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Name: Sherry

I take a .75 Mg. compounded estradiol capsule at 9 AM & 9 PM. I have trouble with estrogen dips at 3 PM, 3 AM, and at the time of my doses. My symptoms return for about 1 hour at those 3 times of day. Increasing the dose strength results in breast pain. I want to try transdermal to see if I can get a steadier estrogen level. Dr. Elizabeth Vliet says transdermal should be 1/10 of oral, but Dr. Uzz I Reiss uses the same dose for both. Which is correct? I want to add that the strongest estrogen patch has never been strong enough for me.

Dear Sherry:

What would be wrong with trying the following then?

Estradiol compounded Capsules from Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions (we deliver everywhere and accept hundreds of insurance plans nationwide)
Estradiol 0.5mg. Caps
Take 1 Capsule 3 times a day every 8 hours; and then adjust from there.
refills= 6 times

**the next option would be to use the same dose in our sublingual tablet (Dissolves under the tongue), and it usually gives better results; since it bypasses the liver and gives almost twice the absorption as the capsule. I will tell you now, neither Vliet or Reiss likes the sublingual and will talk against it, but I have had many thousands of women using it successfully over the years; and many are power-surgettes. Hope this helps, and you can have your doctor order it by calling our Pharmacy at 1-800-728-0288 on Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM CST.

Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.
10 years Power Surge Pharmaceutical Consultant
Ph. 1.800.728.0288 or 314.727.8787
Fax. 1.800.458.9182 or 314.727.2830
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