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Name: LISA

EMAIL CONT.... When I lay down. Lasted all day until night which is now. Also I have a bad headache today and anxiety, and a couple of hotflashes today. I cannot function and have decided not to use anymore of the cream until these symptoms subside. Then maybe talk w/the pharmacist about lowering my dose? Do you feel that would be a good idea to ask them to lower the dose? Or I'm wondering if I should only try Progesterone? Also, is it okay to quit the cream all at once like I am doing as of tomorrow? Thank you so much for answering my questions. One other question - do you have mail order and accept a faxed perscription? I am out of state. Thank you so much for your help!

Lisa, (2nd answer)
I agree with your decision to stop the HRT cream. I think lowering doses are also an option and have your pharmacist double check the original prescription. Yes, Belmar Pharmacy takes out of state prescriptions, we can also transfer your current prescription. We should probably talk this over. Feel free to call me at the pharmacy.

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