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Name: Marsha

I had endometrial cancer 4 years ago, had my uterus and ovaries removed. I took Bi-Est for 3 years 2.5 Mg. in a divided dose.
My Most recent mammogram result came back with calcifications around an old biopsy from 10 years ago for calcifications. The surgeon who looked at this chastised me for not being on anti-cancer drugs all these years, and stated I should stop taking any estrogen as it could be contributing to my breast problem.
stopped the the Bi-Est after checking with Pete Huseman, who did not know if it would be a problem.

I now am experiencing many symptoms I would attribute to hormone problems: serious memory loss, weight gain, etc. I have just started to take the Bi-Est again in hopes of alleviating some of my symptoms. Am I correct to continue my use of Bi-Est?

THere are 2 aspects to your question: 1) Can a woman who has had endometrial cancer ever take estrogen replacement treatment again? 2)Can calcifications in a mammogram turn into cancer if she takes estrogen replacement treatment?
THe woman with endometrial cancer propeerly treated, should not take estradiol again but she certainly can take estriol which will alleviate many of her symptoms along with progesterone and testosterone which will also help her symptoms and not cause cancer to come back.
THe mammogram calcifications will not be effected by taking the estriol, progesterone and testosterone and again these hormones will help to prevent onset of breast cancer changes in these calcifications.

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