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Name: Kara

My husband and I never had sex before we got married, and we always figured it would be no problem once we got married because I always felt extremely aroused when kissing, cuddling, etc. Before we were married. However, ever since after the first day we were married I have been unable to be aroused at all. I have been to a couple of different OBGYN's to see if there is a physical problem, and they even gave me a hymenectomy, but there has been no improvement. I love my husband very much, but it is incredibly frustrating that my ability to become aroused has completely disappeared. Can you explain why, and what I can do?

Dear Kara,

Arousal depends on a number of factors. From your description there has been a signigicant change in your sexual arousal since your marriage. It is time that you and your new husband see a certified sex therapist who can address your concerns within the context of the RELATIONSHIP. No doubt you are both (unknowingly)contributing to maintaining the problem, and both need to be part of the solution.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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