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Name: Ruchika

Dear Sir,
I Am a 23 Year old woman my menstural periods generally shift, though the actual date lies between 24-26 of every month but, as I told you last month i.e In August I had it on 16th, I had sex on the third day on my periods i.e On August 18th, and now it is more than 4 weeks since my last menstural period I got a blood test done to determine HCG Beta Subunit, Maternal Serum levels, the report shows 3.24 Miu/ml. I am afraid can this mean I am pregnant? Can a blood test report show any positive levels of HCG, Beta Subunit, Maternal Serum ( as in my case) even if the woman is not pregnant, the reason of asking this is how come it is present in my body if I am not pregnant?

Levels of HCG in the blood of a woman which can be detected on a blood test can only result from a fertilized egg. You need to have the test repeated and if the level is going up, you are indeed pregnant. If the level is dropping, then it is possible to have a pregnancy in the tube or a pregnancy in the uterus that is dissolving.

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