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Name: Victoria

I have a obgyn-related question. I read an excerpt from an article by Dr. Duane Townsend about how women who take birth control pills have lower bone density than women who do not. I've been told that birth control pills are better at bone preservation than vitamin D, particularly for women who do not have enough estrogen, which is confusing me.

Victoria Bazhanov.

That is a great question! There is conflicting information regarding this. If birth control pills are taken when women are very young, it may lower bone density. For women in menopause (who have low estrogen levels) birth control pills could protect bone. Remember, birth control pills contain synthetic estrogen & synthetic progestins. The greatest bone loss in women occurs in the first 5 years of menopause. I recommend natural or bio-identical estradiol & progesterone for menopausal women concerned about bones loss.

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