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Name: Brigitte

I had a myomectomy about 5 years ago. Two months after surgery uterine fibroids returned. I had tried progesterone cream prior to but apparently the fibs were too large. Periods were, however, somewhat easier to manage - down from 2 superplus every 15-20 minutes to 1 superplus every 45-60 minutes. Until now...a Month & a half ago all HECK broke lose. Went to Gyn - told I am anemic, menopausal < 57, and Gen Practioner says I'm borderline hypothyroid. Thought I was for years but tests always said no. My question -for now- is ... Will Armour Thyroid have any negative effect on the fibroids, e.g. Cause them to grow larger?

Armour thyroid will have no negative effect on the firbroids.

Phillip Warner, M.D. (OB-GYN)
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