the salary has been lots less, the work is so much more rewarding than what I was doing as an administrator.

"I'm flattered to be on the PS home page. I've been "checking in" with Power Surge for the past year, about a month after signing on with AOL. I have learned SO MUCH from the surgettes as well as from the professional medical people who post and participate in the chats. It's not only the information that's important, but the spirit of caring and sharing that is evidenced in so many of the posts. I am constantly impressed by depth and breath of Surgettes' discourse. The Surgettes are an intelligent, articulate, warm, caring, and crazy bunch of people! The wit that is displayed is truly wonderful!"

Goosetess1 [Jan]: ]:"Thank you for the lovely invitation to the Power Surge House! Bless you for laying the foundation and bless those who contributed to this labor of love.

You have helped me in more ways than you can know. I'm most grateful.

Gucijan [Jan]: ]: "Can I please join the Power Surge AOL mail list for menopausal women? A friend led me to the web site, I have read it in it's entirety and can only cry at the relief I felt in reading a webpage all about ME.

Thank you very much.

IMFluffy [Sharon Oesterle]:Sabina, OH, 48, mother of two grown sons. I am returning to my career of retail management after a hiatus of nearly two years.

Power Surge has given me a great deal of moral support and helped me to realize that I will live through this "Change of Life".

I have made the best of friends with so many of the Surgettes who are all experiencing this new beginning together. Believe me, together is better when you think you are losing your mind. Thanks Dearest!!!"

Jefriend [Judy Friend]:Portland, OR, Work at Nature's, the local natural food grocery, demonstrating wonderful new foods. "When I am not doing that, I am at home in my PJ's working on the computer or out walking my dog (usually I DO get dressed for that!).

Power Surge has been a great source of comfort to me, knowing that there are so many other women out there going through the same changes as I am. I look forward to each Wed. and Sun. night with glee and hope."

JoanDW [Joan]: "I was born and raised in southern Kentucky. My husband and I (25 years and counting) put down roots near Durham, North Carolina, where we both teach at a Quaker school. We've raised two incredible sons, now ages 22 and 18. Interests including hiking, wildflowers and wild lands, comic books, science fiction, mysteries, computers, and cooking, but not enough time for them all. I've recently taken up strength training, a whole new area for me.

PowerSurge, especially Dearest, has been a real source of information and support, as well as a place to express myself, during this time of transition. Thinking back to those first early postings in the original folder in the Baby Boomer section, I am amazed at how far this has come, due to Dearest's unstinting labor of love and to the many women who have responded."

JudyFAron [Judy]: "I am 39 and the mother of 3. I own my own business - I am a travel agent. My husband is a computer consultant and great all around guy!"

"Dearest, you have made my day! I began reading as you suggested - great reading! Until recently didn't know what was happening to me, mood swings, weeping, feelings of total despair and some of the other body changes that I have encountered but now know what to attribute them to. I hopped on AOL and found the Power Surge area and have begun to feel enlightened and quite pleased to see that I am not crazy nor am I alone in this. It all is so much clearer to me and so much easier to deal with! Just the talking about it is great. "

Thanks for your help, advice, concern and friendship!"

KarennRose [Karen Lucas]: -I am Senior Management Analyst with the County of Ulster (Kingston, NY), and a 47 year-old divorced mother of two teenagers. I love to run, bike, read, blade, go to garage sales, and, in general, enjoy life.

Power Surge made me realize I wasn't going crazy, and gave me the support I needed when I thought I was! There is more information here on this subject than anywhere else in the world!!!"

Kayliegran [Anne]: -"What a difference you have made in my life. I am a happily married, 44 year old homemaker, mother of two sons (20 and 24) eldest is married, grandmother of two and caregiver for my 89 year old mother-in-law.

I thought my bouts of depression, mood swings and irritability meant that I was slowly going a little crazy. Thank goodness I found Power Surge. After reading the postings and some of the newsletters a lot of things in my life have started to make sense to me. I am still experiencing the same things but at least I know I am not alone and I am definitely NOT going crazy.(Or at least not any crazier than I ever was!). Thank you so much for the valuable information that is available to women everywhere and for a place for us to ask questions or just vent if we need it. God Bless you!

KathyFWIN: Fort Wayne, IN, home of a great community of women who support women, 53, "...survived as a single parent raising four children who are now 25-30 Write grants from my home office for programs for children who are abused and homeless. My life is good and gentle at 53. Love to garden, favorite authors are May Sarton, Jane Smiley and Adrienne Rich and Sally Gearhart."

"Power Surge came into my life about six months ago, and what a delight to visit with positive supporting women who listen attentively to four conversations going at one time. That's real power."

KD52174 [Kathy]: RN and a Mental Health Counselor. "I have been to the homepage and have read all the newsletters. I go to the message board at least weekly to see what you are talking about. I have learned more about menopause from your Power Surge newsletter than I ever learned in school and I am a RN and a Mental Health Counselor. I am interested in possibly doing menopause the natural way. I tried the Premarin, estrace, and the patches and had too many complications. The Provera makes me crazy. I am on nothing presently and I find some of the symptoms that sent me to the Dr. originally returning. I appreciate any references you have for natural menopause. I have the book 'The Pause' and I am in the process of reading it."

