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Name: Nancy

What hormone or lack of causes anxiety?
I'm 47 years old having periods at first 21-23 days lasting 2 1/2 days last period at 35 days lasting 2 1/2 days all with terrible anxiety & the whole month.
I Await your response.

At age 47 your symptoms especially the anxiety and change in your menstrual cycle, indicate that you are Perimenopausal. This means you are producing decreased amounts of ovarian hormones. The most deficient hormone is progesterone. You can be helped greatly by balancing and supplementing your hormones especially progesterone. You must of course use bioidentical progesterone and especially do NOT use Provera (synthetic progesterone) or birth control pills. The progesterone should be given by prescription in specific doses and not over the counter.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
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