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Name: Cristi

I am 27 years old and have been on Depo Provera for 6 years. I experienced horrible side effects after my last injection including a lot of tumor growths. I tired to get off of it cold turkey a year ago and suddenly lost vision in one eye. I was told to get the injection so I did. I am experiencing menopausal symptoms such as heart palpitations, night sweats, memory loss, and anger. They are almost debilitating. I am not able to function almost. My doctor put me on Cenestin .425 Mg. This has eased my symptoms (except insomnia) but I want off of it due to the tumor growths. Since I have only been on Cenestin a week, can I get off of it cold turkey? My doctor can not get me in for over a month and I dont want to wait that long.

You need to start proper doses of bioidentical estrogen and progesterone and absolutely take no further DepotProvera shots. When you start the proper hormone replacement then you can stop the Cenestin which is not good for you anyway.
You need to see a physician familiar with the use of bioidentical hormones. By the way, you will need to use an alternative method of birth control. Do NOT take birth control pills as they will make your symptoms worse.

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