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Name: Annelene

I'm 39. My dr suggests a hysterectomy. I have multiple orgasms and ejaculate frequently. Sometimes a climax feels like "giving birth". It is wonderful. Will a hysterectomy affect my sex life?


You ask an important question that deserves a complete response. The answer to your question is "it depends"...on a number of factors: There are (at least) 3 different approaches to hysterectomy (removal of the uterus): vaginal (removal of uterus through vaginal opening without abdominal incision), subtotal hyst: uterus removed through low abdominal incision leaving cervix in place, and a total hyst: uterus, cervix, is removed (possibly along with removal of fallopian tubes, and ovaries -- depending upon the reason for the hysterectomy). Based on the research of a large Netherlands study reported in the British Medical Journal in 2003 where women completed questionnaires pre and post hysterectomy, they found that sexual pleasure improved, on average after surgery. This research did not find any significant difference between types of operations. Of course we don't know how they actually defined or measured sexual pleasure, what was the partner's role, etc. There has been other research noting that there is an alteration in sensation/overall pleasure for some women who experience "trauma to the nerves and arterial branches supplying the vagina, uterus, and clitoris. Remember, sexual function is not merely uterus responsive or uterus dermined. It is a complex mind/body response/relationship response. Additionally, testosterone are important in regulation of sexual function and impacts on desire, arousal, and orgasm, so if you're having a "total" hysterectomy, hormones will be impacted (although estrogen and testosterone is also manufactured in your adrenal glands). Being realistic, any kind of surgery obviosly has the potential to damage nerves and blood vessels and lead to altered perception/sensation/ and blood flow, and the potential for scarring, infection, etc. Some of these are temporary, others long term. Many MDs do what is called "the nerve sparing technique" for hysterectomy. Having said all of these, many women reprot feeling much BETTER after hysterectomy and enjoying sex more because the pain, bleeding, or discomfort is gone (along with their uterus). They feel free and some describe feeling "lighter". Many of my patients say they enjoy sex more! Others, however, say they experience a less "full bodied orgasm" and miss the deeper contractions they were aware of prior to hysterectomy. Responses, like women, are individual and depend upon what was necessary for your satisfaction before hysterectomy. The fact that you have wonderful orgasms right now is a very good indication that you're a sexually responsive and responsible women who knows and enjoys pleasure. Brava!! Continue to do your homework. Find a surgeon/GYN that you trust and one who will answer your questions thoroughly. Good luck and keep me posted.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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