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Name: lisa

I'm currently using vivelle dot. I have had terriable hair loss for over a year now. Can the patch be the cause, & if so ..would Estrace be a better choice? Is biotin 5000 safe to use, & how long does it take to see new hair growth?
thank you.

Both the Vivelle patch & Estrace contain bio-identical estradiol. I believe the patch is the better form. Hair loss can be due to low hormones or hormone imbalance. Think about getting blood tests for all your hormones, estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone & thyroid. Progesterone is very important to balance the estradiol in your Vivelle. Biotin doses vary from 30mcg to 3000mcg. and is best when taken with other vitamins like, B Complex & Vitamin C.

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