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Name: Barbara

I had a hysterectomy in December of 2003. I have been suffering terribly with menapause since it was not a full hysterectomy.I Still have one of my ovaries and a piece of the other. I am allergic to estogen, and my family doctor,geonocologist and neorologist can't seem to come up with anything. I cannot get tired at night. I stay up all night, the hot flashes and night sweats are unbearable. I am a part time college student. I am 46 years old. I cannot take hormone replacement, what can I DO? Please hepl me. Barbara

At age 46, you are deficient in estrogen production from your ovaries. Estrogen deficiency is the only reason a woman would have unbearable hot flashes and night sweats.
Since you do not have a uterus, of course one cannot tell what is happening with your periods.
You are NOT allergic to your OWN estrogens since you have been making estrogens since the day you started having periods and it is ridiculous for anybody to tell you that you are allergic to estrogen.
You need to start estrogen replacement treatment using bioidentical (same as your own) estrogen. You cannot take synthetic estrogens such as Premarin. Bioidentical estrogens can be prescribed by any doctor and in the proper doses will stop all of your hot flashes and night sweats within one week. You need to find a doctor who is familiar with the use of bioidentical hormones.
In addition, the lack of sleep is due to a deficiency of both progesterone and another hormone called melatonin. The doctor can prescribe both of these hormones and again
you will be able to sleep and not be up all night.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
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