"I am very grateful for your help. I love your Power Surge folder and newsletter. You have helped me through many a symptom during the past few months. Keep up the great work and thanks for caring about your Surgettes."

Leftie R: "My name is Rachael Larson. I was born in 1942 (Pushing the double nickel real soon!!). I have two children; boy- girl twins born on January 1st. Happy New Year!! I have eight grand children, 2 of them are step-grand children.

I worked for thirty odd years as a computer operator. Now I work in a casino as a change person (burn out on computers). I have lived all over the United States and grew up in Mexico. I am divorced and am currently involved with a man who is back in school at the age of 59. I find myself learning right along with him.

I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago; my ovaries were left intact. I have been in menopause for about five years. I am very fortunate, I only suffer from occasional hot flashes . No other symptoms, whatsoever, sorry , I can't contribute any war stories concerning menapause."

"The guests on Power Surge are simply phenomenal -- they cover all aspects of menapause and give great insight to this stuggle that most of us suffer from. I have down loaded most of the logs and have learned a great deal. The interaction between the participants is always lively and informative."

Linda Lou5: "I'm a Baby Boomer, the Director of Community Education for a small rural/suburban school district in upstate New York, a part-time journalist and full-time single parent of two pre-teens. I enjoy the ocean, birding, going places I've never been before, and good ol' rock and roll.

"Power Surge has helped me by providing information, understanding, and support. Who needs anything more to make it through menopause in one piece?"

LMossholde [Linda]: "I work with women (and some men) who have been identified as 'at-risk' (substance abusers, victims of domestic violence, teen parents, etc.) I teach parenting skills, stress management, conflict resolution, esteem building etc."

"What I like about PowerSurge: I enjoy sharing information, obtaining knowledge, and especially meeting the wonderful women in the conference room. I look forward to the meetings as my bi-weekly dose of stress relief (even when keeping the queue)." [Lulu]:"I have now been with "you" on your Web site some 3 hours. I shall return!!!!

What a fabulous, wonderful, supercalifragalistic site.

Mariedy [Sharon]: "Dearest, thanks to your newsletters and info, I have been able to share a lot with my friends. Once again, thank you so much for all the hard work you do for all of us women going thru this giant change in our lives. Thank you for keeping me informed -- this time in my life is so difficult right now, and I never even saw it coming. Thanks to people like you, and some wonderful friends I have, I think I may even live through menopause, not completely sure yet

Maya Moon [Maya]: "I teach high school Ecology in Miami which happily combines my need to give to the community through teaching and my love for the earth. I have studied botany, travelled in the tropics and spend most of my free time as an earth activist. I am also very interested in the feminine side of spirituality and read runes. I hope computers will help us communicate better and through this develop ways of walking more softly on the earth. I believe menopause can be a gift, a learning and growing season like Summer turning into Fall. I am the head of a fixed (not broken) home and have two beautiful children and one great yellow Lab.

"I joined the Surgette ranks in October, 1996 and have learned so much about nutrition, symptoms (ugh!) and had such sisterly support I am overflowing with gratitude to Dearest and the Power Surge group."

MB Nursery [MaryAnn]:Ferndale, New York , married. "We own and operate a Christian Nursery and Child Care Facility. I have been happily married for thirty years to a sweet and loving gentleman and have three married daughters, grandchild number six in June and a lovely little son. The center of the stage - my Potbelly Big, "Harley Davidson."

"I consider Power Surge to be a tremendous outreach. I have gained much knowledge, fellowship, comfort and hope through this online program and sincerely appreciate the efforts of those involved for reaching out to the women of today."

"Power Surge has become a tremendous highlight in my life. It has become a sanctuary for me where I can enter in and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. I have found this area of AOL to be the one place where I can find hope, knowledge, peace, fellowship, comfort and a great deal of laughter during a very crucial time in my life. I sincerely appreciate the tremendous works of the host, Dearest as well as the guests, in their unselfish efforts to bring together total strangers under an "umbrella of love" called Power Surge. I believe that the openness of the "surgettes" in sharing themselves with such honesty has also benefited me greatly and I appreciate the rapport that this has helped create between us. Power Surge is truly a remarkable work of God being manifested through the love and willingness of human vessels." [Cathy Mccafferty]:"I just found your site out of desperation. I sometimes think I have lost my mind with no control of my emotions, but your info has helped me realize that there is a reason for it - that it's not just "another depression" phase. Your site has given to me down-to-earth explanations of what is happening without all the medical-eeze I didn't understand. I am currently on HRT, but thinking about going with herbs - not sure yet.

I hope I can hook up with the discussion panel although I do not have AOL any longer. Perhaps talking with others who have or are experiencing this awful phase of my life will help. Something has to - it's too close to the holidays to feel this way.

Again I thank you for your site. I will pass it along to others. Keep up the good work.

