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Name: Bobbie

Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and thyroid nodules in Aug '11. Was also having an extremely heavy period every 3 weeks. Placed on Biest(70/30)1.25mg Troche in morning and progesterone 10 mg troche in pm. Along with III L-Thyronine 10 mcg daily. Changed to Armour 60mg about a month ago. Now have weight gain, bloating. Am going to see ENT for nodules soon, but need to do something about weight gain/bloating. I have never been heavy and I am really getting depressed about the shape of my body. I

I would talk to your doctor about increasing your progesterone dose. (100mg) I compound a Progesterone Tablet that has great absorption. Progesterone is also a weak diuretic. It is important to have estradiol & progesterone balanced when taking replacement therapy. Having said that, thyroid plays a big role in this too. It takes about 11 weeks for new doses of thyroid to get to a steady state. And, unfortunately, as we age, carbohydrates & processed foods can add to the weight. Hope you find this helpful. Terri

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