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Name: Nancy

After being on bio-identical patches + Prometrium for about 9 months, my periods have all but stopped. I get spotting at times (3 times in July!), But no period for several months. When should I stop the Prometrium in order to cycle? Prior to NHRT I was missing periods a little, but not this much.
(Last Time I spotted, I stopped it for 5 days in hopes of getting a period. No good. And anxiety went crazy!) Had to restart just to get some rest.
Is It normal to take the NHRT non-stop at 50?
Thank You, Dr. Warner

At age 50, you could very well be menopausal and therefore you would not be having periods. The average age of menopause in the US is 51.
It would be best for you at this point to take the estrogen patches like you are now doing but take the Prometrium on a daily basis and do not cycle. You may have some small spotting but you should not have periods and you will feel better with less anxiety.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
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