MCKINNEY52 [Sylvia McKinney]:San Diego, CA, Born in Glasgow, Scotland, 42, Mother of five and grandmother of two. Executive Secretary to the Director of Research at Children's Hospital and Health Center.

"Power Surge came into my life at a time of despair, my despair. I was having difficulty finding a quality doctor to look at the whole me vs. one part of me. I joined Power Surge and met page to page the most caring, supportive, understand women I have ever met. My fellow surgers were compassionate, interested, and were able to give me a much needed education on menopause in all its entirety. I learned from the trial, error, and professional help this forum provided. Through this education, I was able to fine tune my symptoms, generate a list of questions for the doctor, and find a wonderful pharmacy devoted to tailoring medication to the needs of the individual. More important than all of this I found caring women experiencing similar issues in there menopausal transition. I learned I am not alone nor odd and that my symptoms though not always the same as my fellow surgers were normal. I was normal. Thank you, Alice! It is so wonderful knowing that you are out there watching out for all of us and keeping us informed and empowered. I salute you."

MHarris413 [Marlene]:61, Ft. Worth, TX, Business administrator of a mega church (2000+) in this area. I was born in Vermont. "I have high stress responsibilities and am loving every minute of it. I actually feel better, smarter and in more control than I did 30 years ago.

"Am not without some HRT difficulties, but I believe that through Power Surge, I will find my difficulties trivial or managable. Married 42 years to a wonderful man who has improved so much in these last ten years while I was processing through the multiple differences of meno. We have three grown children, and five grandchildren."

"All I can say is 'Wow' after reading the very impressive bios of the Surgettes. You reach such a broad spectrum of women. It is just amazing. I am fascinated. I feel as if I am in a whole new world. I also think I may be just a little senior to this ongoing stage of life. Although I think there is still another stage ahead for most of us now that we have tapped this oasis of information and shared experiences through your wonderful efforts. I am so excited to have found this incredible resource for women."

"I wish the best to all your many young surgettes. They are just beginning a wonderful time of their lives. With this resource it can be quite an experience. And again, many thanks to you Dearest... you really are quite a lady. How do you find the time to do all this?"

MiaBella: Northeast 'North Country'. Breast cancer survivor, and is particularly interested in how chemotherapy-induced or surgically induced menopause impacts on younger women who are coping with the effects of menopause while also raising young children, particularly since having had breast cancer almost always prohibits one from taking hormone replacement therapy.

The gift of "Power Surge" is that it has taken menopause out of the closet. It shines a light where people used to be afraid to look and raises awareness of menopause as a natural part of every woman's life."

Midge30 [Midge Visconti]:Stamford, CT, work in Westchester County, NY as a financial controller (by default as it is a small company), have two grown daughters, recently married a second time after the collapse of a 23 year marriage a few years ago, 48 years old, in peri-menopause."

"Thanks, Dearest, for all your informative suggestions and E-mail notes."

MikeAlly [Alison Archambault]:OR, Veterinarian, Board Certified Avian Specialty. Power Surge has been my window into the latest information, research, thoughts and treatments for menopause.

"Through Power Surge, I have not had to struggle alone." [Miriam O'Brien]:"Thank you for a great newsletters and the opportunity to finally get some answers on what I used to think was a topic that would have been well-understood by at least the medical fraternity.

"Your Power Surge newsletters and Web pages should be mandatory reading for GPs around the world.

"It seems that the comment that "You need a holiday" is the only way the typical GP can deal with issues like menopause (and migraine, and PMS, and even - to my eternal loss - PID).

Keep up the excellent work, and again thank you. Miriam O'Brien - Melbourne, Australia"

MsCrislynn [Cris]: Washington state, " I work in athletic department of Community College as both staff and faculty."

"Power Surge has definitely made me realize I'm not alone in this menopause journey."

MsLizzieB [Liz]: "I am an instructional technologist at a large technology services company, age 52, married, two grown daughters, vegetarian, dance enthusiast, art lover, animal lover.

One day, when I was doing research on meno, to find out what to expect when "it" eventually hit and what my management options were, I stumbled upon Power Surge, Dearest, and the wonderful, supportive group of women that make this forum what it is. Dearest has done a fantastic job of keeping Power Surge going and growing, and making us all feel a part of things. I think what I most appreciate is the support Dearest and the group provide to every woman, whatever her personal choice about managing meno, whether she chooses HRT or not.

Thank you, also, for the doctors and expert guests on Power Surge, who also provide varied viewpoints, for the informative newsletters, and for all your hard work. Take a bow -- we appreciate everything you do for Power Surge!!

MURA: "During my virginal voyage into the Net, I stumbled across your web site. What a relief! Here is a whole site devoted to honesty with regard to menopause! Not some Pollyanna version. And you're right...the HRT does not remove the offending symptoms, as I was led to believe. In fact it has opened a whole new Pandora's Box of symptoms.

In any event, I will be browsing your site frequently. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone.


Special thanks to artist and friend, Tony Karp, for permitting me to display his extraordinary Techno-Impressionism on the Surgettes' Bios pages.

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