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Name: Tammy

I am 51 years old. Have not had a period in three years. I have had very little discomfort from menopause, and have never taken anything for it. I was just diagnosed with a 3 centimeter simple cyst on my ovary. Where would it come from if I have had no periods or even any spotting in three years. Could I still be going through per I menopause and ovary still producing some estrogen? Could it come from that? I'm very confused. Hard to get information on post menopause and ovarian cyst.

Simple ovarian cysts are not uncommon in the menopause. Get a 3D ultrasound for a more precise evaluation of the cyst. A vaginal probe if not originally done would be best for the evaluatuion. Usually no treatment is necessary since most are benign. A followup ultrasound is recommended in 4-5 months to check on the cyst.


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