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Name: Donna

Dearest, Good Morning! After reading your recommendations page I've decided to go natural. I had a complete hysterectomy in August.I'm 39 years old and have tried many of the HRT Drugs with no success. I noticed some of the vitamins you take do the same thing.(2 Or 3 different ones for joints, etc.) I really want to try the Revival but it sure seems pricey. I went to my local vitamin store and bought, Women's Natural Replacement. My concern is it only has 30mg of isoflavones. Much less than Revival and tastes a little like playdough.

As far as I have heard, studies that have been conducted on the efficacy of soy isoflavones have been done on the soy protein powders. To my knowledge, there's very little data about the soy pills. Also, it's been said that it's the combination of the soy protein and large doses of isoflavones (plant estrogens) that provide the relief from menopausal complaints as well as protection from heart and bone disease.

I used various soy isoflavones in tablet form for years and although they may have been doing me some good, I felt no overt results. What I wanted was to "feel" the benefits of what I was taking. When I found Revival soy protein, I felt it within a few days. I have been using Revival daily since June of 1998. I get the benefits from the 160 mg. of NON-genetically engineered soybeans/isoflavones (many of the soy shakes out there are made from modified soybeans). I use it religiously and only recommend products in Power Surge which I have used myself and with which I have had good results.

The bottom line is that there's going to be some processing no matter what we buy, but I know I'm using the most pristine soy product on the market and I tried a dozen of the soy shakes from health food stores. I don't bother cooking tofu any longer since reading that 93% of the phytochemicals are destroyed in the cooking process and I'm not about to eat raw tofu.

Revival isn't really "pricey" when compared to other products on the market. When you buy a regular protein bar, they charge about $2.50 or more. Multiply that by 30 and it's more than Revival's monthly charge and none of them are giving you a fraction of the amount of soy isoflavones and the benefit of being developed by mainstream medical doctors, graduates of Johns Hopkins. Not only that, but the people at Physicians Labs are just a toll-free call or E.mail away if you need any help.

I think your idea to go natural is very wise. Educate yourself. Decide what issues you want to address during peri and postmenopause and take only what you need. The recommendations page is for the purpose of providing a list of remedies for various ailments. You might also want to have a look at the Being The Best You! area of the Web site.

Power Surge Founder

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