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Q: my wife of 33 years, 5 adult kids and one oops kid 8 years old has not had a period for about 2 years, and it's getting unbearable. She's 53 and i'm 52. Our financial life is better than it's ever been. I can tell what kind of day i'm going to have by the color of her forehead, pink good, white bad. I am blamed and screamed at for everything that goes wrong in her life. By wrong I mean a bad hair day. I've asked her to see a doctor but she refuses. It started when I would hold her in bed and wherever I was against her she would break in a sweat. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

A: I think you have to talk with her about how difficult this is not only for her, but for you and your family and the impact it's having on your marriage. It does sound like she needs to see someone about these symptoms, but i think you have to talk about the impact this is having on your family and your quality of life.

You might want to read Power Surge's transcripts with Dick Roth and Dr. Bruce Bekkar. They're both focused on the male partner of the perimenopausal woman.


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