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Name: Jenn

I am a 30 yr old mom of 3.I Have my tubes tied and my boyfriend has had a vascectomy.My Boyfriend said that something came out of my breast(my LPN friend said it was colostrom).Then I started spotting.Which I thought was the start of my period.I Had tender breasts and that feeling in my tummy like I was on my period but I was not bleeding at all.During That week that I was suppose to be on my period,I had intercourse and bled ALOT.So I thought my period was finally starting.But The next day I did not bleed at all again. What is happening to my body?

It is possible that you abnormal bleeding and the colostrum from your breasts represents a problem with your brain (pituitary gland). You need to see a doctor and get a blood test for prolactin levels. You also need a CT scan of your pituitary gland.

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