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Name: Debbie

I am 45 with endometriosis. I have been on the pill since I was 17 and the endo was really not bad. I started experiencing night sweats, headaches, foggy brain and dryness. I went off the pill and started climara. Immediately the endometriosis kicked in. I had a lap to remove the endo. It is still bad. I am going off of the patch and the dr prescribed progesterone (min I pill) that is not bio-identical. I am afraid my other symptoms will come back and I don't like the idea that it is not bio-identical. Any suggestions?

At age 45. having been on the bc pill since age 17, your ovaries have been suppresssed. Your symptoms of night sweats, headaches,foggy brain and vaginal dryness are due to the lack of estrogen from you ovaries. The climara patch was the wrong treatment since it stimulted the endometrioses.
At this point, you need proper doses of bioidentical estrogens (including estriol), progesterone and testosterone. These hormones will control your symptoms and most importantly, the progesterone and testosterone will prevent the endometrioses from recurring so there will be no need for further laparoscopy.
You need to see a doctor who is familiar with the use of bioidentical hormones in patients with endometrioses.

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