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Name: alex

I started on bio-identicals 9 months ago. Taking estradiol everyday cream...and Progesterone cream 2x day.

I saw a lot of other women talkig about the # of days they are using the progesterone. My doc, CW RAndoph, has me using it 25 days and then off 5 days. Why are the days all different for different women?

I want to take the natural testosterone sublingual Husband does not want me to because he thinks it will increase my chance of stroke/heart. ( I did have a DVT when I was 20)

Could you answer these 2 questions?

If you are menopausal and having no periods, then bioidentical hormone replacement is usually given by proper doses of estrogens and progesterone given every day.
There is no reason to stop the progesterone for 5 days.
If however, you are perimenopausal and having irregular periods, then the estrogens are given daily and the progesterone is given for 14 days each month resulting in regular periods.
Bioidentical testosterone is important to replace in menopausal women and can be given by sublingual drops. Your husband has wrong information, it will not increase your chances of heart attack or stroke.

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