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Name: carol

I am 52, last year I had heavy prolonged bleeding on two occasions. My oestradial level was 370 twice. At that time I had ovarian cysts which disappeared on their own. I have just had hormone tests done and the oestradiol is 305 although progesterone is only 2 (range 14 to 80) and testosterone is 1.9. Fsh is 72. These tests were taken on day 27 of an ongoing cycle, now at day 40. Is it normal to have such a high oestradiol reading on day 27 of a cycle in the perimenopause? Could I have a cyst again? Would taking progesterone help this problem.


The estradiol levels indicate that you are producing abnormallly high levels and low levels of progesterone. This results in heavy prolonged menstrual bleeding. This is due to abnormal ovarian activity due to perimenopause.
TAking progesterone for 2 weeks each month will help reduce the high estradiol and give more normal periods.
If high estradiol levels persist, it can lead to endometrial hyperplasia.

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