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Name: brenda

Two questions: Should soy be consumed several times during the day to keep a constant level in the body to consistently prevent hot flashes?

What does your research say about soy and pain? You say your mother no longer has problems with fibromyalgia . I have pain issues and would like to think that soy might help.

Hello Ms. McWilliams,

Before we get started, please read the following: We do not give medical advice. We provide nutritional information regarding Revival Soy products and information available in the public domain for the uses of soy. We advise you to discuss your personal medical issues with your physician. I hope our information will be helpful to you.

Is there a certain time of day I should take Revival?
When should I take Revival to sleep better?

Most people enjoy Revival Soy bars and shakes in the morning or at lunch, and then use Revival’s other supporting products (soy chips, soy pasta and soynuts) during the afternoon and evening to boost energy.

When to use for menopausal symptoms based on customer feedback:
Soy isflavones peak at about 6-12 hours in your body. If you are having menopausal complaints during the day, then it is best to use a bar or shake during the morning. If you are having night sweats, then take it for lunch or for dinner so you have a higher blood concentration of soy isoflavones during the night.
How can I maximize absorption?

Absorption can be variable among individuals, but if you want to maximize absorption of soy protein and soy isoflavones, the following strategy may help:

a) Some have the whole shake or bar at one time. Sip slowly - as you would savor a meal.

b) Many split your Revival serving into two daily portions. Take the first portion in the morning and the second portion later in the day - midafternoon.

c) VERY IMPORTANT: Increase your fiber (raw fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals) and fluid intake. Consume 20 grams of fiber and 8 cups of fluid daily (as directed by your physician).

Will soy help my joints and pains?

We have an excellent article on soy and bone/joint health at

No human studies have been completed on soy and arthritis/pain at this time.

Will Revival Soy help with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Can Revival help my energy levels?

Revival soy protein is an excellent source of energy. For a full review,

There have been no studies examining soy for Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but we do have customers who report benefits and our desire is for you to enjoy and have great results.

Please let me know if I can help further.
Best Regards,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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