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Name: gail

I don't know if perimenopause or my synthroid doseage (I am hypo) is causing my hot flashes and night sweats. I had pluresy and was very ill for about two weeks. I had chest pains, shortness of breath, conjestion, night sweats, and hot flashes. I no longer have pluresy but the night sweats and hot flashes are still with me weeks later. My last two periods were 65 days apart. I have not had a period for 73 days now. My GYN wants me to start HRT for the hot flashes. I am not in favor of this option. What do you suggest? Can lowering your dose of synthroid stop hot flashes?

Also I sometimes experience seven to ten days of cramps and bloating and no period starts. The period actually starts without warning days to weeks after the symptoms. Is this normal with perimenopause?

You were ill with a lung infection (pleurisy) for 2 weeks and this certainly caused the symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath and congestion. At that time, your fever caused you to have sweats. After the illness was over
however, your continued hot flashes and night sweats were due to lack of estrogen production (hot flashes are only caused by lack of estrogen production).
YOu need to start proper doses of bioidentical estrogen and progesterone to treat your perimenopausal symptoms. THere is absolutely no reason to fear taking bioidentical hormones since these are the same as your ovaray makes.
You absolutely should not start synthetic hormones like Premarin and Provera or birth control pills as these are dangerous for your health.

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