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Name: melanie

Dear Dr Warner
Not Sure if you got my earlier msg about my neurological problwms as it was b4 I'd registered. 9 mths ago I suddenly started to get sticky, greasy skin, reduction in sensation on head, feet, erogenous zones, reduction in taste & smell, tingling, reduced balance, cold thighs when rest of me warm, sweatier, strange burnings, now 1 side of mouth losing feeling, & can't walk & chew gum at same time. Have been checked for CNS diseases; am a Brit so worried about CJD but experts think not. Am 50, get sore breasts & irregular periods. Could all the neuro stuff be the change?

Unfortunately, it is quite improbable that all of your
neurological signs are due to menopause. I would certainly continue your search for diagnosis and treatment with competent neurologists.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
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