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Name: Sue

I am 47 years old with periods that are still regular. About a year ago I started feeling like I needed to urinate all the time when I didn't really have to, a constant irritating feeling. I went for all kinds of tests, everything was normal. I've been to several doctors, the last one said that the urethra can get dry and irritated, she gave me 1% testosterone cream. I've been using it approx. 2 weeks but I'm still having problems. I also get external genital irritation, it feels like a rash or sunburn but there is nothing there, again all tests were normal. Is there something else I can try? Would low dose birth control pills help? I'm getting so tired of these problems. I would appreciate any kind of suggestion.

Birth control pills will not help. You need to use EStriol vaginal cream applied deep in the vagina so that is will also enter the bladder and help the frequency of uriination.
The irritation of the external genitalia can be helped with local application of Estriol in olive oil. In addition, Vitamin A and D ointment used 3 times per week to the area will help.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
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