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Name: Tomah

I have a question - and wouldn't post and bother anyone, but my Dr. Is supposed to call me today, and I need some advice. I'm 53, no periods for 16 months, then BAM. Had uterine biopsy that came back as normal endometrial cells, no pre-cancer. It has been 7 weeks - and I really need to do something. The Dr. Recommended progestin only (no estrogen), ablation or hysterectomy. I tried HRT a few years ago, and have to admit that they made me crazy - panic attacks and depression. I was wondering about taking the progestin only, and if it will stop the clotting and bleeding. It is really starting to affect my quality of life because some days I am housebound because the bleeding and clotting are so heavy. I hate to do the ablation if I don't need to.

You definitely need to start bioidentical Progesterone,
NOT progestin. The progesterone needs to be taken in the proper dose for you and you need to take it for 2 weeks each month. This will stop the bleeding and give you regular periods. Taking bioidentical progesterone, will not give you the bad side effects you had previously taking synthetic estrogen and progestin.
If the bleeding persists, despite this than endometrial ablation is an option and can be done these days quite easily as an outpatient surgical procedure.

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