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Name: Beverly

Dear Dr. Townsend,

I am 46 years old and am going through some perimenopausal sysmptoms (night sweats, insomnia, mood swing, low libido). I cannot take hormones because of my history of blood clots. I had bilateral pulmonary emoblisms when I was 25 years old while on birth control pills. Now 20 years later, I developed a large DVT in my right leg (no recent injury or surgery).

I have a couple related questions. I have been told because of my history, I cannot take Estrogen for my symptoms. Are there any types of hormones that I can take to help my symptoms, or any other medications? Second, could there be a correlation of my blood clots with my own estrogen level?

Thank you for answering my questions and help direct me to ways to improve my symptoms.


To answert yoiur question would take swevbe3ral pages. Black cohash might help to begin with.


Dr. Townsend
Author of The Maverick of Medicine Speaks to Women
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