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Name: Diana

Dear Dr. Townsend,

My doctor has prescribed Prometruim for me because I have troube taking progestin. I feel very nervous and depressed and almost feel like I have an out of body experience when I take it. I am very afraid to take this new medication and was hoping there might be some way to take it gradually working my way up to a full dose. The pills he gave me to try are a soft varity. Do they make them in a hard pill you can break into parts? I am on a low dose of 100 mg. He does not believe in creme progesterone because it is not FDA approved. Thank you for your input.

I would suggest progesterone cream. Since the FDA is contriolled by the drug industry it is not suprising that progesterone cream is not approved by the FDA. The cream is essentially prometrium but in a cream form.


Dr. Townsend
Author of The Maverick of Medicine Speaks to Women
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