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Name: Stacie

I’m 29 years old (still have uterus and ovaries) and recently started bioidentical HRT due to a myriad of symptoms I complained about to my Ob/Gyn and then lab results that showed my DHEA at 20, my free testosterone at <0.2, And my progesterone at 12.7 (which was <10% of my estradiol level which was 178). I was put on 15mg of DHEA every day, and 2.5mg Of testosterone every day. I was also told that I was Estrogen dominant and was put on 200mg of progesterone every day (100mg a.m. & 100mg p.m.). What is your opinion of this prescription based on my lab results? Does it sound accurate to you? I always strive to get more than one opinion when possible, but no one besides my Ob/Gyn is familiar with bioidentical HRT in my town.

I would look at other causes for your problems. I seldom use b lood tersts to ditedt my therapy but rather patients symptoms.


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