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Name: Fred

Regarding another e-mail I sent to you,
GNC Stores have a non-gmo soy isoflavone supplement that has: "50 mg of soy isoflavone concetrate 40% Isoflavones = 20 mg.".
what do you think? What does Revival have in one dose?
Thanks Again.

Hello again, Fred,

We do appreciate your thought filled questions.

Before we get started, please read the following: We do not give medical advice. We provide nutritional information regarding Revival Soy products and information available in the public domain for the uses of soy. We advise you to discuss your personal medical issues with your physician. I hope our information will be helpful to you.

Each great tasting Revival soy shake or protein bar has 160isoflavones and 20 grams of soy protein in the shake, 16 grams of soy protein in each delicious Revival Protein Bar.
Revival is FOOD and not chemically processed.

Why can’t I just take an isoflavone pill?

In brief, soy protein combined with soy isoflavones is believed to produce better results (according to recent clinical studies). Isoflavones are just one of the many beneficial phytonutrients found in soybeans.

With Revival Soy, you get the benefits of soy protein, soy isoflavones and all of the other soy phytonutrients.

Optimal menopausal comfort depends on consuming whole soy products that contain ALL of the beneficial compounds in soy - not just the isoflavones. A recent study published in the prestigious Obstetrics & Gynecology journal concluded that, “Phytoestrogen levels increased in women who consumed soy supplement, but that does not fully explain climacteric (menopausal) symptom reduction. It is possible that other types of yet unknown phytoestrogens or components in soy other than phytoestrogen influence hot flushes.” Soy contains a complex blend of phytochemicals.

To read more about our patented natural concentration process, visit

Why does Revival work so much better than other soy proteins?

Revival’s great taste and patented, natural concentration make it easy to get enough soy daily for full benefits.

Medical studies have shown BOTH soy protein AND soy isoflavones produce beneficial effects in a variety of human tissues. It is never too late or too early for women and men of all ages to add soy to their diets for benefits.

Thousands of physicians have recommended Revival Soy. Read the full story at

This is just one of the great benefits:

How does soy protein work to reduce cholesterol levels?

We have an excellent article on soy and cholesterol reduction at

Cholesterol Reduction Success Stories

Various substances in soy protein contribute to the cholesterol-lowering effects of soy protein. Animal studies have shown that soy protein enhances bile acid excretion, which has the effect of removing cholesterol from the blood. Other studies have shown that soy protein stimulates the liver to remove LDL- cholesterol from the blood. Several studies have also suggested that the amino acid profile of soy protein, as well as the isoflavones and saponins, are crucial cholesterol-lowering components.

What are the Supplement and Nutritional Facts of your products?

Complete Supplement and Nutrition Facts for all Revival Soy products can be quickly viewed at

Our naturally-concentrated bars and shakes give you 16-20 grams of high-quality soy protein and 160 milligrams of healthy soy isoflavones. Our soy chips, soy pasta, soy nuts and soy “coffee” are a great tasting way to boost your soy protein and soy isoflavone intake.

Give us a call to get started today.

Please let me know if I can help further.
Best Regards,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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