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Name: kathy

Any suggestions for someone who is having numerous symptoms during perimenopause (but still getting regular periods at almost age 53)? Bioidentical progesterone is not helping and due to a medical problem I was unable to tolerate bioidentical estradiol. Do not do well with herbs either, very allergic. Thank you.

Your description of your response to bioidentical estradiol
and progesterone is quite uncommon. Also, having regular periods at age 53 is uncommon. There is no medical problem that would preclude you from taking proper doses of your OWN hormones (bioidentical hormones). I would be delighted to consult with you by telephone. If you care to do so, call my office and make an appointment. My office phone number is 1530 749 8511.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
To schedule a personal consultation,
call Dr. Warner at: 530.749.8511

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