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Name: jane

Would you be able to make up the following: Triest 0.75%, Dhea 3%, Pregnenolone 2.5% As a cream? Can this be supplied without a prescription and can it be mailed to the UK? Thanks you for the information.

Dear Jane:

Triest is usually prescribed in milligrams, not %'s; so is that 0.75mg per gram?
The three ingredients can be made as all 3 in one cream, yes. It does require a prescription from a U.S. licensed physician. Do you have a friend or relative in the U.S. who is a doctor to cover the prescription for you? If not do you ever come over here to visit, when would it be, and what city would it be? We could lead you to a doctor over here at that time, that would cooperate and write the RX for you in most cases. We do and can ship to the U.K., but the prescription must be written by a U.S. licensed physician. Hope this helps for now. Our U.S. phone is 314-727-8787 or fax is 314-727-2830--Pete.

Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.
10 years Power Surge Pharmaceutical Consultant
Ph. 1.800.728.0288 or 314.727.8787
Fax. 1.800.458.9182 or 314.727.2830
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