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Name: Jan

I have been on birthcontrol pills since I was 18. I am now 48. I am experiencing anxiety (real bad a week before my period) & night sweats during my period and also inability to sleep about a week before my period. Since I am taking bc pills, can any sort of suppliment to help eleviate these symptoms. Would revival work since I am using BC? I am getting desperate. This is very overwhelming. Thanks

Hopefully you haven't been on the same pill since your were eighteen because at this point you should be on a 20microgram pill (that is if you don't smoke) like Alesse or Loestrin1/20. If you are on a low dose pill, try skipping your pill free interval. You can just start your next packet of pills. This is perfectly safe to do, and many of my patients go up to four months without stopping for a week. I am recommending this because it appears that your symptoms get worse when you are off the pill.

Dr. Alan Altman

Author of "Making Love the Way We Used To...Or Better."


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