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Name: Donna

I am 51 years old. I am having a terrible time dealing with my weight at this time of my life.I Have always dieted and had managed to maintain around 150 at 5'4". I went to a metabolic nutritionist and have put on weight, my current weight is now 165. I actually look really fat since most of the weight seems to be around my waist and my stomach. I can't seem to get motivated about the weight. I have a gym membership and do go when I was doing the Eliptical I was gaining body fat and was told I was putting too much stress on my body and releasing cortisol. Is there any help out there?

Hi, Donna -- It is always hard to manage weight at any age but is more so after the 50 mark for many of us. It is, however, not impossible -- There is hope! Many folks have benefitted from reading The Taming of the Chew. This book will help you to better understand the whole picture -- physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. It is fruitless to diet (Diets CAUSE weight gain!)or to simply increase exercise. There is much more to it. So, take heart. You are on the right track. The best path is towards loving yourself and giving yourself what you really need (which is never junk). You will need to educate yourself about the very healthiest, most satisfying foods to eat and eat them throughout the day (never skipping a meal) and while you are doing that and getting moderate exercise, attend to your spirit. Give yourself plenty of quiet time to go within and ask what it might be that would REALLY satisfy you! My very best wishes as you continue on your journey --

Be well,
Dr. Denise Lamothe
Clinical Psychologist
Specializing in Weight and Eating Issues
Author of The Taming Of The Chew: A Holistic
Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating

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