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Name: Estell

Dr. Warner, I am 53 still in perimenopause. I have a long hx of DUB, been on all the synthetic progestins, hate the side effects. Last year went on natural estrodial/prometrium but went off after several months due to increase of migraines. Had several months of 30 days cycles (with ovulation symptoms) now having annovulatory bleeding(on 21st day of cycle) this cycle. What should I do now, go back on hormones, watch and wait or what? I'm afraid of heavy DUB again. Not sure what FSH is, last yr it was 5.8!

At this point, you need to start proper doses of bioidentical progesterone (NOT synthetic progestins) and take the progesterone for 2 weeks each month. This will stop the anovulatory bleeding and give you normal periods with no adverse side effects.
By the way, anovulatory bleeding means that you are bleeding from the uterus without having ovulated that month.Since you did not ovulate, your ovary made no progesterone and you need to take progesterone to solve the problem. Forget the FSH- it is a worthless test.

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