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Name: Teresa

I'm 46 and have regular, but heavy periods. Currently, I take 1 grain of Armour and 50 mcg. Of Synthroid for low thyroid and iron for low ferritin -no natural hormones yet. Just had pelvic ultrasound and discovered a "somewhat complex septated right ovarian cyst". Gyn consultyesterday; had an endometrial biopsy - doesn't think the cyst is anything to worry about as it's very small, wants to repeat the ultrasound in 8 weeks - depending on the results of the biopsy.

I'd like to try bioidentical progesterone, but my question is to the amount and frequency needed to reduce the lining. Do I only use during the second half of my cycle, or do I take continuously and at what doeses?

You use the bioidentical progesterone only in the second half of the cycle. The average dose for this purpose is 200 to 400 milligrams of progesterone every day for the 2 weeks out of each month.

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